While motorcycles are often thought of as roaring choppers burning up the open road, military motorcycles tend to be much more subtle. According to Defense Tech, DARPA is working closely with Logos technology to develop a hybrid electric dirt bike for military use, and other exciting technologies are on the horizon! Here is a look into the fascinating tech and engineering of these bikes which could help you survive the zombie apocalypse.

Early Adoption

While the zombie apocalypse may be a while away, that hasn’t stopped organizations from adopting stealth motorcycle technology in the real world today. According to Engadget, the LAPD recently purchased three ZERO MMX electric stealth bikes capable of going from zero to 60 in eight seconds and producing zero emissions. The ZERO MMX cost less than a dollar to charge and produces no exhaust or fumes. Additionally, the ZERO MMX is capable of fording rivers up to three feet in depth and is a quick and agile bike. The only downside for the Zero MMX is that it only has a run time of 2 hours. While you won’t be crossing the country on a ZERO, it’s perfect for quick outings when silence is important.

The Silent Hybrid

While still in the research phase, Logos technology is creating a multi-fuel hybrid engine based on an electric bike built by BRD Motorcycles. This project relies on the 250 pound BRD Redshift MX electric racing bike as a base platform, according to a recent article in Wired. While the ZERO MMX might not be available for civilian purchase, the Redshift is and could be modified to become the ultimate survival bike for those living in the zombie wasteland. Retailing for $15,000, the Redshift is an affordable electric race bike that could easily be ramped up with aftermarket motorcycle parts to create a killer survival vehicle that doesn’t rely on gas to stay powered.

By utilizing all-electric technology, the Redshift is much quieter than a gas-powered bike and less likely to catch the attention of roving zombie hordes as you buzz through the wasteland. Not relying on fuel means that while everyone else is living in a Mad Max compound, you’re free to travel wherever there is a working generator. The mobility and agility of an electric hybrid bike could save your life when avoiding the undead, but don’t want to get caught with a dead battery.

Stealth Conversion

There’s no reason you can’t convert your already existing motorcycle into a stealth vehicle yourself. Companies like D&D Motor Systems offer conversion kits that will allow you to cut gas out of your motorcycle’s diet and create a quiet-running bike. Kits such as these vary in cost and complexity based on the type of conversion, so be sure to do some research on your particular bike.

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