It’s widely believed that when the zombie pandemic hits there will be no vaccine, or medical treatment that can help prevent infection.  This notion leads to wild speculation about how individuals and governments will react in the face of a fast-spreading undead threat.  But in fact, there is already a clear set of guidelines in place for dealing with similar scenarios, created by such esteemed organizations as the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention (NPI) is the term experts use for public health strategies of this type.  From mandatory social distancing, to quarantine of exposed population, aggressive NPI procedures have been used repeatedly over the past century, starting with the great Influenza outbreak of 1918-1919 that killed an estimated 100 million people worldwide.

The Texas Department of State Health Services offers an example of the types of measure that will likely be employed:

  • Isolation of the ill at home
  • Quarantine of household members in homes with an ill person
  • Dismissal of students from all schools
  • Mandatory stoppage of social and public gatherings
  • Cancellation of non-essential work responsibilities
  • Relocation of populations to less dense areas

Though these steps may have little or no impact on the spread of zombiism, it’s important to understand what reaction your local, state and federal authorities will likely have.  If not, you run the risk of being escorted from your home by armed soldiers without time to hide, hunker down, or even collect your survival essentials.

Any survival plan should take into account not only the human threat from violent criminals, but also from the wrong and hasty action taken by the very individuals charged with our protection.  Either way, you need to be prepared long before you hear the knock on the door.

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