Given the incredible bounty of zombie movies and television shows that we’re exposed to on a daily basis, it’s almost certain that an apocalypse will happen. But will your state most likely survive it? Yes… if you live in Alaska, Wyoming, or Colorado.

The popular real estate website Estately recently released its Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Rankings to determine which U.S. States have the best likelihood of surviving an actual apocalypse, and which have the best chance of total obliteration (i.e., not surviving).

Eleven different metrics were used to determine the rankings including active military personnel, gun ownership per capita, the number of those who are (or who are interested in becoming) triathletes, and overall knowledge of zombie culture.

Rounding out the top 10 states with Alaska (1), Wyoming (2), and Colorado (3) are:

4. Idaho
5. New Mexico
6. Montana
7. Arizona
8. Nevada
9. New Hampshire
10. Wisconsin.

Basically, if you live toward/in the West or in any rural state, you’re a shoo-in to survive.

The least-likely-to-survive-during-a-zombie-apocalypse states (as well as Washington, DC) are:

42. Massachusetts
43. Tennessee
44. Louisiana
45. Alabama
46. Connecticut
47. Georgia
48. New York
49. Washington, D.C.
50. Mississippi
51. New Jersey.

So if you happen to live anywhere in the East (north or south), Godspeed. I live in Ohio, which ranks at No. 25. So we Ohioans have a 50/50 chance of survivability. Yay?

The rankings also found these interesting tidbits:

  • Florida, where a zombie apocalypse will most likely begin, ranks at No. 32.
  • Since Alaskans run from bears and moose (is this accurate?), they’ll have no problem running from slow-moving zombies … unless the zombies are fast like in 28 Days Later.
  • Though Jersey ranks last, the state does offer a real Zombie Survival Course.

Where does your state rank?

Tiffany Luckey is a magazine editor and blogger. She writes about TV and pop culture at AnotherTVBlog.com.


  1. The “zombies” in 28 DAYS LATER are actually not zombies at all, but living humans infected by the Rage Virus.

  2. The southeast would kick zombie butt! States like Georgia mostly cause everybody owns at least 10 guns! And most of us are ready for the government to betray us! But purdy much the 11 states that was in the Confederacy will make it. And everybody knows how to live of the land.

  3. Real estate really…Pretty well every one I meet couldn’t handle a hold up in a car park. So I do not think that they will survive anything more complex.

    Good job we like to bang on about hypothetical scenarios then isn’t it.

    • In reality the only US state that would have a chance long term would be Hawaii. No land borders, Small population compared to rest of the US and is pretty decent in being self sustaining.

      • I disagree. Sure Hawaii has a smaller population, but it has a high population density, which is more important. They also have to ship in a lot of their resources. Even if they managed to avoid infection, there would be rioting over control of the few local local resources. It is also a big tourist destination. Chances are some infected person will show up there while on vacation. And finally, while I’m sure there are a few self reliant people there like anywhere, most people who are there are on vacation or living the paradise lifestyle. They have no built in survival instinct. This is much more true in places like Alaska where (for the most part) people choose to get away from other people and live more independently.

        • Then I guess it all comes down that no single US state is safe.

          Those that are food secure are also all surrounded by other states of zombies. The two states that have the best going for them (Distance) Hawaii and Alaska are totally food insecure.

          • Alaska is not food insecure, There is the fishing industry and wildlife population way out-ranks human population.

          • @Chris

            Not quite. In 1955 Alaska produced 55% of the food consumed in the state, Since then the population has more then doubled. In effect based off of 1955 production scales you could possibly produce enough food for 25% of the population, Perhaps more but not the full 100%, Maybe 50%? Unless a large portion of the pop dies off.

        • Only Oahu and perhaps parts of Maui have a high population density. The *actual* island of Hawai’i is the largest island is mostly rural. You’re also forgetting food grows year-round here and the ocean is a plentiful resource. I see Hawai’i as the ideal place to survive the zombie apocalypse…or an epidemic, or nuclear attack…

  4. Wont put too much faith in that article.

    It all comes down to the class of zombie and raw resources. Do these states have access to the raw materials and industries needed to produce new munitions?

    If they are slow zombies and they have availability to these resources and industries then yes. They are fairly self sufficient except Alaska, Most food is shipped in to the state from outside sources so while you may not get infected you will starve to death.

    If they are fast zombies then one way or the other if you are a land locked state then you are stuffed. Zombie hordes coming in from across the border would negate any advantage you have over other states.

    • I think that Michigan should be higher on the list because almost everyone owns a boat. Everyone who does have one would just take as many supplies as possible and sail on the Great Lakes to the many islands that exist here. They could fish and hunt deer for food and live on the islands. Trust me, we would definitely survive up here.

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