While it may sound like the plot of some cliché zombie movie, the 2018 Winter Olympics are quickly becoming ground zero for a dangerous viral outbreak! As the entire world descends on South Korea this week, a highly contagious norovirus is sweeping through the city of Pyeongchang; forcing the organizing committee to turn event security over to military forces.

Nearly twelve hundred security guards were withdrawn and promptly replaced with Korean soldiers after a number of private citizens were hospitalized with debilitating symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting. Of course zombie fans know what comes next; a comforting, yet totally vague, reassurance from government officials and international media.

South Korea Olympic Games chief Lee Hee-beom said they are on schedule for Friday’s opening ceremony … “As a president of POCOG (organising committee), I would like to apologise for this. Our disease control centre other related government agencies here are now discussing countermeasures and will come up with proper measures and will be announced soon.” … The cold weather, however, could be an issue for organisers with the opening ceremony in the open-air Olympic stadium expected to be freezing.

A virulent disease, military intervention, and cryptic countermeasures? We can see why the press conference was immediately steered towards the weather instead. After all, who would expect cold weather for the Winter Olympics? Obviously that’s the real story here; officials even promised to hand out informational leaflets and hand sanitizers… so everything’s good!

Of course, if you’re not surprised that the Winter Olympics will be cold; maybe you’d rather check out a few of these articles about the contagious norovirus currently sweeping through Pyeongchang. We’d suggest reading The Korean Times and CNN just for starters.

Thousands of people will be arriving in South Korea this weekend for the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics; staying in local hotels, eating at local restaurants, and possibly coming into contact with this norovirus before eventually boarding planes back to their home countries.

Now we’re not saying this is how the zombie apocalypse begins… but this is totally how the zombie apocalypse begins. So if you, or anyone you know, will be heading to Pyeongchang this weekend, please stay safe and remember; what you don’t know can eat you!

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  1. Well, Those tow News Networks wii always redirect truth. The big problem is what sickness attending viewers will bring back, Lord help the World with this. The viewers Home Country’s Governments don’t care due to dollars loss before the fact.

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