We’ve already discussed the likelihood that zombie blood flows in order for many vital body functions to continue working (see: Zombie Ocular Hydration Theory).  Zombie Brain MagnetNow ZRS contributor, Zack Miller, observes that in the absence of a beating heart, the brain must power zombie blood.  His theory is that this is done through a process of magnetic attraction and repulsion.

Citing a 2003 University of Virginia study, Miller notes that human blood can be propelled through the vascular system by magnets.

“Human red blood cells house a substance called hemoglobin, which gives blood its particular color.  A hemoglobin molecule contains enough iron to make reds cells paramagnetic, and therefore subject to the effects of magnetic fields.”

In fact, many cultures have used magnetic theropy to treat illness and encourage blood flow to specific parts of the body for centuries.

Because it’s clear that the undead possess a fundamentally different physiology than your typical human corpse, Miller goes on to suggest that changes occuring in the electrical pulses of the brain as it passes from human to zombie may also create the necessary conditions for magnetization.

Look for more research notes posted here soon on the forces needed to create a magnetized zombie brain.


  1. I believe that Joe’s theory on a partially working digestive track is indeed possible, but that would mean that zombies are far more volnurable than once thought as damage to the digestive track would mean certain death.

  2. If this were the case, then they wouldn’t have the dead skin tone.

  3. you could hook me up side down to one of those giant car magnets and the only way my blood is flowing to flow is down to my head. its all snake oil.

  4. First, i dont believe Blood contains enough Iron to be propelled by an Magnetic Zombie Brain (whatever) or that an Zombie Brain could produce an EMField strong enough to keep the Blood flow.

    But if this would be true, wouldnt the Magnetic Power needed to keep the Blood moving, be so strong that it would also influence Metall Objects near to the Brain?

    cutting an Zombiehead off could be hard if your Katana bounces on and off everytime it comes near to his head ^^

    equally it could become really easy killing Zombies, just throw metal Objects at them and let the Magnetic Field finish the job ^^

    • I doubt it would be strong enough to effect nearby metal stuff. Even the 5 lb magnet I have at home doesn’t effect stuff more than a couple inches away.

      The better question is what kind of pumping will be going on. Will it be like ours is now, or will it be a steady flow? Then again, I’m not really sure if that matters or not.

  5. about time i found a sight full of people like myself who think a zombie apocalypse is highly possible, a zombies brain is still intact due to the fact that most people say that to take one down you should go for its head,so since it has no heart and its the only working internal organ i guess a magnitude brain is possible

  6. I have to say this might be the craziest idea i have ever heard. You would ether need a ton more iron in your blood or an extremely powerful magnet. I just cant see this happening. Plus I am pretty sure you can get Iron poising from having two much iron in your blood.

    • Iron poisoning is not a problem for zombies. lol And I’d have to say that a brain becoming magnetized(sp?) is easier to think about than dead people coming back to life.

      But I have thought about it and wondered if this theory holds, most zombies bleed out way too fast to consume new iron from blood. Which brings me to my next point.

      If zombie blood flows, however slow, then any wounds that bleed should have the zombies bleeding out in a day or two. So even if decay happened very slowly, bleeding would have to be equally slow to keep most zombies from bleeding out.

      • Well, not if they have a clotting ability. Or, if the blood is self propelled (see McReedy Theory), because then it would just avoid falling out of the hole.

      • For the damage I’m talking about, it would have to be blood from the McCreedy Test. I’m talking bite woulds, missing limbs, cut open abdomens…that kinda stuff.

        But yeah, I was thinking about clotting and alien blood while I was writing that.

    • in order for iron poisoning to take effect it would have to reach the heart and since most reasearch has already established that all internal organs become dormant as soon as zombification is complete it renders the theory of poisoning completely nul and void.

    • Hmmm I’m a dystopian lover as well, but I have never read a zboime book before! I did watch Resident Evil back in high school and it scared the bejeezus out me haha– I have heard some really good things about The Forest of Hands and Teeth though, and it is on my TBR pile!Have a great weekend, ~Lea @

  7. not unless the virus makes there blood magnitized!

  8. Like Coerciveutopian said, human blood doesn’t usually contain enough iron to make humans get messed up around magnets. Though, as to the effectiveness of magnetic therapy, don’t know. Perhaps just thinking it’ll work, makes it work. *shrug* But I digress…

    The reason I say human blood doesn’t have enough iron usually to be overly magnetic is because we wouldn’t be able to get in MRI machines and things of that nature. That’s why they ask if you have any tattoos of a special kind (indian ink or jailhouse type tats I believe), because that stuff contains high amounts of iron and can’t actually rip out of the skin.

    But zombie blood on the other hand…

    First theory would be that the change that occurs from human to zombie creates blood that is more magnetic than human blood. Why? I don’t know.

    Second theory is the a zombie’s hunger is just the need to eat humans/animals. Assuming this is a natural bacteria/virus that is either modified by human hands or not, nature doesn’t usually create something for no reason. A zombie’s need to feed would HAVE to be based on something driving it to consume.

    WHAT IF…a zombie isn’t fully undead. Perhaps the digestive track actually works in some small function. The more blood a zombie eats, the more iron it takes into its system, the more easily the brain is able to move the blood around the zombie’s system.

    This is not totally out of the question, because for zombies to even be up and around and able to move around objects, their brains need to be functional more than we would have originally thought. And it is not without reason to suggest that the digestive track would not be somewhat functional as well.

    So to put it plainly, in order for the zombie’s blood to be moved more easily, it needs more iron in the blood for the magnetic brain to move it; thus, the constant need for new iron, and hence blood, drives them to consume what they instinctually know is a good source of iron, us.

  9. Blood contains iron. But not enough to be dragged around by magnets. All those magnetic therapies are pure hokum. If zombies transport blood around their systems, they aren’t doing it by magnetism.

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