I love movie trailers!  Sometimes they’re even better than the movie itself.

Ahead of him stretches the length of a hallway, dark, with intermittent sporadic flashes of light from dangling overhead florescents, highlighting the blood-explosions all over the wall.  At the end of the hall, a door has been cracked open and there is darkness beyond.  Unearthly screams echo further still as they approach, a tumult of crashing limbs and feet.

He flips down the shotgun barrel again to assure himself there are two shells in place.  Stepping backward, he pushes his back up again the door that is no longer shaking. It’s possible the horde behind it might be gone, but he can’t be sure.  In front of him, the door bursts aside and he raises the gun to fire.

This could be the makings of a great movie trailer. And this could be YOU in the movie trailer!

That’s the premise of this amazing new venture from Viizro and The Animation Adventure.   Using state-of-the-art technology and a lot of creative flair, The Animation Adventure will put you into a full length 3D animated movie trailer! Yeah, it’ll blow your mind!  You (or more specifically your on-screen doppelganger) will be hacking and slashing your way through an epic cinematic experience that is “all about you.”  And if zombie killing isn’t your thing, then you just might want to be a super hero.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a super hero?

Frame Grab: That's me buring an axe into the face of a zombie!

Frame Grab: That’s me burying an axe into the face of an unfortunate zombie! Do NOT mess with me!  Check out the full video below!

I have to say I was immediately intrigued when The Animation Adventure company came to my attention.  Nobody else is doing this!  Not like this.  This not a Conan O’Brien talking head, or a Jib Jab joke e-card where your flat 2D face replaces another flat 2D face, animated like a double-jointed paper-doll.  This is full 3 dimensional replacement of the star of the movie’s head with your head!

Now, mapping your face onto 3D heads is nothing new.  You can paste your face onto heads in mod versions of many 3D games.  But what IS unique about this is having your face in what would be the cinematics (for gamers) and trailers (for movie goers).  Real trailers.  Real cinematics.  How awesome would it be to sit down and watch a full length trailer of the newest thriller and see your face in place of the movie star’s?  That’s the high concept around The Animation Adventure.

I got a chance to ask Tim Leeds, Co-Founder of Viizro (and The Animation Adventure) a bit more about the concept and how the whole business got started.

“Well, this technically started when I was a child!  I was soooo intrigued by animation, VFX, & cartoons in general. Over the past 13 years, I have been a Design Engineer, designing everything in 3D.  I have since broken free of the Engineering world and into my sole passion of animation!

The idea for The Animation Adventure was sparked when I showed some friends a few animations I had created of my head placed on Iron man.  Their children were fascinated and wanted me to place them behind a Superhero ASAP…so I did.  It was all they talked about for weeks!  Once we saw their reaction, we knew we were on to something…so we started The Animation Adventure!

As we anticipated creating our sophomore theme, we knew we wanted to explore a more mature audience (18+).  With the amount of blood, guts, gore, and kills we’re packing into the Zombie Apocalypse [theme], we knew this was the right next step for us to take.”

Tell us a little more about the zombie apocalypse trailers.

We are currently working on finishing the scenes for the movie trailers.  However we have quite a few scenes already completed.  This trailer is non-stop action with a series of “classic” Zombie kills throughout — Molotov cocktails, shotgun to heads, axe to the face, and much much more!  Towards the end of the trailer, there is an EPIC zombie kill scene, each unique to showcase the weapon of choice, that will be sure to impress.

When will this option be fully ready?

The Zombie Apocalypse will be ready to launch October 1st and we will be targeting a more “mature” audience.  The website will be updated September 1st for pre-orders.  Unlike the SUPER-Suit theme, the Zombie Apocalypse will allow you and a friend to be in the video as the “Star” & “Co-Star”.


Frame Grab: One of the many living dead your on-screen doppelganger will encounter!  Check out the full video below!

Tell us a bit about the partners/players in your venture.

All of our animations and creative thinking are done “in-house.”  Although The Animation Adventure has yet to partner with other companies in our field, we have teamed up with blogs and websites like GeekDad.com, as well as a few high school & summer school programs.  Since there’s really nothing out there that currently exists similar to what we’re doing, it’s important for us to not only plug ourselves into the communities of our fan base, but also to educate and demonstrate what we can do in order to spread the word.  A relationship with Zombie Research Society would make a great partnership for this theme and future themes as well!

Tell us a little about things your are working on for down the road.

We plan to release a Zombie Apocalypse type mobile app for the iOS as we have done for the SUPER-Suit Theme:  SUPER-Suit Me.  If the Zombie Apocalypse theme is as popular as we hope, we will mature this theme with more options such as better weapons, more gruesome action scenes, and a type of “choose your own adventure” movie trailer setup.

Crystal ball thinking?

We would create full length custom movies for the masses with them as the star!  For sure, in a heartbeat!  That is the dream!

I want the Animation Adventure to give everyone their “15 minutes” of fame…or should I say “3 minutes and 30 seconds” of fame!  We love using our 3D animation talents to place our clients into an animated, EPIC, cinematic, starring role that they can show their friends and loved ones.  Birthdays, weddings, retirements, pranks, or just a very unique personal gift, we’ve seen it all!   The Animation Adventure provides a memorable gift that people talk about after they watch their loved ones or themselves save the day or kill a few zombies!  “Your Face.  Our Animation.  One EPIC Trailer!”

The appeal is pretty self evident.  Birthday and Christmas presents in the form of DVD’s and BluRay would be perfect for dad to get him out of the bunker.  And with the addition of collateral like posters and life size hero cardboard cutouts, you’ve got the makings of a kick-ass premiere, and proof that you really are as bad-ass as you think you are!  You don’t even need to wait until October– they’re taking pre-orders starting September 1!

The Animation Adventure Website
Super-Suit Me iOS app

So the guys at The Animation Adventure were kind enough to slap my ugly mug into a teaser/trailer of their Zombie Apocalypse!  Check it out.  Mind. BLOWN!


  1. This looks pretty rad! Great article! Def going to check this out for sure…

  2. Whoa! This is the real deal! I can’t wait to get my face on one of these. Having my own movie trailer’s gonna make me the talk of the block!

  3. Putting my face in a zombie movie? Absolutely! Just watched the trailer and I think this is a brilliant idea! With such huge interest in anything zombie these days, this is something that I could see spreading as quickly as an apocalypse! Take my face!!!

  4. This video looks intense and the fact you can put any face on the body is awesome. Looks very detailed background and smooth action sequencing. Gonna have to get this for myself

    • I thought the same thing! The graphics were crazy. Blew my mind this could even be done. Awesome concept! I’m in!

  5. I’m intrigued…This Animation Adventure has huge potential. I’d love to see myself battling zombies and not know whether I’d make it out alive or not. I know how invested I get into the Walking Dead characters like Rick and the level of fear and anxiety I get just watching to TV show. Now, if it was my face and my story I can only imagine the level of exhilaration and excitement I would feel!!

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