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David Landry

Shoot us an email to collect your prize, Dave. And we will also email you at the address you provided.

Everyone else, thanks for entering and check back soon for another big giveaway right here on the ZRS blog.

Possibly our craziest giveaway ever, this carbon steel Tact-Axe made by the evil geniuses at Melee Mods can be yours for free. That’s a $120 zombie-killing beast that can be mounted onto any picatinny rail on whatever firearm you choose.

Don’t have a firearm? No problem. Simply buy a cheap sledgehammer handle, attach a rail system and you’ve just created a classic “bearded” long axe used by the Vikings.

To enter LIKE the Melee Mods facebook page HERE, and then in the comments section below tell us what creative battle uses you’ll have for this axe when the dead rise.

On Friday, May 9, we’ll pick a winner from those who completed BOTH entry requirements. Oh, and if you want to earn an extra chance to win, SHARE the contest announcement on our facebook page HERE.

Good luck!




  1. It looks cool, but that’s abt all i can say for this one… Shotguns are not designed
    to sustain the impact of being used as an axe handle. I would rather not destroy my primary weapon for the sake of looking cool.

  2. I always thought I didn’t understand guns. After seeing that its apparent guns didn’t understand me. Come to papa!

  3. All work and no play makes Sam a dull boy…

  4. I would pwn some zombie noobs. Duh.

  5. I’d use this weapon to protect my family my family from the undead and also any other unwanted visitors as well

  6. I would probably put this in my living room or just my room. That way when people walk in all they have to do is see it and they know it’s my prized possession. This would be my prized possession because my favorite monster is the Zombie and I have read a lot of books about them. This means that I would feel ready for anything if I had this

  7. For slicin heads and surprise room entry.

  8. Because my right to bear an axe on my shotgun shall not be infringed. Merica.

  9. johnathan emerson

    This would be cool to have

  10. Very nice

  11. Killing biters and saving people

  12. Heather Catuzo

    I would take this bad-ass Tact-Axe to my weapons training class. From there, I would work with our Sensei to come up with the best way for this to be used both in Zombie and riot situations and home invasions. Sweet!

  13. Christopher Mikesell

    I’d use this for splittin skulls and blowin holes in zombies

  14. William Belyeu

    This would be the ultimate lock picker. Blow the door and split the skulls

  15. I’d use the tact~axe on The Trap Line to intimidate The Other shooters

  16. Pure intimidation, until they got too close.

  17. “Bark Bark”, Is what that scroungy little mutt the wife likes so much would say when it needs it’s ‘walkies’. Small, worthless little thing it is. I sucked up my pride and put the collar on, walking out into the light of the setting sun.

    “What a beautiful afternoon! A shame it can’t be spent doing something manly like building something or bear wrestling”, I thought to myself, going further down the sidewalk away from my home. The ankle-biter finished it’s business and we made our way back towards the house. I suddenly had a feeling hit that caused me to stop. “No one’s around! What kind of shenanigans is this?”, I continued “Sure we’re not in the most active area to begin with but on such a wonderful day everyone should be out playing until the sun sets!” What an accurate mistake that was.

    Upon reaching the cusp of my sidewalk, that’s when I saw them. These small, disgusting shambling things coming over the hill at the end of the walk. Behind them were two larger ones, seemingly pushing them along. Upon adjusting my glasses I realized the unmistakable site of the risen dead heading for me. The taller ones seemingly pushing the smaller along with the goal of reaching me faster. They knew what they wanted, it was me.

    I rushed inside, looking for whatever could be found. Knife? No that’s only good for so long, and what if I bend the tip? That will never be quite as sharp again. Hammer? I never was fond of ‘Old Boy’. Eureka! I found it! My Tact-Axe! I never —-

    Ok look, I need to go as this is taking longer than expected. Was writing this as I went, the only thing that was planned was that I assault the ‘zombies’, never being able to land a killing blow as they somehow know to duck and weave, push it out of the way etc. It jumps forward to “The judge was not amused” in which point it explains that it was just halloween and those were early treaters, their family dressed up the same and I was being trialed for attempted assault/murder.

    ….Don’t you judge me! I’ve got bad eyes!

  18. Richard Hadsell

    I world set my back yard up as a battlefield with fake zombies made of watermelon and obstacles and cut and shred and shoot every last one till it was snack time then invite the neighbors over and some watermelon !

  19. samantha lindsey

    I would have to attach it to it to another axe. I’m definitely down with the Viking vibe, just going through a heard of them mowing everything that moves down.

  20. I think I would use this axe primarily in the intimidation of the living, to be honest. I think someone would be less likely to eff with you with one of these on your rifle.
    But, it would make a good emergency weapon, as well.

  21. Save the ammo and start slicing and dicing!

  22. Splitting jaws

  23. I would show off my new level of preparedness and question all without one. As what says not even if I am out of ammo can you have my gun like a fixed earded axe!

  24. I will slay the cadavers with the shotgun, and cut my grilled cheese with the axe for a post victory snack.

  25. This sick puppy will be mounted on a flexible graphite handle and then the zombies will brutalized. Damn the double tap, full speed head splitting now!!

  26. Wojciech Uchto

    With this axe I will start a crusade to extinguish all zombies.

  27. After reading a number of comments here I have come to the conclusion that a number of people entering this contest are under the mistaken impression that this giveaway is composed of an axe and a shotgun when this is not the case.

    The giveaway consists solely of the “Tact-Axe” by Melee Mods and nothing more – A shotgun IS NOT, replete IS NOT a part of the giveaway.

    Should I be fortunate enough to win I would more than likely choose to configure this delightful weapon as a classic “bearded” long axe, perhaps with a counterbalancing spike or hammer at the other end, and then give it to my son because this is a young man’s weapon and because I already have my CQC melee weapons consisting of a heavy duty transparent police riot shield and a custom 120 cm épée. That way I can reach out and touch someone without allowing them to touch me.

  28. I wuld LUV this.. Blow the bad guys away & chop the zombie heads off!!

  29. As amazing as it would be to mount the tact-axe onto an AR-15, or a shotgun, I’d rather have a more stable/sturdy weapon and attach it to a ww2 Arisaka that my old man has for me (with an already attached bayonet). 🙂

  30. I’d use the tact~axe on ghost hunting investigations to scare the shit out of the dead. Forget about the zombies. But, if there is a zombie apocalypse Ill be scaring the shit out of the zombies :p

  31. The great axe/ bearded axe serves many uses in the diatopian world. If the grid is down it can help process wood for fires and construction. When being chased by a zombie horde you can chop through doors to escape not to mention a quote from The Great Sean Connery in Highlander “Separate the head from the body and it’s over”

  32. I would take several things with me that i could exchange it with so i could use it has a tool or weapon wich ever the purpouse may be.

  33. What else would you use a zombie axe shotgun for besides the apocalypse lol

  34. Chopping firewood, making heads roll, you know… The usual….

  35. Self defense indeed. I’d use that to protect myself and others with me, be it Z’s or bandits. Hell, it might just intimidate the bandits off anyway.

  36. Awesome!!! I’d be the last one standing after the zombie horde attack. Then after I wiped away the blood and guts I’d take long pull from my bottle of Jack Daniel’s and walk off into the blood red sunset.

  37. Wesley Skinner

    I’d make sandwiches with it

  38. Lets face it, what bad ass thing can’t I do with this!

  39. Just the fact that this is a 2in1 weapon is awesome. Even if you run out of bullets you will still be able to split heads!

  40. Can opener

  41. I will lock the axe on a crowbar. This way, i could open a door quickly and at the same time, I would be ready for what ever that comes to me from across the door. According to Zombie Research Society, the attack is going to be well planned. The first hit is on the lower jaws, to disarm the zombies weapon followed by a clean cut through the neck to behead it.

  42. No zombie would be left in one piece. I’d use this shotty axe to pierce deep into a zombies jugular then blow it’s head clean off. Then I’d use it’s many uses of hardened steel to spark a doobie and start a fire.

  43. I would put this on a sturdy pole and try to use it as good as Michonn uses hers. Or I’d try for their head but I’m pretty short so need leverage. Either way this is a badass looking weapon!

  44. Well if I win I’ll have to buy a second so I could make a double axe lance. Oh to slice and crush the skulls of the undead.

  45. Your melee mods are awesome and the axe shotgun is sick can’t wait to win one !

  46. Jonathan Landers

    The picture at the top of this article is exactly my plan. This thing will be sweet once it’s mounted to my pistol gripped, 12 gauge Mossburg.

    Bring the war zombie scum!

  47. Cameron A. Carlson, LT

    I don’t always axe zombies in the face, but when I do, I make sure to pull the trigger to release the axe and add to the enjoyment. Bout sums it up.

  48. Andrew Einwiller

    It would fit very well on the saiga 12 to blast and chop my way threw hords and hords of the grotesque undead armys. If I had to cut off a limb I could than attach it to my arm it be even more affective.

  49. I am picturing a Game of Thrones type battle where i can easily swing the axe and then if need be pull the trigger to finish the job!

  50. There are so many things to do with such a weapon, the beauty of it speaks for its self… I cant wait for a zombie apocalypse, so my husband can drive a badass zombie rigged pickup, and i’ll be in the back slicing zombie heads AND LETTING THEM ROLL!!!

  51. I have just the gun to put this on, but I’d probably flip it around so the “pointy” end is out.

  52. As a student of martial arts and medieval combat; I am immediately struck by the clean lines of the axe head. A perfect counter-balance to a longer shotgun, this puppy turns a cannon into a two handed bash, slash and shoot combination platter that is sure to whet and thence satisfy even the major rager come the z-poc. Truly, I would mount this to a full stock weapon, and be ready to go.

  53. Definitely use this to split skulls and hack/ hew rotting limbs! When not slaying the walking dead, probably go fruit ninja on some watermelons!

  54. Stuart Collette

    I’d put it on my mini crossbow for a nice gun blade effect.

  55. Cameron Johnson

    Dude, I would join up with the closest thing to Rick’s group and clear the way for us to get the hell out of here if I had that gun.

  56. Killing zombies with this would be so badass and it would look the same on my shotgun

  57. I like it just the way it is on a mossberg with some wireless taser rounds.

  58. Lance Nicholas Nolte

    Don’t own a gun so I would attach it to my hockey stick for a wicked fun 3 ft long battle axe

  59. charlie woodard

    My 8yr old would love seeing me hack into a zombie chest then blow its head off!####

  60. Couldn’t hurt to have

  61. I would love to own this gun!! Its so super cool 🙂

  62. i would attach to an M16 and have a field day with it by shooting Zombies ofd and if they get close, I’ll chop their heads off and then in the event if i ever lose an arm, I’ll get a prostatic rod and put the axe on the rod and have an axe arm to enjoy cleaning heads off Zombies with

  63. Well it may not be a creative combat story, but having it on my rifle would make for an awesome portrait.

  64. This would be the perfect accessory for my apocalypse-ready remington 870!

  65. I have a ruger 10/22 in zombie green that I would mount it on

  66. teegan darringer

    It ultimately depends on the person wielding this has to be heavy but very useful if I was using it this would be my go to gun if I get in a tight spot say if I had to run through a horde of zombies to get something the group needed or to save my ass when backed into a corner I would most defintly use shells in those 2 situation but say if there was only a couple I whip out the axe side and start choping my way to safety and if I needed fire and it was frezzing chop some wood down set some traps kill some beef to eat break down doors kill peoplr whove just been bitten and if I ever run out of ammo I can take off the axe attachment and make an axe but thats only if I had no option and couldnt find any ammo at all ever and finally as a last stand against the zombie horde id charge head first into an apocalyptic nightmare and go out in a blazing glory shooting and slicing and demolishing as many as I can until I either win the battle or lose. ZOMBIE WAR GOD

  67. I’d buy a second axe-head and dualwield axeshotties all Alice from Resident Evil style.

  68. I would attach it to the stabilizer on my compound bow as an extra or extended weapon. Using a quick disconnect on the stabilizer, it could be removed from the bow and used as a hand/battle axe with the stabilizer as the handle.

  69. Bayonete? Hah! I got an axe!!!

  70. Corey Hutchison

    This combo works out great if your are cutting down trees for fire wood and if a zombie comes near you can gun it down with out have to pull out a gun. Also it’s just a great combo weapon if you run out of bullets you can cut the zombies down to size. 🙂

  71. If I win this it would be the basis for a room to room .22 carbine. One or the other to zed’s head depending on range. Til’ then it’ll look brilliant on a maple plaque wall mount with a brass plate deeming it “Old Reliable”. And won’t it get comments at the firing range.

  72. lets just say nobody will be getting in my house dead or alive.

  73. The hubbie would use it to first gut them if they were to close and the give them one to the head to make sure there dead! 😉

  74. I would put rails on a bow staff and polearm my way through mass ass amounts of zombies

  75. Brandon Hebekeuser

    Its for clearing stubborn doors. Slam the axe blade into the door just below where you want to fire and gain extra stability.

  76. Clint Davidson

    I just received a mossberg shotgun and it NEEDS this axe…best home defense/ zombie defense I can think of.

  77. I would use the ax to split open a zombie’s head. And while the ax is stuck on its head, I would use the zombie as a shield while I swing it around while shooting other zombies. Yeah… awesome sauce..

  78. Alisha davidson

    I’ll just attach it to one of my guns and cover both long range zombie killing and close range. The zombies don’t stand a chance.

  79. Well we are hunters so when the animals awake from the dead for their revenge, we will be ready with the tact-ax

  80. I would do so much with this thing, lets just say nobody will be getting in my house dead or alive.

  81. They say, “blades don’t need reloading.” Well with this, now I’d have a blade for when I’m reloading. Not sure what weapon I’d use it for. But whatever gun I mount it to better be easy to swing.

  82. Shotgun to the knee caps of a horde then decapitattion…

  83. Cindy Arrigoni

    I’ll give it to my daughter who will do some major damage with it to zombies while I’ll stand behind her!

  84. this would be the perfect back up attachment to fit on my crosbow making it the ultimate zombie killing machine a back up weapon for when reloading!

  85. Georg . Ziegler

    Would totally destroye everything

  86. This weapon would be great not only to take out Zombies, but for personal defense against humans that want to take what you have during the “Z” apocalypse. It is also functional as a melee weapon/functional tool. Using this to break down barriers and cutting wood for fire and mock up shelter.

  87. I would attach it to a rifle like an M14; that way I can carry only one weapon for medium range shooting and also close quarters melee combat.

  88. Decapatation from both. Maybe at the same time (swing and shoot) Limb and jaw removal. Occasional disemboweling.

  89. Tyler Scott Powell

    Well this is all around a short and midrange weapon. Id have to say id use the shotgun to blast away hordes of walkers. If any non-surviving survivors are still reaching for me id go for the axe to chop them down to size.

  90. dameron franks

    id use this bad boy when im surrounded with no way out to hack all the undead to pieces to get away and re-kill some more

  91. IMO it’s too arkwerd to mount on the barrel of a shotgun or rifle – besides it violates my 1st rule of zombie combat “Never get within the reach of a zombie’s arms – a long bayonet would be much more effective –

    That being said I would likely mount it on the end of a 6′ or 7′ hickory or ash shaft with a counterweight on the other
    end that matches the weight of the Tact-Axe. Configured this way it would keep me out of a zombies grasp and serve as an excellent weapon with which to repel boarders from my boat.

  92. the axe can be used for cutting down trees, cutting through wooden doors, clearing paths through thickets, and more….the most obvious, though, is a an axe to the brain. so many uses…i want!!!

  93. I would attach this beauty to my 1952 870 Wingmaster CQC mod build to keep it silent until the Patchwork Dragon needs to roar! (See image in the FB post.)

  94. Bad ass

  95. Valhalla here I come….with that baby on the shotgun I may have to postpone the journey. But will be my pleasure to send others to meet the deity of their choice. In the words of a Big Smith song….”Die, dead, die.”


  96. Stephen Chambets

    Survival, salvaging, scavenging, back up weapon…endless uses.

  97. Sorry, I’m not saving this for the apocalypse! It will be great when out camping and hunting to make sure everything fits into the stew pot! (After all, do you need to know and test your weapons!)

  98. This axe is exactly what my family needs to complete our plan, and our equipment. That’s right, a 20 year old girl, 21 year old boy, and both their parents (one is over 50) have an extensive zombie apocalypse response plan. All of our weapons, food and water, first aid and ammunition are ready to go at all times in case the dead should rise. When they do, we will be ready. Especially if I win this axe:)

  99. Heather Speaks


  100. What a glorious weapon, I can´t think on how NOT to use it!

  101. this would come in handy when having to break into places where people might have been previously held up and maybe turned inside. What better way to kill a few zombies that with a silent shotgun axe and then if there are too many, start blowing holes into some.

  102. that will sure giv a badass look to my shotgun and if i run out of shells i can still defend myself with this very convinient 😛

  103. This is beautiful! I would attach it to a lightweight handle. It would live in my Zombie research society bug out bag for quick access when the dead rise. This in combination with my .22 pistol for both stealth kills and ranged shots when necessary. Bring it on!

  104. I would use the axe part for up close and personal attacks on the undead. Save the bullets until I really need them. You know, do a little slice and dicing! 🙂

  105. I’d make the biggest bowl of chopped zombie salad the world has ever seen!

  106. The item seems to be sturdy, and counts as both weapon, cutting tool and in a pinch with the right application; as an entrenching tool.

    I can see this as being an impressive defensive piece as it adds a melee option while keeping your primary mid to short firearm in hand.

    There is almost always a situation where you have grabbing hands sticking out of doors you or your survivor partners are trying desperately to close. What better way to chop those snatching undead talons off at the wrist while keeping your gun handy for the never seen till the last moment reanimate right behind you *blam* You survive another day thanks to your handy shotgun axe from Melee Mods

  107. This will be great for the slicing head off one zombie in front of you then shooting the next ones head off that’s coming up on you from the side.

  108. Hopefully, it wont be necessary, but I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it

  109. If i’m not shooting heads i’ll be splitting them with the axe. Don’t want to waste ammo so chopping heads off would be great with this axe. Plus chopping wood for cold nights to start a fire would be useful.

  110. katie churchill

    This would go right on my shotgun like it’s meant to be. Upgrade to my home security system that hangs on my gun rack above my bed 🙂
    It would also come in handy for a silent kill against the living dead!
    ***SPLAT HEAD SHOT****

  111. What better way to equip my new S&W than with this awesome Tact-Axe. There may be the case where my mag is empty and I don’t have time to reload, so this attachment will keep me alive until I have a chance to reload!

  112. Going on my Maverick 88 to slash what I don’t shoot.

  113. adrian phillips

    That looks sick! I want I want lol!

  114. Oh man, my husband and my anniversary is coming up. I would love to add this to his arsenal.

  115. Lightweight, convenient additions are always welcome with me. I’m a zombie nerd girl who’s 5’1″, I would be thrilled to have both my firearm and edged weapon on hand at all times.
    This also might convince my husband I really DO need a tactical pump shotun.

  116. Richard Batchelder

    I would equip it to a shot gun so i would have range and close contact with it. or if i ran out of bullets i wouldn’t be defenseless.

  117. This will go on my Remington 870 Atac and will be used to decapitate those undead flesh eaters. It at least a Ivan target I bought from Zombir Go Boom!!

  118. I would get a carbon handle to put it on and keep this baby placed above the door for quick access. I plan on having a bladed item in one hand and small caliber hand gun in the other. Dealing death from either side.

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