Many of you have attended, or will be attending a comic-con.  For those who have never attended, these events are a complete assault on all of your senses, and a true joy (or nightmare) for any real or imagined hyper-active real brain!  Be prepared going in, and have on your best cosplay, because anyone on a suit is going to stand out.  This is not your parents’ convention.  This is Comic-con!

The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con begins with a Preview Night tonight, July 23rd, but officially kicks off on Thursday the 24th.

This year, as in past years, the Zombie Research Society will be hosting a discussion panel with founder Matt Mogk and other zombie experts (many ZRS Board Members), to discuss “Zombie Myths and Misconceptions.”

Zombie Research Society and experts Max Brooks (World War Z), Matt Mogk (AMC’s Talking Dead), Steven Schlozman (Harvard Medical School), Scott Kenemore (Zombie, Indiana), Brendan Riley (Columbia College, Chicago), Aaron Sagers (ParanormalPopCulture.com), Brad Voytek (UCSD), and Craig Engler (Syfy’s Z Nation) discuss the evolution of the modern zombie in science, survival, and pop culture, with a special focus on little known facts and common misconceptions.

For those attending the Comic-Con, the ZRS Discussion panel will take place Friday, July 25th at 8:30 – 9:30pm, in Room 5AB.


Matt Mogk

Matt Mogk is the head of ZRS and author of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies. He is a cast member of AMC’s Talking Dead, the live after-show of The Walking Dead , and has appeared as a zombie expert on various television networks, including Nat Geo, History Channel, and SPIKE.  He is also currently featured in the new documentary Doc of the Dead (2014), and his publication Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Zombies can be found HERE.


Max Brooks

Max Brooks is one of the biggest name in modern day zombie storytelling (rivaled only by, perhaps, George Romero).  His books, The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z have sold millions of copies worldwide; the latter being turned into a blockbuster motion picture from Brad Pitt’s studio Plan B.  One of his newest projects includes his comic Extinction Parade, which has also been optioned by Legendary Entertainment for television production.



Steven Schlozman M.D.

Dr. Steven Schlozman is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Co-Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry for Harvard Medical School. His first novel, The Zombie Autopsies , follows an elite medical team as they investigate the science and biology of zombies in the face of a global undead plague.  George Romero has optioned the rights to The Zombie Autopsies to make a motion picture.


Scott Kenemore

Author Scott Kenemore has penned several bestselling zombie books including The Zen of Zombie, The Art of Zombie Warfare and Zombie, Illinois. His novel Fallujah Heart is a compelling tale of mystery and combat in occupied Iraq.  With Zombie, Indiana, Scott Kenemore returns with the third novel in his bestselling series chronicling brutal undead attacks on the heartland.



Brendan Riley

A longtime zombie enthusiast, Brendan Riley teaches and writes about popular culture and new media as an Assistant Professor of English at Columbia College Chicago.  His course, Zombies in Popular Media, explores the history and theory of zombies across multiple media.


Aaron Sagers

Aaron Sagers is an American television presenter/personality, entertainment journalist, and expert of geek culture and paranormal media. He is also a syndicated columnist, author, zombie pundit, and founder of ParanormalPopCulture.com, a website which covers paranormal topics in popular culture.



Brad Voytek Ph.D.

Bradley Voytek is a neuroscientist at UC San Diego studying the role of neural oscillations in communicating brain networks. His mutual love of zombies and brains has lead him to formalize the theoretical neuroanatomy of the zombie brain.


Craig Engler

Craig is currently the Sr. Vice President & General Manager of Syfy Digital. He oversees all of Syfy’s online activities including Syfy.com, Blastr.com, DVICE.com, SyfyGames.com, ChillerTV.com, and the original online series produced by Syfy Digital Studios.  Craig has written a number of movies that aired on Syfy, including Zombie Apocalypse, starring Ving Rhames.  His current project in Z Nation, an original Syfy series.


For all the details of the event, check out Comic-Con International’s website.  See you there!

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