We previously covered the possibility of a historic battle between South American headhunters and an ancient undead horde (see: Zombie Headhunters of Ecuador), but another tribe of the Amazon views the zombie not as an enemy, but as an ally.  In fact, the Mayoruna people of Brazil actually hunt with the help of zombies.

The Mayoruna warriors start with a ritual to summon the living dead of the jungle.  They drink a toxin from the back of a poisonous tree frog, then are branded by a zombie witch doctor, as a potion is rubbed into their open wounds to call the undead up from their shallow graves.  Anthropologist, James Beebee, continues:

“Once the living dead make themselves seen to the tribesman, the hunt can begin.  With their zombie guides leading the way, the Mayoruna are assured of a successful outing.”

Of course, there is no indication that modern zombies would be as helpful as the tribal zombies of the Amazon.  When you find yourself starving and dehydrated in the middle of a zombie outbreak, we don’t recommend you seek out the assistance of your undead neighbor.

Nonetheless, it’s interesting to learn that the concept of “zombie” calls to mind vastly different images, beliefs and fears in different cultures.


  1. I dont really believe zombies are here yet at all…. I think ther is a cult and there was a scientist who made up the mion callender bs and said the world was going to end in 2012 and since they have brought rats back to life he is going to bring humans back to life (<-that happens to be a Zombie!) and If it goes terribly wrong and eat everybody thats the end of the world if nothing goes wrong and they just come back to life Then he has an exuse!!!(Sorry about my lack of puncuation or spelling im in a rush!)

  2. these people are human, are they not? why do these zombies passs up living human flesh to help these people hunt for other animals? dumn even fr an undead

    • You’re not one to be calling anyone else dumb when you can’t even spell the word.

    • The Zombies in this post were around way before the popular idea of the zombies we think of. Our flesh eaters are based in a creative idea and entertainment, INSPIRED by the Haitian zombies. The ones here and the others in this section are part of a spiritual belief. It’s important not to get the different veiws confused or crossed. “Our” zombies tend to evolve with each good movie that gets made about them.

      • Actually our modern understanding of zombies wasn’t inspired by the haitian zombie at all. Romero was inspired by vampires from the story I Am Legend. But your point is well made.

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