The randomly selected winner from all the entries on facebook, twitter and this post’s comment section is:

Rick Weimann

Who answered the question of what he would add to his bag:

“I would throw out those matches and add a flint stick. Three thousand fires at your fingertips!”

Rick please email us at: mogk@zrs.me to claim your prize.

Thanks for everyone for entering. We’ve got more great contests all the time, so keep checking back!

In honor of another brilliant season of AMC’s popular series The Walking Dead, we’ll be giving away The Walking Dead Survival Kit to one of our lucky readers! This exclusive new survival kit contains more than twenty life-saving items inside a durable military-style messenger bag and is available online directly from our friends at First My Family.

The contest runs for three days, and there are three ways to enter:

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That’s three different ways to enter, and if you do all three you can TRIPLE your chances of winning! For even more details including the contents of The Walking Dead Survival Kit, additional photos and ordering information please check out our exclusive review online.

We’ll announce the lucky winner right here at the Zombie Research Society website on Thursday, April 3rd by 3:30pm PST. And we’re happy to ship the survival kit anywhere in the world… so don’t be afraid to enter wherever you live. Good luck!


  1. I would ad a package of instant coffee! Cafeine works as instant bloodstopper if you rub it in a wound, the red cross ambulances used it during the juganconflict! And its a great comfort item, becouse coffee! Rick loves coffee 😉

  2. Hey, so i have managed to talk the ethics committee at my university into letting me follow through on my research proposal of “should you feel bad about killing a zombie” .. my research paper will have various other sub questions for example “what is the best way to kill a zombie” “how do you identify a zombie” “what are common objects that you can use ad defense against a zombie mob attack” etc etc… is there any zombie experts out there that would be prepared to have a skype interview with me that i will record and reference/ insert into my presentation?? please send me a email with the subject: Zombie Expert



  3. I would include a copy of Matt Mogk’s Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Zombies and a copy of Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea. Our written language and a part of our human culture will be preserved through these two works of art.

  4. Dr. Scholl gel insoles. There is going to be a lot of walking.

  5. Cerrissa Norris

    I would add a machete in order to defend myself, duck tape cause well I love duck tape (part of my redneck upbringing) bells and dental floss to set up barriers around my camp, a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey to help keep me warm at night as well as to disinfect any wounds. Flint stick to light fires would be handy as well.

  6. a gun for protection!

  7. I would pack cotton balls dipped in vaseline. Best fire starter, tent leak fixer, cut protector, makeshift bobber (fishing) and many other uses just have to be creative…

  8. Bambie Morrow-OBrien

    A Mr. Clean’s magic eraser….it could be very handy for many situations!

  9. I would add Duct Tape and a swiss army knife

  10. Flint and fishing line.

  11. I would throw in a box or crayons because they are all wax and burn for 30 mins. each!!! Also duct tape…and a bunch of small bells..like for cat collars. They are small..easy to carry and can be used as an alarm. And throw in a few very large trash bags which come in handy for many different things.

  12. Harry Potters invisibility cloak! Strange and unusual, yet useful! 😉

    ….If that’s a no go, that a shit ton of chocolate!

  13. I would add a small spice container. If i have to hunt my own meat at least add a littlr spice to it..

  14. I would bring tons of pink glitter. Glitter makes folks smile and is reflective,

  15. Weel, I think this survival kit is awesome, but when it comes to defending Yourself… so, this kit lacks a good knife. It fits into the bag, has no ammo, and can be used in many various ways. By the way, this kit is awesome.

  16. Maps with the locations of family and friends at our mutually agreed upon meeting sites.

  17. I would add Amoxacillin, Salt tablets, condoms and birth control pills, I don’t need anymore children in this apocolypse.

  18. George Gaxiola, Jr

    I would bring my SonicScrewdriver! Ain’t getting trapped by a locked door! Or I can lock them out! Unless it’s wood, then I’m screwed

  19. I would bring chlorine tablets for water purification, salt tablets to help prevent dehydration, fire starting kit, safety pins have multiple purposes, dental floss or fishing line, my weapon of course with additional ammo, binoculars, seeds for vegetables in vacuum sealed bags, documents as deemed appropriate for all family members in group, dried meat (jerky) and dried fruit and nuts (take up very little room), swiss army knife (has multiple functions) change of clothes, additional socks, and of course wearing my steel toe shoes (they are more comfortable than my sneakers) vest with additional pockets, some long nails ( a few put through the end of a board can make a weapon to pierce a zombies skull) small first aid kit, and of course a knife of appropriate length to use as a weapon.

  20. Duck Tape , because it can fix everything

  21. Charlie Ogden-Conabeer

    Rollerblades for me, a long journey made fun and fast. all whilst dodging zombies with some spins lol

  22. I would add dental floss. You’d be surprised what you can use that for!!! OH, and duct tape!!

  23. I would add Duck Tape . duck tape fixes everything

  24. I would add a roll of duct tape. You can use that stuff for every situation.

  25. twinkies since they will never spoil!!

  26. I would probably bring deodorant. Because I hate having sweaty pits!

  27. I would bring Vaseline and cotton balls. Fire starter.

  28. Definitely FLOWERS!!!

  29. I would add to my bag a mirror. It could be used as a look out tool or reflector to signal someone. 🙂 I want to win the bag! 😀

  30. I love the walking dead I’m actually quite sad that my Sundays will be no longer be looked forward too .. but on the flip side mayb during this wait till next season u guys will realize what your missing .. only the newest cast member myself hahahah oh and don’t let me forget my survival bag filled w my gun bullets knife easy cheese some chocolate pudding hahahah

  31. I would add adhesive tape because we can be used for many things

  32. Fishing line and hooks. Always be able to have a fresh supply of food.

  33. Karrie Strickland

    My husband travels for work so I’m pretty sure that when the SHTF he will not be with here – so, having to compensate for his absence I would include paper maps, machete, and a bible.

  34. Toallita Desinfectantes, para limpiarme un poco la sangre de los walkers

  35. I would add a porn magazine for those lonely moments..LOL

  36. I would bring a pack of sonic grenades to distract the walkers with just thrown them make a loud noise for a min giviing me a chance to get away. I already own swords and crossbows so will be fine with weapons lol

  37. A coil of wire. You would be surprised at all the things you can do with it.

  38. I would bring some books! I would need the escape from reality in a zombie apocalypse, for sure.

  39. A prosthetic arm with a bayonet. Just in case.

  40. diapers and a hunting knife

  41. I would put Bear Grylls in

  42. I would put good coffee in it..what’s the point in surviving if there is no coffee

  43. I’d bring Daryl Dixon 🙂

  44. I absolutely love the walking dead and my dad and I have been looking for these types of kits and now that I have found this I really want it! Good luck to everyone else too though

  45. I would probably bring a toothbrush because everyone needs to brush their teeth, even in a zombie apocalypse. Also, you could also sharpen down the end if it ever comes to that point.

  46. Justin Blackwell

    An ink pen. It has many uses other than just writing

  47. Danielle McMichael

    Dental floss. Doesn’t take up much room but can be used for a variety of things. 😉

  48. I would add dog food (for my dog of course), my smith and wesson knife and a picture of my family. 🙂

  49. I would put in a shaolin spade I just hope it fits!!!!!

  50. Nicholas Horton

    I would add a bottle of a mixture of vaseline and baby oil, so that when I needed it I could cover myself in it so that the zombies could not get a grip on me.

  51. I will add milk powder and diaper! i have 2 girl!!

  52. I would put some small device that makes sounds to distract the walkers.. 🙂

  53. Juan Sales Durá

    I would add a medicament box of Orfidal (Lorazepam) because it would relax me after a day of killing zombies…

  54. I would put a thermal blanket, multi-tool and rations. I’d have to bring a book too.

  55. Dry tobacco for trade and a nice bowie knife.

  56. Insulin & duct tape!

  57. I would bring a bag of ground coffee and a french press. No need to ever go decaffeinated during the apocalypse! Goggles and a bandanna might also be useful to keep zombie guts off of me.

  58. String to make a trap for animals

  59. A hook and rope to get high out of reach.

  60. My top three items to add would be:
    Spare shirts and magazines to use as extragause and wrap and splint
    Lipstick to best mark places to go or where I’ve been
    A pocket mirror to flash SOS signals (can also be broken to use as emergency weapon)

  61. I would add Goldbond medicated power and a bag of marbles. Rashs happen and the marbles will help to make for a funny zombie three stooges moment

  62. Obviously everyone would try to stick as many essential supplies in there as possible, putting in more weaponry, medical supplies, food, etc. However, I’m such a nerd that I would have to have my favorite book with me, b/c it’d be like medicine for my soul in the zombie apocalypse to have a familiar companion like that 🙂

  63. Well, I would add Q-tips of course!! Can’t survive the zombie apocalypse with itchy ears. 😉

  64. Maggot and Leeches, they eat dead and decaying flesh… Problem solved, world saved… Just very very slowly.

  65. some thick magazines and duct tape (for makeshift body armour). Steel toe capped boots and leather pants (for looking like a badass zombie killer) A samurai sword (a la Michonne)..
    And some of those freeze dried ice cream sachets for astronauts.. because when the apocalypse comes I’m really going to miss ice cream 🙁

  66. Always carry toilet paper…..unless you wanna use your socks!

  67. A field guide to edible wild plants for my region. That or a Lifestraw water bottle with extra filter.

  68. I’d have to add a Zippo!

  69. Well with my can opener and sharpening stone a black sharpie.. Need a way to communicate with other survivors… a map of the state, vicks to put under my nose (cant be too busy getting sick from smells when your trying to get out of a tough situation) Ziplock bags (need a way to keep important things dry).

  70. BATTERIES! LOTS AND LOTS OF BATTERIES!! And probably a bar of soap lol

  71. I would add a couple cans of hunter orange spray paint. Enamel paint in the eyes will seriously impair a zombies vision and it’s highly unlikely that a zombie will be reading your messages to others or following arrows leading the way. Paint is also flammable, for intentional arsen or just starting a campfire it has it’s potential.

  72. I would have a lock pick set to get my self in any place I need.

  73. Edgardo Negrón

    I would add a pepper spray. It cause disorientation, temporary loss of sight, severe skin and eye irritation. Doesn’t make sound.

  74. Edgardo Negrón

    I would add a pepper spray. It can incapacitate an attacker, cause severe skin, eye irritation and disorientation. Doesn’t make sound.

  75. Fallan Patterson

    Clean underwear and a can opener.

  76. Awesome, I want 2

    • I might add a pen and paper or post-it notes, paper to write up diary entries or maps or any types of notes, and if we need to scavenge from abandoned houses we could put post-its on the front doors of places that we’ve gone through or if they’re full of zeds or whatever.

  77. Heather Coleman

    I would add maps and a compass because I’m terrible at finding my way around.

  78. I would add a pack of seeds for planting.

  79. A can opener, chalk and plastic wrap. I would also put a couple of magazines into the first aid kit, they make a great splint in a pinch.

  80. Anteseptic and baby wipes, nothing worse than a dirty ass after taking a dump, have to stay clean. No one wants a ass rash. Sorry Leaves are not my thang. Might need to keep a wet washcloth as well.

  81. One unusual item in my kit is a flexible 7″ X 9″ fresnel lens. You can pick them up on ebay or amazon for about 3 bucks each. As long as you have bright sunlight, you can get a fire started in seconds and save the matches/lighters for overcast or wet days.

  82. Alexandria De Fabiis

    I am aware is probably not an odd bug out bag addition but I have a small bug out bag with freeze dried food. . Tent. . Toys. . . And essentials for my two cats.
    I’m not one of the crazy cat ladies but me and my girls are ready to run when we need to.
    I assumed if I had a complete bug out bag they needed one add well.

  83. I would throw out those dumb matches and add a flint stick. Three thousand fires at your fingertips!

  84. I would add wire cutters/strippers and a soldering iron to salvage or repair electronic items that I might find.

  85. Charles J. Fitzback

    A medicine bottle is a great item to have in your bug-out bag. It will keep char cloth and/or matches dry and together.

  86. I would add pudding and a can opener

  87. Bradley Thompson

    Make sure you stock up on first aid items I have enough for a 12th mouth supply I have 4 surgery kits also don’t forget to put tampons in your kit they can be used to stop large cuts and also you can also starte fire with just a spark.

  88. I would add a can opener and an ar 15 🙂

  89. I would add a can opener, duct tape and a sharpening stone.. 🙂 happy Z-hunting.

  90. I’m stuck between two useful items that a lot of people forget how useful they can be: crayons and Chapstick (being small items is a bonus for weight)

    Crayons can be used to mark your escape route in buildings and areas your not familiar with and mark where you’ve been. In dangerous situations you may need to get out fast and these can help you not get lost. Also crayons can be used to write supply lists or Create maps of the area your in or have been to. Another very useful way to use a crayon is as a candle – if lit correctly it can burn up to 15 minutes.

    Chapsticks aren’t just for your lips, in extreme cold you can rub a small Layer on exposed skin to prevent heat loss. Its a fire starter and emergency water proofer. Can prevent blisters on your feet when rubbed on when hot spots appear. Also can prevent rust on knives.

  91. Spam. I have to have Spam (the canned mystery meat). When the whole world is going to hell…eat Spam.

  92. Wet stones and baby oil

  93. Hi, My family are prepared gor zombie attack. We have a set rules and instructions list. Where to go… who gets who..and where we meet. Your kit would be fab to help us out. This is an excellent idea. 🙂 Are they available to buy too !! Bye for now. See you around…if you servive.

  94. Kristi on April 1st at 10:26am.

    Knowing when the zombie Apocalypse comes the main objective besides just survival in itself, is keeping zombies out. So I would bring some sort of all purpose tool. With a screwdriver an knife and a small lightweight hammer for boarding up windows. Some nails to.

  95. I would pack cling-film so that if I was ever wounded I could wrap it up and prevent zombies smelling my fresh blood (and let’s face it I am likely to be wounded)

  96. I’d add my fire starter. Or fishing line.

  97. Thanks to ZRS, all of my bug out bags have duct taped hoodies inside.

  98. Vienna sausages.

  99. Small hand Axe, bacitracin, raw honey and dental floss

  100. Bacon. period.

  101. Pudding and twinkies

  102. Kremlin Gonzalez

    A bottle of ketchup … because everything taste better with ketchup even a snake!! And the bottle can e use for keep water

  103. Honey! Sweet for eating, cleans wounds, and a great bartering tool!

  104. Bag Balm!!!!! Is a salve developed in 1899 to soothe irritation on cows’ udders after milking.The product is officially only meant for animals and is inspected as such by the United States Food and Drug Administration,but it’s also often used as a treatment for chapped and irritated skin on humans and can be found in places such as walmart target and of course farm and feed stores. Its uses are many, for example “squeaky bed springs, psoriasis, dry facial skin, cracked fingers, burns, zits, diaper rash, saddle sores, sunburn, pruned trees, rifles, shell casings, bed sores and radiation burns.


  105. Oreos. Everyone needs Oreos! And it will help keep my sugars up!

  106. Stephanie K. Newton

    I would add my mini Sewing Kit, Knitting Needles, and Crochet Hooks to the bag because I can find yarn, thread and/or fabrics and make clothing as I go. Plus if I have too, use the Knitting Needles to stab the Walkers in the head since most of my Needles are aluminum and can be clean easily.

  107. Put a Darrel doll in the bag because if you get in a fight and someone brings a tank they will know that you don’t to bring a tank to a Darrel fight.

  108. Melissa Rodriguez

    I’d add a can opener. How else am I gonna eat my canned food? Plus if there is no food it would work as a handy last resort weapon.

  109. alltheworldsastage

    Weird. I was just thinking about this last night and then just found this website. Water proof survival bag. Cover a zipper hoodie with 3 layers of duct tape – hard to bite through – with pockets that seal to carry certain survival items and lined with fem pads for insulation and for wounds. Baby wipes have multiple uses. Ziplock bags. Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar for antibiotics and cleaning mouth. Two pocket tools – one with various screwdrivers, can openers; one with needle-nosed pliers and some kind of bolt/wire cutter tool. Tool belt for all the tool items. Small saw blade. Gauze. Lighters and matches. Q-tips, cotton balls, scissors, small gauze pads, duct tape. Dry-roasted peanuts enough to fill a large ziplock bag. Beef jerky sticks. Sugar packets. Epi pins – 3. Benadryl. Aspirin and naproxen. Mace. Razor blades. Salt packets. Water purifying tabs. Calibrated eye dropper. Measuring tape. Hand sanitizer. Blow darts. Caffeine tablets. Heavy duty darning needles, sewing needles, leather needle, threads. 3 pair of knee length wool socks. Load one pair with rocks and clip to belt. Flares or phosphorous to make some. Chemical packet foot/hand warmers. Ligher fluid. Electrolyte pills. B-complex. B12 pills. Fork. Spoon. Knife and sharpener stone. Pack the meds for any chronic conditions until you get to an abandoned pharmacy. Fish hooks, line, a bobber, a lure. Two large, two small, elastic bandages. Two 5 ft. strips of canvas 1 inch wide. Butterfly bandages.

  110. A water purifying kit.

  111. Binoculars and a bullwhip!

  112. A solar powered/hand crank AM/FM radio would be my addition to the kit. That way you wouldn’t need to find a car for a radio, and could hear any broadcasts from sanctuaries or other survivors wherever you go.

    Though you may regret hearing that broadcast from Terminus once you arrive there.

  113. My unusual item would have to be cartons of cigarettes. I know that may not sound unusual but I do not smoke, so for me, it’s very unusual. Now you may be thinking, “if you don’t smoke than why cartons of cigarettes?” Well, they would make very good bartering chips (if not one of the best) and menthol cigarettes do a very good job of making it so you can’t smell unpleasant odors.

  114. Victoria Parsons

    I would have to add is Daryl Dixon, need him & the bag to survive;)

  115. I would put tampons in my bag. Great for bullets wounds, water filter, and looking like a hero to any ladies u meet

  116. My spider-catching glass and a card CD sleeve to slip under it, because zombies aren’t the only thing that scares me.

  117. My unusual item would be my slingshot. Not sure if that’s unusual, but it’s perfect for shooting rocks away from you to attract attention for a quick getaway, light and easy to carry. It may not be very useful directly against zombies, but it definitely works great against any living human’s skull.

  118. I would have a diecast sonic screwdriver that is an actual screwdriver and flashlight in my kit and also lots of duct tape.

  119. Duct tape and WD-40 are common enough. I would also say a few magazines would be handy to A: read to pass the time, and B: wrap around your fore arms, secured with duct tape, for protection close in quarters.

  120. The unusual items I would add is my drawing note book, pencils, & pocket knife. I do not go anywhere without these items. One, someone has to capture history as it happens…two my pocket knife is always handy..

  121. Ears… Thats right, ears from all the people/walkers I kill. They are the new dog tag

  122. I would add a thumb drive that contained all the basic operating systems and code needed to get things running again once we restored society.

  123. A firestarter and my plush Grumpy Cat, so I’d have something to cuddle when things gets really scary.
    “I was in the Zombie Apocalypse once. It was awful.”

  124. I would add tampons!!

  125. Vanessa Schaefer

    Hunting knife, fishing line and hooks, Zippo, multi vitamins for supplements, suture materials, dehydrated foods and several life straws, collapsible water carrying container, sterilization supplies such as rubbing alcohol, large blade and sawed off shotgun. Unusual item would be a baby wearing vest so I could go hands free while keeping my son and I safe.

  126. Bile, old blood, body fluids, in a spray bottle that way you have a masking agent just like when you go hunting. Trust me I will be hunting when SHTF.

  127. I would definitely add a “flesh-light” to the bug-out bag. Cause i mean really, you gotta let off steam and get lost in a world forgoten once in a while. It’ll help keep the edge off and keep up my morale.

  128. My unusual item for my bug out bag is probably my fishing rod pen. It’s pretty unusual but still badass.

  129. I would make sure I had my leather man and bug spray and some fish line

  130. I would put canned good that won’t rot ! I would. Also put a hunting knife and extra batteries

  131. I’d try my damnedest to fit Kate Upton in my bug-out bag.

    Or guitar strings. I’d be happy with either of those.

  132. Hunting knife, crowbar, duct tape, guitar strings(for use as snare traps), Zippo flint, rope, blade sharpening equipment, 3 books, bag of dryer lint, several rags and cloths, disinfectant and bleach.

  133. Ketchup!! I loves me some ketchup.

  134. Duct-Tape and a Sharpie marker. Duct-Tape can be used to xix / fabricate just about anything and it is pretty much bite proof (as listed in an earlier zombie survival video). Just do D&D for Duct-Tape and Denim when you need to get through a hoard a little safer. The Sharpie can write on just about anything and IS pretty much permanent. Great for taking or leaving notes (better than zombie blood anyway). The Sharpie will write on just about any surface to include your own skin if you have any last request…
    Use the two together and you can start cataloging all sorts of STUFF and THANGS.

  135. Bradley Thompson

    I have been a true vombie fan since I was 8 years old Jorge Romero is the vombie god.I can’t get enough zombie books and movies even the B rated ones rock the walking is the best TV show of all times.

  136. Duct-Tape and a Sharpie marker. Duct-Tape can be used to xix / fabricate just about anything and it is pretty much bite proof (as listed in an earlier zombie survival video). Just do D&D for Duct-Tape and Denim when you need to get through a hoard a little safer. The Sharpie can write on just about anything and IS pretty much permanent. Great for taking or leaving notes (better than zombie blood anyway). The Sharpie will write on just about any surface to include your own skin if you have any last request…

    Use the two together and you can start cataloging all sorts of STuFF and THANGS.

  137. Would love to wear this cool bag. I would add a Leatherman for sure.

  138. Antibiotics. Infections will still be abundant and being down with a sickness could mean death in the zombie apocalypse.

  139. A collapsible ten gallon water jug containing a baggie of powdered calcium hypochlorite ,and ferric sulfate – the active ingredient in (Pur Water purification packets). Two commonly materials found in any hardware or big box store that clean and sanitize water. The calcium hypochlorite is bleach, which kills most biologicals you’re likely to find and the ferric sulfate binds to most particulates and free floating sediments to cause them to settle to the bottom. Drain it through a t-shirt and you’ve got clean potable water. Similar powders are typically formed into tablets and have similar effects. Cheap, lightweight and readily available.

    Alternatively, one can of Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream military grade pepper spray. Definitely effective on feral dogs, bears and other critters that might be roaming around. Will pretty much incapacitate humans and given that Walkers rely on smell and sight, it should effectively blind them as well even if it doesn’t hurt them. They shouldn’t be able to smell anything with their olfactory sense overwhelmed and this stuff is a bit like paste when it ends up in the eyes. Gotta be careful using it though or you’ll end up a snack because YOU can’t see. Never use it indoors.

  140. I would take a photo of Justin Bieber as a strong reminder that there is something even more scary,terrifying and deadlier than a zombie apocalypse. 😀

  141. I would take the cellophane that they wrap DVD’s in as no bugger can get into that with hands or teeth.

  142. Crayons because I gotta make a sad bleak world a little colorful. 😀 Then maybe some liquor, because it’s a sad bleak world.

  143. It would have to be a some sort of wind up/solar powered portable music player so I could listen to “Stayin’ Alive” whilst bashing Zombie brains in.

  144. Lotion cause you gotta have silky smooth skin while you run away from walkers

  145. A life straw I have one ready for my bug out bag now

  146. Bottle of vodka

  147. Legos. Cuz no one, even zombies, can step on those things without crying

  148. I would put Steel wool in my bug out bag because you can start fires with it.

  149. Toothbrush and toothpaste

    The mouth is the most bacterial infested place on the human body. If you don’t clean it then you will easily get infections, which could go systemic and kill you.

  150. I’d pack some pretty strong pain killers; ya never know when someone might get shot or lose a leg.

  151. My diamond pen, because there’s not much it can’t cut through

  152. K-y jelly, because even in the apocalypse you don’t want friction !!!!

  153. I would definitely add a gun!

  154. Ok, here me out before you call me a perv…lol. I would pack condoms. Here’s why. One, you can blow them up like balloons to leave a trail of where you’ve been. Two…if you need gloves or you lose your shoes, you can put them over your hands and feet. Three…you can use them storing water (you can also use them for sandbags). I know it’s a weird item, but they could come in useful…especially for Glen and Maggie! LOL.

  155. Rolaids or Tums. Because killing zombies while having heartburn would really suck!

  156. I would have to add my Zombie Survival notebook with all the notes I have prepared. Saline solution (good for many uses including an eye flush, wound care and more!) My Zippo lighter with extra fuel (you never know) some twine and cable ties.

  157. Pantyhose. Good for water filtration.

  158. I would bring my tiara. Useful for moral, you can’t have a bad day when wearing a tiara.

  159. I’d leave a set of hub caps in the bag so I could have a zombie alarm system.

  160. A nail clipper… a lot can me done with something soooo small!!

  161. Wd-40 helps with fires, bug repellent and that occasional squeaky door.

  162. Darcie Deslongchamps

    I would add a bottle of rhum 😉

  163. 50 gallon trash bags. Can be used for rain gear, shelter, gathering of food or other finds, catching small animals for food or snuffing out a potential threat.

  164. I would add Cherry Flavored Chapstick. I cannot have chapped, cry lips…even during a Zombie apocalypse!

  165. I’d take some loose coins/change…you can use them to distract any threat (human/undead) from finding your hiding spot.

  166. My zombie snuggie – great for those cold nights and also a handy disguise!

  167. Its gonna happen one day when the dead rises.Can’t have enough safety gear.I have three kids, my husband and, myself.Got to be safe.I would add a military issued E-tool.Object of many uses….and 5-50 cord.You’d be amazed what you can do with 5-50 cord.

  168. Even as a man I would put tampons and maxi pads in the bug out bag as they have many different uses including wound care.

  169. Tracii. Fournier

    Cigarets. Good for trading. I dont even smoke but a lot of people do.

  170. I would make sure I had a sharpening stone. Gotta make sure your edged weapons stay extremely sharp! Plus be able to sharpen friends weapons & ones found along your travels!!!

  171. Kenneth Tyler Hignutt

    Deck of playing cards. Always need something to do and I collect them

  172. I’d take Max Brooks’ “Zombie Survival Guide” with me. And a towel. Don’t panic! 😉

  173. My apocalypse bug-out bag includes some of the basics, but also a pair of mini bolt cutters (necessary for breaking into or out of places for searching/raiding). Half of my bag, though, is drugs. Pharmaceuticals, not recreational. Basic stuff like pink bismuth and aspirin, a few stronger pain killers, sudafedrin, albuterol, even some insulin (The insulin goes in a solar powered cooler that is stored in-ground). Some of the drugs are just common sense, but some (like insulin) will be used for trading.

  174. i would add a small empty model paint jar with lid. on encounter with my first specimen i will collect a good sample. who knows when it would come in use…

    could use as a poison…
    to research for a cure/treatment…
    or just be a memento for my first encounter…

  175. Dam man we all need that cigar, for when that dam fat lady sings!!! We will survive. ..

  176. I would have a nylon slip leash, like we have in our veterinary hospital. Countless uses for those durable little things.

  177. Michelle McDonald

    Duct tape. So many uses. Fix tents, clothes, shoes, tie up attackers, cover the mouth of a zombie, hold a deep wound together when needle and thread won’t do at the moment. the possibilities are endless.

  178. I’d add some dice to play RPGs.

  179. I would pack rubber bands and balloons. They can be used to waterproof items and also to make ice packs/hot packs, etc. Find a piece of PVC the right size and you can use them to make a lightweight emergency waterproofing system for your weapons. Bonus – They weight next to nothing and require very little storage space.

    In addition, I would wear a survival wedding band. You can get one with a toothed escape tool inside it that can be used to cut duct tape and even unlock handcuffs. (There’s also a coin with a knife inside that would be great to carry too)

  180. I’d include a jumbo box of Trojans lol.

  181. I’d bring loose change. Si many vending machines. Penny lock a door keep zombies out. Slam a bad guy in the face with a roll of quarters when you can’t get to another weapon or you’re in a tight spot. Use it as a noise distraction to peel zombies away in another direction.

  182. Flask of whiskey, roll of duct tape, pack of smokes and a can of smoked oysters 🙂

  183. I would have to pack my special frying pan. During an apocalypse, not only do you need to be able to cook your food, but you need a good weapon. My special frying pan doubles as both and is old, clunky and has been in my family for years. Remember those oldschool skillet frying pans? Yeah. That.

  184. I’d take a photo of Daryl, to remember I CAN survive this! And some beef jerky.

  185. In my survival bag I have old film canisters, no joke.

  186. Michael L. Porter

    That’s a pretty cool survival kit…I’d add some Haribo Gummi Bears&Coke Bottles since it’s presumably the end of civilization as we know it I would want to satisfy my hedon sweet tooth:)

  187. A hacksaw never know when you need one!!!!

  188. Cameron A. Carlson, LT

    For my bag I would add whiskey. Good to help sterilize equipment and it’s good when times get rough 🙂

  189. Chocolate.. if its going to hell I want chocolate!

  190. I would add a couple of tomahawks, a multi-tool, 5-50 cord, and everything necessary for filtering water.

  191. I would add Stiptic pencils but instead of using them to carterize Knicks from shaving they can be used for somewhat larger cuts on the road.

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