Look at the object to your left… that’s your zombie weapon now!

Last week on the Talking Dead, Zombie Research Society founder Matt Mogk discussed how anything could be used as a weapon during the inevitable zombie apocalypse: iron pipes, screwdrivers, two-by-fours… even a broken chair! It’s something we see quite a bit in film and television, but isn’t usually addressed in zombie survival circles. So I wanted to add a couple more common items that can help you escape the zombie hordes.

Metal picture frames: These picture frames are incredibly strong and sharp, and can be found almost anywhere. Many office buildings actually hang motivational posters in these frames. And despite being sturdy, they’re easy to break apart and light enough that you can carry several pieces with you; discarding them as needed.

Coaxial cable: Often used in home theater equipment, coaxial cables are very strong and can be used for a number of reasons. Simply stringing some cable around the bottom of a door frame will easily trip up zombies. And in a hallway this could create a barrier, buying you even more time to escape.

Dish-washing liquid: Again; not so much a weapon as it is an escape tool. To reach us, zombies have to walk. And if you can create a slippery surface for the zombies to walk on, they will fall. Not only will this allow you some time to escape, but it might also provide some hysterical Three Stooges moments!

There are plenty of household items such as old telephones, paper weights and heavy tape dispensers that can be used to bash a zombie’s head in. The bottom line is that you don’t need a gun, crossbow or a katana to survive the zombie apocalypse. The deadliest weapon that anyone can have is the same thing that zombies really want… and that is brains.

Let us know your ideas for odd items to scavenging in the comments section!


  1. If I was at home and in the kitchen, I’d grab a meat cleaver, a large rolling pin, or a metal tenderizer which looks like a hammer. A cast iron frying pan is another good bashing weapon. Of course in reality a lot of people keep a few tools handy and possibly a solid Maglite as well and a hammer or screwdriver are good sturdy weapons capable of penetrating a zombie skull.

  2. Along with all the above mentioned items. I have some great garden tools that I would use. Weed pullers for one. Short and long handled ones. Pointy spades can come in handy. Grass sheers. Closet polls. Keep duck tape with you. You can always duck tape two broom handles together good and tight. Even duck taping two butter knifes together. Two is stronger then one. These are all easily carried. Clothes drying racks can even be taken apart and used. And look for rebar. Just to mention a few.

  3. Home made flame throwers? Pesticides, body sprays, and hair sprays are great flammable liquids that, when added to flame, create an even bigger flame. Kinda’ like setting your own gas on fire, but only no reeeal harm to yourself. Unless you somehow spill it on yourself. I just think of the cute little old lady in The Mist who uses pesticides and a lighter to set spiders on fire.

    • The danger with flamable items is that his that they dont stop the zombie. They only make the zombie a walking torch. You have to be careful with fire and zombies because the pain does not hamper their ability to attack.

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