An avid ZRS reader recently posited an interesting idea of his own regarding the possible connection between an inevitable zombie apocalypse and global climate change.

Here was Raptor Rogues’ original hypothesis:

No one actually knows how the dinosaurs died, right, so maybe there is a virus or some kind of parasite, that needs a critical temperature to become active. So when the temperature of earth rose, the virus got activated, it infected the apex predators of that time, the dinosaurs. Maybe this is why only the dinosaurs died and not other animals. Many scientists agree that the vanishing of dinosaurs was not extinction it was mass extermination. And then as the temperature fell and so did the virus or the parasite go to dormancy.

But now maybe as the temperature of earth is rising, due to global warming, the parasite or the virus gets activated again. Thus leading to extermination of humans.

It’s interesting to note that Max Brooks’ World War Z  addresses weather as a factor for zombie dominance.  If you’ve read the novel, you’ll know that winter creates a reprieve for most humans from zombie attacks, as the undead simply freeze and can’t move.  They don’t actually die, because… well, they’re already dead. But they do revive in the spring.

Checking some of the chat rooms, specifically http://www.armedpolitesociety.com I’ve noted some really interesting comments on the subject. For example:

Wouldn’t warmer weather and humidity speed up decomposition?

The warmer weather would have the additional effect of causing water levels to rise, bringing flooding to low lying cemeteries. With the rising water levels, the coffins, being buoyant, would pop out of the ground making it easier for the dead to escape their prisons.

It’s a fact that bacteria, viruses and germs breed in warm places. So if a zombie apocalypse is in our future, it could very well be incubated by a warmer Earth.  Yet another reason to be concerned about climate change.  As if we don’t already have enough to deal with!


  1. This explanation about new viruses and already existing viruses and bacteria is really good. The warming of our earth will be beneficial to certain living organisms, but to us humans this could be very unfortunate. I’m only in 8th grade but I have a big imagination so believing that a new virus will spread because of warmer temperatures that’s caused by global warming is really believable. It wouldn’t be surprising if a zombie apocalypse happens someday and spreads throughout the world. All us humans in the world just need to slow down the process of global warming and not used fossil fuels too much. Solar energy is a cleaner source to use. Humans are already creating advanced technology so we could use our knowledge to stop global warming. Well I learned all of this from a video called the 11th hour. It had really good explanations about the problems and solutions are made throughout the video. It was really informative.

  2. vice rear admiral bobo gargle

    interesting hypothesis to say the least however i am unsure whether the whole Zombie thing is now pseudo-science once again rearing its ugly head, or whether I am looking at the start of a doomsday cult.

  3. This is a really good theory. I agree with yall. More reason to keep stocked up on anti bacterial hand sanitizers and some gloves.maskes .

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