The end is nigh! You’ve already prepped your food, water, supplies, shelter, and defenses. There’s just one last issue to be addressed: transportation in an apocalyptic world. You can assume that traditional transportation has been totally compromised. There are definitely no buses running, and the streets are most likely littered with abandoned vehicles.

So how do you best prepare to surmount these obstacles and remain mobile? Whether it is nuclear fallout, an epidemic or the zombie uprising; a handful of vehicles can be modified to meet your needs and survive any apocalyptic event. Your best bet is to find used cars that are both affordable and customizable by researching on a site like KBB, which can help you tackle whatever circumstances Armageddon may throw at you.

Grand Cherokee: For starters, you’ll need an off-road capable vehicle to get around congested road ways and carve new paths through unpaved territory. A Grand Cherokee, preferably manufactured in the ’90s, is an awesome vehicle to do so! These models are sturdy, almost indestructible and, since they were so popular, finding spare parts will not be a problem. They are not particularly sleek or fast, but they can take a beating. You can modify the Grand Cherokee for safety by adding metallic mesh over the windows to fend off potential attackers without clunky, heavy metal plates that can weigh a vehicle down.

Wagon: Any old, American-made station wagon, sedan, or coupe from the ’70s would be ideal for strolling through vacant towns while scavenging supplies. The bodies of these babies were constructed entirely of steel, making them sturdy enough enough to withstand an attack. And the interiors are huge, giving you plenty of room to carry loot back to your campsite or shelter! A prime modification for a 1970s American car would be a brush guard. Installation of an angled, metal brush guard to the helm of your roadster will clear the path in front of you and mow down anything in your way. Considering that fuel and water will most likely be hard-to-come-by commodities, adding a reserve fuel tank and small-scale water tank would allow you to travel further and for longer periods of time.

Challenger: Finally you’ll need an automobile with some serious power under the hood. A prime choice for solidarity and speed is the Dodge Challenger. This muscle car, complete with V8 engine can quickly zip you out of any dangerous situation, provided the path is unobstructed. To add to the effectiveness of this vehicle, consider cutting out the top and installing a makeshift sunroof. This feature would provide good air circulation, a vantage point for weapon use, and an added point of exit just in case the doors are blocked by large debris, or worse… hungry zombies!

In the end of days, you’ll have enough to worry about. Transportation should not be on that list. Arm yourself with a few reliable vehicles customized to survive the apocalypse.

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