The apocalypse is underway, the zombies are coming and you need to get out of town—now. This is not the time to pile into a minivan and flee. To survive the end of the world, you need a rugged vehicle that will help keep you safe. Here are our top picks!

Military Hybrid Motorcycle:

The Pentagon recently green-lighted the development of an ultra-silent hybrid motorcycle that runs on two types of power: an engine that burns gasoline, jet fuel and diesel, and a silent electric motor. The cycle will be so silent, the only sounds it will make will be the tires moving around on the dirt or roads, which is perfect for avoiding zombies who are on the prowl and listening for engine noises. To help outfit the stealth hybrid bike, survival hopefuls can add aftermarket lights and tires from MotoSport.

Military Cargo Vehicle:

The military sometimes sells vehicles it no longer uses. For example, check out this five-ton M923 cargo vehicle the Department of Defense recently auctioned off—it includes a Cummins 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and a robotic arm. This powerful vehicle also boasts an innovative body that is both ambush- and mine-resistant. Since it was no longer needed by the government, the cargo truck was auctioned off through the auction site Government Liquidation for a starting bid of $25. Check the site regularly to hook up with a similar military vehicle.

A Big Old American Car:

If purchasing a military vehicle isn’t feasible for you, don’t worry—plenty of other options exist to help you survive the zombie apocalypse. Consider an older car that doesn’t have a bunch of fancy-shmancy, hard-to-fix computerized systems. Those behemoth station wagons and sedans that were all the rage in the 1960s and 1970s should do nicely; in addition to being steely enough to withstand some zombie swats, they have old-fashioned engines, operating systems and ample trunk space for all your survival gear.

Paramount Group Marauder:

Another nonmilitary but mega-tough option is the Paramount Group Marauder. This motorized bad boy is equipped to handle just about anything. It’s equipped with run-flat tires and long-range fuel tanks that are perfect for the end of the world, when gas will be at a premium and you may not be able to stop for fuel whenever you want to. If the zombies are chasing you near water, no worries—the Marauder features a fording depth of half the vehicle, meaning it can figuratively swim you to safety.


  1. a truck of any kind is whats needed armor up the cab and front. also make sure its a flex fuel. so can run ethanol. or a desial. to run bio desal. petrulium fuels will be finite while bio fuels will be limited but you can still have fuel!!! and if need to relocate you can get there!!! well anything with a carburetor can run ethnol. generators and vehicles i think are the most importation. z day the start of the truly green revolution lol.

  2. You don’t need a hummer or some thing like that with power. You just need a car that does not need much fuel.

  3. While the hybrid electric bike would certainly have a use as a scout if I had any traveling to do I would want a far more substantial vehicle wrapped around me. Paramount Group has some nice vehicles and from their current selection I would have to choose the Matador over the Marauder. The Matador has the same basic configuration as the Marauder with a couple of significant differences. The Matador has the ability to carry more people and its protective armor is a level higher than the Marauder – remember that zombies aren’t the only significant danger out there. Fitted with extended range fuel tanks and run flat tires the Matador could easily serve as a substantial mobile base for any operation.

    • The only real problem I have with either the Marauder or the Matador is that both appear to sit somewhat lower to the ground than something like the MRAP Cougar or the BAE Land System RL-33. Sitting higher keeps zombie hands and teeth from getting into either the cab or on top of the vehicle.

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