We’ve already discussed the challenges of making your portable zombie survival kit light enough move quickly with, while still stocking all your essentials supplies (see: What’s In Your Bug-Out Bag?).  ZRS Member, Joti Nagra, suggests a perfect food option that is self contained, compact, and weighs just a few ounces.

Approved for use by the U.S. Coast Guard, the Emergency Ration Bar (ER Bar) offers a disaster victim the right blend of required calories and nutrients to survive for 3 days. Packaged to store safely for 5 years, even in extreme temperatures and conditions, the ER Bar comes in either a 2,400 or 3,600 calorie form.  They even make bars specially formulated for your dog or cat.

With no tropical oils,  nuts, or cholesterol, allergic reactions are not a concern, and the ER Bar doesn’t require any water or other preparative measures before eating.  Furthermore, each is enriched with 100% of your recommended daily vitamins and minerals.

If you still want some variety in your survival food, consider one of many prepackaged diet plans (see: Marie Osmond Knows Zombie Survival), but when push really comes to shove, its tough to beat the ER Bar.


  1. i would keep some honey with me cause it doesn’t expire(this is proven by archaeologist’s who have eaten honey from old tombs to find it still edible) but the suger does settle to the bottom after time so it might now taste the best but it might make a a good and healthier desert

  2. Since there are specially made ER Bars for animals, it got me wondering on whether it would be better to have either a German Sheppard, Husky, or human as a companion. Opinions?

    • I think it would honestly come down to the human, and what the relationship is like between the two of you. If there was a strong bond, then i would without a doubt pick the human. A dog cant shoot a gun, after all.

  3. On the go? Having trouble finding a decent meal in this post-apocalyptic world? Try our new ZRS Bar. Chock full of everything you need to keep on the run from those things that want to eat you. Try ZRS Bars today and tomorrow you’ll thank us…..if we’re still here.

    Something like that. lol

  4. The ER bars are a great source of calories but be warned they don’t really taste the best. I would highly recommend stashing a half dozen or so in a bug out bag but due to the shorter shelf life (~4 years) I wouldn’t make them a mainstay survival food. Freeze-dried foods such as those from Mountain House or similar retailers have much longer shelf lives and make much better food preps. Still, as an emergency meal, they’re really good at what they do.

  5. I would like to see an ad for the ER Bar by the ZRS. That’s great idea!

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