We’ve already touched on the danger, and potential strategic advantage, that artificial light sources have in attracting other creatures in an undead world (see: Lights Attract Looters).  Now regular ZRS contributor, James Boulter, wonders what other methods can be used to lure zombies into a waiting trap.

Firstly, it’s important NOT to distinguish between the walking living and the walking dead in this scenario.  Because it’s been widely documented that other human’s represent as great a threat to your survival as any zombie menace, the steps you take to get yourself noticed by zombies will have the same effect on other survivors.

ZRS Researcher, Mack Bower, continues:

“Zombies may hear a planted radio and come running right into your clutches, but anyone else within earshot will also come, and they may not make their presence known until they’re sure they have the upper hand.  You just can’t afford to risk being the one who gets caught in the end.”

Whether set with sound, light, heat, or even live bait, zombie traps are best used as remote devices left to cover your tracks and slow any pursuers, or as supports around your existing shelter.

In the first case, you won’t be returning to that spot and so the danger to you is greatly reduced.  In the second, you have chosen to stay in one place, so building up a strong defense is a wise thing to do.  Either way, taking active steps to attract a crowd to a place you are, or have been, is not a good idea.

Never will the saying, “knowledge is power”, be more true than on a zombie planet.  Therefore, giving others the knowledge of your location and/or capabilities will likely prove to be a mistake, and quite possibly a deadly one.


  1. Dig some potholes just large enough to bust your leg in while running. Get something loud. Alternatively, a trench – a lot more time and effort, but a high effectiveness ratio. High Cliffs are great too.

  2. I suppose it could be tough… because on one hand, potential survivors may mean additional help, but as we all know, they could be just as deadly (or worse) as any horde of zombies, assuming they present an intelligent threat. Still, better safe than sorry, and so in that situation I’d rather NOT attract attention than risk attracting the WRONG attention.

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