Check out this trailer for a possible new zombie animated film, A.D., slated to be produced by Bernie Goldmann of 300 fame.  The Internet Movie Database currently has it listed as “in production”, but the latest word is that they’re still trying to find investors to turn it into a full length movie.  The trailer below is designed to raise interest and funds.  What do you think?


  1. I like this a lot, i would pay to see this in theaters

  2. Movie would be good…TV would suck the life and cool out of it. And it does have cool. Stay away from TV.

  3. that looks amazing i hope its movied, sounds great! would totally buy it

  4. Well those are zombies i am sorry and i am not trolling but a zombie wouldn’t drag someone. Also it couldn’t drag them its arms were bone with no muscle tissue so they would just hang. Again sorry i am not trying to be rude.

  5. Yeah It should be on tv this year hopefully. There getting ready to show the Pilot episode.I think there all ready to go. It’s gonna be awsome.

  6. Is this gonna be on TV this year? Wow it’s so cool! I’v been trying to find zombie movies like this one for a looong time! When will it come out?

  7. Yeah THE WALKING DEAD is awsome. I’m on issue 54. Its gonna be a tv series on AMC I think. This will be the first zombie tv series on TV. Can’t wait.

  8. Looks very cool,,anybody here read THE WALKING DEAD? its a great series,,cant put it down,,apparently its going to be a movie,,

  9. Wow! I really liked that trailer. I would pay to see that movie for sure.

  10. pretty cool concept, just looks too cartoony for me. but still great idea.

  11. I would definitely pay to see that it looks cool

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