The winner is…

Marcus Hann for his comment, “I would put this in a pillow case and go to town on the zombie skulls!”

Congrats Marcus, and thanks to everyone else who entered.

In what might be our coolest givaway ever, this week win a one-of-a-kind, custom Zombie Research Society bowling ball from our friends at BowlingBall.com. Check out pics above and below.

To enter simply LIKE the BowlingBall.com facebook page HERE, and then leave a comment in this post about how’d you’d use this ball in a zombie apocalypse OTHER than to bowl with. We’ll randomly pick a winner from all the comments. And for a second chance, share and/or retweet this on facebook or twitter and we will count you twice in the drawing.

There is not another ball like this on the planet, and with a retail price of over $200, some lucky sucker is going to walk away with one hell of a free gift. Contest end at midnight pacific time on Thursday, July 10, 2014. A winner will be picked the following day and announced right here in this posting.

Good luck!




  1. that was the lamest the reply I’ve seen at all of them what the hell

  2. Same I don’t think they announced it :/

  3. Any idea who won this? I keep checking for an announcement but I don’t see one.

  4. He’ll yah nice ball

  5. Build a slingshot and use this as ammo!

  6. I would attach it to a chain. First I’d roll it and knock down packs of 10 zombies at a time, and then yank back on the chain and use the momentum to swing around and bash all their skulls in swinging it around like a helicopter!

  7. Zombie Suppository would do it.

  8. I would make a catapult and use thus ball as the projectile

  9. Cool ball!!

  10. Kill all zombies…..

  11. I would make a pendulum out of the bowling ball and one by one, lure the undead into a confined nook and let the ball fly until *splat!*


  12. Jerry Henderson

    I need a replacement ball. My old one is at least 35years old. Way past “zombie” stage.

  13. Robert Brandenburg

    Definitely have to create a bowling ball cannon and fire bowling balls at the hordes of zombies.

  14. Michelle Ledezma

    I would totally use this ball to crush some zombies!!! I would carry it around in a backpack on and swing it around and at zombies who come to close!! I could also use this ball to post a note to it and roll it into “abandoned” houses…that way if someone is in there, they could help me…and if zombies are in there, the rolling noise would attract em and I could find another way in! Several uses! Thanks for the giveaway! I love bowlingball.com! Shared on my fb page, as well as on twitter @Meeko925

  15. Got to love a zombie bowling ball. A must use now for spares and as soon as the zombie apoc comes around nothing better to smash zombie skulls with.

  16. Jeremy Cottrell

    Might have to find a big stick, some chain, and some spikes. An old school mace or morning star might be the most fun option for smashing zombie heads.

  17. As zombies have a deficit of cerebellar and basal ganglia function, I’d use this incredibly awesome bowling ball to knock ’em down, then retrieve the ball and finish the job by smashing their heads, then carefully clean and polish it and store it in a place of honor until such a time as I would need to take out more zombies.

  18. I would Attached to my hand so that I would be able to smash my way out of a Zombie ambush.

  19. add to hubbys collection , ill let him use it once

  20. Jesse Stroombeek

    That’s a nice bowling ball I would love to own one!

  21. I would turn it into an old ball and chain and bash me some zombies into the ground!

  22. Perfect reusable weapon for bashing in a zombies skull then wipe the gore off and throw down the lanes

  23. Use it in a pumpkin chunkin cannon! Eat that zombies!

    • Jeremy Cottrell

      Might have to find a big stick, some chain, and some spikes. An old school mace or morning star might be the most fun option for smashing zombie heads.

  24. Christopher knebel

    I would get a zombie train going and just line those suckers up and struck em down. Then find a lane and do the same!

  25. I would glue razor blades around it and put it on chain so i would have like an amazing swingable old fashioned style flail.

  26. Spare ball

  27. Great novelty ball. Would be the envy of many friends if I had it

  28. I would display this with my Pearl Widow by Hammer, only ball I shot 300 with

  29. Stephen Almberg

    I would need to get a much larger supply of the Zombie Research Society bowling balls than just one because I would create a Bowling Ball Cannon that would shoot these at Zombies!!

  30. Thats my kind of bowling ball.

  31. catherine sargent

    I would shoot it out of a bowling ball canon.

  32. I works bowl their legs or from under them then use the ball to smash their zombie heads to dust

    • I would bowl their legs or from under them then use the ball to smash their zombie heads to dust…. Kill the head the body will follow

  33. Get a light ball and swing it around like a mace attached to my hand.

  34. I picture something like thriller meets kingpin

  35. I would spike it chain it to a mace and dying that sucker round and round through zombie heads!!! 🙂

  36. I would use it to bash some zombie skulls in!!

  37. I’d use it in a slingshot and have at em’! This would be sure to take a few heads off!

  38. Swinging from a chain to bust heads!

  39. I would attach it to a pole and chain and use it like a medeivel ball and chain weapon. It gives me space and power!

  40. I would put one on each hand and start practicing my upper cuts on the zombies head.

  41. Would use this lovely ball to bowl my first 300!

  42. I would stick it in a bag and sling it around to knock the zombies down and then smash their heads in while they’re laying on the ground. Gotta have the bag to keep the zombie brains off the beautiful ball 😉

  43. Bernard L Calvert III

    Zombie bowling from a cannon.

  44. I would drill in an eye bolt and attach a chain to it so I could swing it like a wrecking ball.

  45. Brian Sanderson

    This would be one hell of a weapon for attacking zombies! First I’d put the ball in a burlap sack. I dont want to ruin the awesome details on the ball. I would make sure there was enough room that I could tie off the top of the sack, so I could swing this baby around. Having a 16lb weight at the bottom of a sack, swinging at massive speeds, over an arms lenght away would cause total destruction to some slow moving zombies!

  46. Easy turn it into a flying projectile, via a cannon. Has the shape and density of a cannonball.

  47. Use an eye bolt and a length of chain and swing that sucker…

  48. Id put the ball on the hood my jeep and roll over zombies.

  49. Use it just like a bowling ball, except for lanes and pins, we’re swinging for zombie faces.

  50. Would attach a chain to it and start smashing heads

  51. Russell Watkins

    I really would like this ball please

  52. I’m a huge fan of zombies and this ball would kill pins and walkers!

  53. Barb Duffie-Beasley

    I happen to be an excellent spare shooter so I would pick off heads at 60 feet pretty easily!

  54. miles Arnspiger

    Thats an awesome ball im all about zombie woyld love to own a zombie ball

  55. I would use it to scare the kids

  56. This would be something awesome to own! Would fit in great on my new team as well!

  57. I’d have my Slim Whitman music BLARING as loud as possible to keep the ZOMBIES at bay, while I make a pair of nunchucks with this bodacious ZOMBIE RESEARCH SOCIETY BOWLING BALL, a bit of logging chain, and an old Roto Grip UC2 bowling ball that I’ve had since 1983, just to let the ZOMBIES know that I would go all Pete Weber on ’em if they refused to be cool!

  58. I would have to stick it in a cannon and fire it into a crowd of zombies and see how many I could wipe out in one shot

  59. In a zombie apocalypse, I would use this ball as a decoy. It would be something to roll past them with the scent of human on it, and then run up behind them with a machete, and death, death, die!!!

  60. I would use it like Zor, put a handle in it and smash away!

  61. William campbellw

    I would connect a chain and use it like a mace

  62. Drill it up to have a wicked amount of curve, then smash em when from outta no where!

  63. This ball would never stop taking out the pins!

  64. So who won?

  65. I would use this in two ways in the zombie apocalypse. 1, swing hard and fast holding it like you would while viewing and smash some zombie skulls. 2., I would use my mad bowling skills and knock them down off their gates.

  66. Drop it on zombies from tall buildings, or if on the ground would either throw it at their heads, riccochet it off walls to their heads, or knock their feet out from under them so I could get in close for a more proper slaying.

  67. Michael Goicher

    Aim for the head

  68. This ball looks awesome! Should eat the pins like a zombie eating flesh.

  69. This would be a great zombie head smasher

  70. This would look awesome rolling fast toward the undead!

  71. Just wanna win something

  72. gabriel elie-pierre

    i would dig up a long ditch, then fill it up with gasoline and as the zombie fell in, i would than place my zombie bowling ball in my catapult and set it on fire and start shooting at the zombie gasoline filled ditch, BOOOOOMMMMM

  73. Plain and simple…put on bowling shoes, insert fingers, proceed to do a helicopter rotation spin move to crush as many zombie skulls as possible.

  74. I want a higher average …………

  75. hit/em where it counts. on their heads

  76. Donald Griffin

    Connect it to a tether ball pole and see how many I could take out!

  77. I would drop it from great heights and play Zombie Plinko

  78. Jeffrey Shrawder

    Tie it to the back of my truck and do some dohnuts 🙂

  79. I’d never leave a zombie standing if I had this as my spare ball.

  80. I would put it in a bag and swing it around all willy nilly, taking out what I could.

  81. make it the hood ornament on my hummer ” the zombie hunter “

  82. Attach a chain to it. Swing it around, and crush anything it came in contact with.

  83. Alan M Rottnek

    I would roll a strike and knock down the zombies and then use the bowling ball to smash the zombies head wide open.

  84. I wanna win!

  85. It’d be a great way to slow a zombie down! Catching a bowling ball with your face is a strong deterrent for even the hungriest of undead!

  86. An expanding plug to fit the thumb hole with an eye hook on it, attached to a bungee cord. Perhaps the addition of an air pressurized cannon. Instant zombie pulp with re-usable ammo. Enough said.

  87. That can be used as a real head knocker to them zombies, but before you hit them you have to scream ” heres your research” and BAM there goes the head

  88. Bowling for Brains

  89. I have a uncle that has a bowling ball collection ! I would get a 16 pound ball then I would put it in collection . he don’t drill balls in this collection so thay hold there value !

  90. Modify it into a Zombie Sledge Hammer. It would look like something out of Phantasm 2 or Dead Rising.

  91. Maybe make a zombie bowling slingshot. Or use it to drop off the roof onto unsuspecting zombies or door-to-door solicitors…..

  92. I would use it to hypnotize the zombies into helping me take over the world mwuhahaha!

  93. Susana Thaxton

    Display it tauntingly in the front window to detour the zombies… I wouldn’t want to abuse the finish on the ball…

  94. Put it in a woven para cord monkey fist find a cross bar over an alley way , lure them in and play swing

  95. shannon haralson

    use this to throw zombie strikes…

  96. Been bowling for 15 years, wold love to try this ball sounds like it’s going to be an awesome ball. Hopefully I gethink picked for this bowling ball. And hopefully take it to nationals next year. So please pick me

  97. Since Janeane Garofalo took my answer in Mystery Men, I’d used my bowling ball to wipe out the zombie vermin by tying heavy duty rope to the holes and set it up to drop it on the zombies, sling shoot it, and or do a lasso type swing (thank you Jar-Jar Binks for inspiring me). If I miss, I just pull it back to me.
    Time to smash some zombies!

  98. Fred McPherson

    Would use it as a glow ball in my flower garden.

  99. i would put it on my Zombie shelf if i won collect Skulls and Zomibie stuff

  100. Brain Bashing!!!!!

  101. I would put this in a pillow case and go to town on the zombie skulls!

  102. I would hallow out the ball and use it as a water collection device which could also double as a method to dispatch the undead

  103. Launch it from a trebuchet at the zombie base and take out as many as possible.

  104. I would build a canon to shoot it from for maximum zombie carnage.

  105. Crush some F’n zombies!

  106. Terry duplessis

    I’d make the ole ball and chain and smash them brains in with it !!!

  107. take my daughter on a zombie shoot…..

  108. It would never leave my hand. Sorta like Ash’s chainsaw hand from the Evil Dead movies. Every zombie I see deserves a good right hook! No worrying about ammo!

  109. Greg Mansfield

    Bashing zombie brains…

  110. I would launch it from a giant slingshot in a prepositioned Zombie Kill Zone.

  111. My son needs this ball for his Zombie slingshot. So he can have Zombies lined up like bowling pins and take them out!! :0)

  112. I would simply go bowling and wait for Brad Pitt and Woody Harrelson to kill or remedy a cure for the zombie apocalypse.

  113. Yes- attach chain, swing from dirt bike.

  114. Steve "Hairball" Harris

    I would use it a bopper ball and mash some skulls

  115. I would attach a 5ft chain to it and then I would swing.

  116. This ball is awsome

  117. I would put it in a bag and use it to beat zombies off

  118. I would roll this ball down the road to draw zombie attention

  119. I too would drill a hole, then attach a heavy chain to the ball and the rear of my car. Then as I drive all Dukes of Hazard style and screaming “Yeehaaaaaw”, the ball would flail around the back from side to side causing chaos and destruction to numerous zombies that were really not in the way but deserved a bit of maiming anyhoo.

  120. Shawn Richmond

    Attach the ball to an 8 foot pole. Stand in the back of a speeding pickup truck and swing for the fences. Periodically yelling FORE!! Or pointing out my shot like the great baseball players. Lol. Oh the fun I would have.

  121. I would drill a hole threw it and attach a bungee cord to it. Live in my tree house and drop it on the zombies heads and have it spring back up and do it again

  122. I’d sneak up behind them and smash em in the head!

  123. I’d be the researcher hanging out in the underground bunker admiring the bowling ball instead of finding a cure. As the Zombies are making their way down into the bunker when someone else inevitably opens the door like a moron, I’ll grab the ball and head to our underground alley to get one last frame in…

  124. I bowl alot and would use your it as my spare ball

  125. This is a awesome looking ball

  126. Heather Speaks

    I’d have to fashion/construct an attaching glove to have this bad boy ready to bash heads at a moment’s notice…

  127. I’d use it to smash heads, throw it to knock them down and maybe drill a hole and put a stick of dynamite in it and throw it like a grenade.

  128. I will be knocking them over like a strike.

  129. Harley Mckinney

    I would put it in a thick leather bag with straps, hang it from a rope attached to the ceiling and swing it like a pendulum into zombies heads, that way I don’t have to drill a whole into the ball and can still bowl after i have survived the zombie apocalypse 🙂

  130. Pretty much like this: drill a hole through it, attach a chain, swing through a zombie’s head, rinse, repeat! 🙂

  131. i would use a lighter ball and throw it near zombies with flashlights in it to distract the zombies and then shoot the zombies

  132. Steven Leverenz

    I would suspend it with a rope and use it as a wrecking ball trap on a door. I would put the pin and go flying and knock off one of there heads if they got past the door.

  133. Being a fairly big guy I would opt for a 16 pound ball and (as much as I would hate doing this – necessity first) then drill a hole clear through it. I would then insert a 3/4″ x 18″ eye bolt and fasten this to the ball with the appropriate washers and nuts. I would then put a rounded point on the end of the eye bolt protruding through the ball. Once this was accomplished I would attach a swivel and a 6′ length of 5/8″ stainless steel chain ending in a T-bar for my hand to grip.

    I would then use this as one would a morningstar. I could switch out the shorter chain for one much longer and then drop the ball and spike on the heads and upturned faces of the ever hungry – perhaps making a game of it with so many points for hitting an eye or center of the skull – why possibilities are almost endless.

  134. Guys it’s pretty obvious, we’re bowlers, so I would just throw my best shot to inmobilize the zombie then I’d finish him off!

  135. I would take the ball and several more holes in it. I would then place as many different kinds of explosives in those holes. I would light it up, up, up and toss it and have zombie exploding everywhere. After all said and done use a zombie head to pick up that flat ten pin.

  136. Zombie Catastrophe Catapult, some explosives in the finger holes and KABOOM….

  137. I would build a cannon for it and shoot it at the zombies!! Haha

  138. Raymond Rizzuto

    Pretty simple design drill hole all the way through. Hook a chain about 6 to 7 feet long in through the ball. Swing ball as if it was a mace repeatedly taking off heads and other numerous body parts. Just for over kill when head is on ground smash it with that 16 lb sledge bowling ball.

  139. Instead of a spiked mace….I would have the Zombie attached and then go on a hunt with my brand new Zombie Widow Maker….yep, that will make me feel like a real bad a@@!

  140. Smash heads, and break their legs for to immobilize them.

  141. I would put an I-Bolt through the finger hole,attach a chain, and let the HEAD BASHING BEGIN !!!!!!

  142. put a chain on this thing and use it as one of those hammer toss hammer things you see in the olympics.

  143. I would throw it at any zombie in my way! Justt wipe it off after crushing a few skulls….rolling it down a hallway could be fun…;) taking them down in a big pile..!

  144. I’d attach a chain to it and swing it all around. The zombies would never see what hit them.

  145. The first thing i would do is make sure its fitted to hand. If your on the run & only have 1 bowling ball you will have to secure it to metal poll to make it a head popper. This would be the best thing in knocking them down then reusing it to smash the skull.

  146. I shall use it to destroy the pins.

  147. Michael Kaltner

    I would first drill a hole in between the three finger holes to create the possibility of putting a chain through it, I’d then get a padlock to connect the ends of the chains also giving me the padlock to use as a grip while I swing the ball. Finally, I would then weld a sharp circular blade around the ball, to enhance the ability to decapitate the zombies head’s off. If there weren’t to many zombies around, I would thrown this unique ball of a weapon I have created like a normal bowling ball ( hoping to strike ) decapitating the legs, creating a crawler. Then I would spare it up with a final shot to the crawlers head, to leave it completely leafless and headless. That took a lot of creativity and imagination lol 🙂

  148. Imagine the 300 (zombies) I’m gonna get with this ball…nuff said!

  149. I have the DV8 zombie ball.they will go good together.

  150. I would use it just like The Bowler did in one of my favorite movies Mystery Men during the zombie apocalypse!!! Smashing heads, causing distractions, plus great for entertainment. 🙂

  151. I would use it as a zombie wrecking ball and smash some skulls.

  152. not sure would like it to be the bowling ball in mystery men, the bowler (janeane garofalo).

  153. I would attach this to a chain and use it as the decapitating ball of death!!!!

  154. I’d say make it into a flail

  155. I would drill a hole all the way through and put a chain through the hole. Then when the apocalypse hits use it to swing and bash some heads.

  156. Larry Occhibone

    A few good things come to mind. Using it as a cannon ball would be awesome!!!!!! Or lure all the zombies in to a local bowling establishment and have a undead tournament!!!!

  157. Sweet ball! Better than ball sweat

  158. Melee weapon?!?

  159. Charles Vaughan

    Connect a chain and start swinging.

  160. Wally Wasilewski

    get two of em and smash them together with a head in the middle

  161. Nice looking ball

  162. I’d put it on an axe handle as use it as a zombie head smasher. After all, they can’t bite what they don’t see.

  163. Smash those zombie skulls!

  164. As Zombies are quite uncoordinated, I would place the ball on the floor inside my front door. As the ball is black, it would be unseen in the dark. The Zombie, invading my home in search of brains, would either stub a toe or step on the ball and fall ungainly to the floor rendering itself helpless to my counterattack.

  165. I could use this as an incentive for my bowling students to improve over thje bowling season!

  166. Drop it on them like a bomb

  167. Steven Bonebrake

    A bowling ball can be a Damn good weapon so that’s clearly how I would use it during the apocalypse

  168. Two words: fireplace mantle

  169. Awsome looking

  170. I’d use it to smash their heads in!

  171. I would be a head bashing with a bowling ball zombie killing crazy ass Marine!

  172. Throwing it at their feet to make them fall down

  173. I would throw at a line of zombies and watch the ball crush em all

  174. I would use it to mow them down like pins on the lanes aim for the feet,watch them go down and listen to the screams of horror!

  175. Joseph Billetta

    I’d use it to fight zombies by putting it a pillow case an swinging it around like a mace to knock off zombies heads.

  176. I would use it as a counterweight for retractable stairs in my fortified tree house.

  177. I would use it as a decoy to distract the zombies. Roll it out and see if they follow.

  178. Could kill some zombie pins with that ball!

  179. Cool ball

  180. Set ’em up, knock them down. (Also using it for a pendulum weight to swing at zombies would work too. But only if it is heavy enough. You know, like a 14lb I would use.)

  181. Jeremy McDowell

    This may possibly be one of the coolest, most unique balls that I have seen! Would love to show this off and answer the hundreds of questions that would come along with owning this ball.

  182. Mount on top of death car

  183. i’d drop it from a rooftop or something high for a temporary stall so i can get a head start with a move.
    gotta stay moving in the zombie apocalypse.

  184. BOWLING FOR ZOMBIES… would have to be a throw and retrieve in tight situations…or even as a distraction…

  185. I would smash as many zombie heads as I could by wrapping a rope of some kind and those that didn’t break….I’d watch ’em roll or use them as bowling balls!

  186. I would wrap a chain around it and swing it to smash zombie skulls.

  187. Karl Eccleston

    I’d use it to crush Z skulls like watermelons!

  188. This ball would be used for holding gun powder, small nails, and ball bearings for an improvised rolling claymore mine to fend off a herd. Owned!

  189. Id use it to be a center of topic for ZA discussions when people hang at the casa. Itd go on my mantle with the rest of myZA gear as a beautiful centerpiece.

  190. I would seriously find a way to turn this into a mace, or even as a flail (need some heavy dudy chain lol) Bashing zombie skulls would never look better!

  191. I have to imagine a non-advanced zombie would have no idea how to lift a bowling ball; which makes it the accomplice to a perfect emergency get-away. I would combine the ZRS bowling ball with a pair of sweet bowling shoes and probably a retro bowling bag. In the normal world, after I won the ZRS bowling ball from BowlingBall.com, I took it bowling every Tuesday in my buddies bowling league, but now in Zombie Apocalypse, the bowling ball sits in the unzipped bowling bag along with the bowling shoes, in my closet. Luckily for me, my closet has a floor crawl space. If zombies over take my home, I crawl down into the crawl space in my bedroom closet, sliding the bowling bag with ball and shoes on top as I shut the floor. Zombies are stumped and when I feel it is safe I bench press the floor and escape.

  192. Leo Duchesneau

    You guys are Awesome!

  193. You could bowl down a zombie or two with that awesome ball!

  194. Thick netted soccer ball holder with small holes, and swing that sucker like a mace!

  195. Definitely use this as a mace….and when I’m bored set up a huge game of zombie mouse trap.

  196. This ball is so cool

  197. Stephanie Keeth

    Other than bowling for Zombies of course, I would use this ball for a door stopper/mouse trap style device for extra protection while I sleep with one eye open. Plus when carrying it in a bag, it would be a good weight to swing and smash skulls!

  198. I would loop a strong rope through the finger holes and then swing and smash through zombies.

  199. I could use my ZRS bowling ball in so many ways. To bash in zombie heads, as extra weight to keep a tent in place, as a rolling distraction for zombies and/or humans and (if I’m lucky) fantastic decor in my safe haven where I’ve successfully bugged in.

  200. I can’t bowl for shit but this would be a cool decoration for my lady lair!

  201. William Belyeu

    I think because of the shape and grip I would use it when possible for a blunt force weapon but when it becomes too much or takes too much damage I would tie a net around it and begin swinging

  202. Jose Rodriguez

    I would use this piece of gem as a morning star. Attach some chains, hype it up with some pikes and a mowing down zombies I would be doing. Truly GL weapon.

  203. I’d have the zombie bowling ball always in my fingers to always have the chance to smash in zombie heads

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