Commenting on my last bleach-related posting reader Erin A. wanted to know if bleach had more uses in a zombie pandemic than just for water purification. Particularly, she wondered if bleach could be a weapon. After some research, the answer is a resounding – if impractical – yes.

The explanation comes in two parts:

1) Bleach for Blindness

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, prolonged exposure to bleach in the ocular cavity can cause permanent blindness. This is an important fact because: a) it is commonly theorized that Zombies use sight to find their victims, and b) Zombies are thought to have no defensive reflex, so would not attempt to remove harmful substances from their bodies. Therefore, throwing bleach into a Zombie’s face and eyes could render it blind in short order.

2) Bleach as Bomb

Simply put, the key explosive ingredient in many grenades, land mines and mortar rounds is also found in common household bleach in small amounts. So, if you have time on your hands, and a collection of unusual materials (potassium chlorate, heat source, hydrometer, etc.), you can cook up your own batch of plastic explosives to blow unlucky Zombies from here to kingdom come. Detailed directions can be found HERE.

Ultimately, it makes a lot more sense to save your bleach for drinking. zombies come in numbers, and a few gallons of bleach probably isn’t going to cause enough damage to make the difference between life and death. But if you’re trapped inside a bleach factory and short on firepower, it’s nice to know you have options.

Hope this helps, Erin. Keep the questions coming!


  1. Bleach bombs are much more effective against other non-infected.

  2. The link for the detailed informations about the “bleach bomb” doesn’t work anymore, does someone know a working link or could it be replace with a working link?

  3. Army ant are blind, there are so many, Eyes are not needed to swarm and devour their pray.

    • There is extensive research on Army Ants that suggests they use their keen sense of smell to locate food. In theory, Zombies don’t have any better smell than humans (if any sense of smell at all), so the theory that they could hunt by sense of smell alone doesn’t seem a viable one.

      • but when one sense is gone the others become stronger when the infected person dies and becomes a zombie they lose almost all brain functionality there for they might lose the sense of sight therefore they will have a stronger sense of smell

  4. very useful info, AM. i think maybe impractical if it’s used impulsively. if you plan ahead, it could work. i’m thinking spray bottle attached to pants, like holster for fast eye attack. also, if a few of the bombs are made in advance, they could be really helpful for a quick get away in a tricky situation. certainly, we’ve learned that bleach alone can’t stop them, but i think in conjunction with other items, it can be a useful survival and defensive tool. thanks for the post!

  5. Thanks so much! I post at least once every weekday, so there’s always something new to read.


  6. I just keep coming back for more, and I have my fiance reading your page too!! Keep it coming, and I also added you to my blog roll.

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