Tiger Log Cabins, a UK based company has your apocalypse needs in mind, with this cozy dwelling that comes complete with reinforced windows, walls and doors, barbed wire surroundings, a 360 degree upper deck, an escape hatch, and lots of storage for your zombie battling weapons.  There is a garden space for growing food, a toilet and a kitchen with a microwave.

Keep in mind, this is a cabin, so space is limited.  But they did make room for a living area that features a TV, Xbox and sound system turntables.  Hey, man needs his toys, even during the end of the world.

The price tag? $113,000– but that does guarantee you 10 years of security.  In their 10 Year Anti-Zombie Disclaimer, though, they do state that they “require medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie should you wish to claim under the 10 year anti zombie guarantee.”

The ZFC-1 (Zombie Fortification Cabin) comes with other extras, for an additional cost.  Some of these extras include security cameras ($3000), and solar panels ($6000).  They do list flame throwers, but the cost is POA (Price on Application).

Start saving up!

Below is a virtual tour of the facility.

Spotlights available as an optional extra

Spotlights available as an optional extra

Isometric view

Isometric view

Garden All windows and doors are professionally draft-sealed to protect the cabin from the elements

All windows and doors are professionally draft-sealed to protect the cabin from the elements

Comfortable living area with music, tv and xbox

Comfortable living area with music, TV and Xbox




  1. Ridiculous. Why pay so much for a flammable wood structure when you can go for non-flammable, much less expensive steel or sturdier (prefab) concrete structure? What about building a structure from used shipping containers and reinforcing it with shotcrete?

    In the end, you want to be concerned about being self-sufficient and being able to live off the grid. So at the *minimum* you need reliable, long-term methods to generate power (e.g. solar, water, wind, gasification), get and purify water (e.g. freshwater creek, water well, rain catch), obtain food (e.g. agriculture, aquaponics, hunting, fishing), and the skills and knowledge to deal with day-to-day injuries and illnesses (e.g. emergency first aid, home remedies, stitching).

    If you can live without external infrastructure *now*, you’ll have a lot less to worry about when the SHTF. It’s a bit late to Google it when trouble is beating down your door.

  2. First of all as shown in movies the one who keeps moving survives and second is zombies do get smarter through time so it would be safe for some time but u cant stay in there for life long. And then the next point is why do u want xbox when u can kill zombies

  3. Why not have basrment that is bomb shelter just incase

  4. xbox? bollockes! there are turntables! DANCE!

  5. That is my new paradise

  6. If they come up with a way to keep “herds” away I’ll take one. One thing I’ve learned from the walking dead is seclusion means nothing and if enough show up your screwed, lol

    • I want mine to have a moat made out of acid and/or oil…. Or a really really really deep pit with spike…. So basically I want to buy a freaking castle

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