The winner is…

John C. Burrows, who purchased an item on 5/14 and again on 5/31. John, please contact us right away to collect your prize!

Thanks to everyone else for entering. We’ve got another great contest coming up very soon, so check back often.

To mark the end of Zombie Awareness Month we’re giving away a prize pack valued at over $1,000! One lucky winner will receive a Barnett Zombie 350 crossbow, and a $400 gift card for our exclusive Online Shop.

There are three ways to enter, with your chances improving with each time you do:

  1. Purchase anything from the ZRS Shop HERE and your name will automatically be entered 5 times. Anyone who bought anything in May is entered, but all new purchases will add another 5 name entries.
  2. Like and share this contest notice on facebook, and your name will be entered once.
  3. Favorite and repost this contest notice on twitter and your name will be entered once.

To recap, if you’ve already purchased something from our shop in May you are entered 5 times. Make another purchase, and then also like and share this on facebook and twitter, and you’ll have a 12X chance of winning the big prize.

But hurry, because this contest ends at midnight on Sunday, June 1, 2014.

Good luck!

Zombie 350 Crossbow Zombie Awareness Month


  1. ooo the things i would buy with that money that cross bow omg the things i would hunt i would have to color coat them as not to get my zombie ones and food ones mixed up!

  2. Lovely

  3. Love the crossbow. Been thinking about getting one! Hope it’s this one!

  4. Carol Lea Smith

    All the games I play I pick crossbow. My favorite weapon.

  5. Carol Lea Smith

    This bow would be the icing on the cake for my zombie weapon collection I have on my wall.

  6. Would live the beautiful tool

  7. I need one so bad…

  8. It would be wonderful to have such an amazing bow.

  9. always wanted a crossbow

  10. Alexandria De Fabiis

    I made 4 seperate purchases in May. Does that been I have twenty entries?

    I hope I win that crossbow is SICK looking.

  11. Everyone I know wants s gun…

    I want a crossbow….

  12. shelly mawhorter

    If I won this, I would name it Daryl

  13. Michael Gorski

    I need this.

  14. Mario Vincent Turrini

    Kill em quietly

  15. Awesome chance

  16. Look forward to winning, fingers crossed!!!

  17. Thinks for all you guys do. :]

  18. jennifer schmidt


  19. Kaila Martinez

    Big fan other walking dead and big fan of Darryl!!! Would love to win this!!!

  20. Jan-Michael Ojeda

    This would. Cool in my collection

  21. Time to start training the family for just in case

  22. Chloe marshall

    I need zombie stuff I have a group of people ready to fight the zombies when it happens

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