Many amateur preppers make the mistake of merely packing a bug out bag and stashing it away; out of sight, out of mind. But long term survival in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies is going to take more than a few simple supplies; it’s going to take knowledge. And that’s where Zombie Gardening comes in!

Author Adam Kessel provides readers with a beautifully illustrated field guide to foraging that may just save your life one day. The book itself is absolutely packed with full color photographs and an incredible number of uses for many of the edible plants found across North America. From food to medicine, Zombie Gardening covers it all.

In a post-apocalyptic world, food is scarce and most mammals will be partially consumed by the undead, leaving infected ravenous beasts waiting to make a quick meal out of any of your appendages. This is coupled with the uncertainty that the very meat that you hope to make your dinner may in fact carry the sickness, making you prone to infection. There is no doubt that the zombie apocalypse will complicate your evening dinner. But through all this terror, there are silent advocates for the survival of the willing. Only the ones that walk softly with purpose will see them. They are the plants that have been growing in the alleys, sidewalks, vacant lots, and backyards. They were here before the outbreak and they will be here long after. Zombies have no attention or interest in this detail. These small advocates for your survival will remain untouched and uninfected. This book will help you to better understand your neighborhood and all the botanical secrets that it holds, which are vital to your survival.

Besides the valuable information contained within, Zombie Gardening is also slim and lightweight making it a perfect addition to your survival gear. So study up now, and slip a copy into your emergency kit for later. You never know when you’ll have to scavenge for food on the run. And the survival tips can mean the difference between life and death.

Zombie Gardening: A Plant Foraging Guide is currently available in bookstores everywhere, and can be ordered online via Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Also be sure to check out the official website, Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information and resources!


  1. All I need is time and acsess to a rooftop garden then the bug out happens in around a month into the apocalypse when all else fails out run the fat kid

  2. My Grandmother in the home land has an extensive experience in plants that have all kinds of purpose. Froom tea when you are sick to leaves that are excellent cut healers. I just wish I paid more attention to her when sh3 stoppef on the side of f the road or creek to grab a plant or leaf….

    • I too had the benefit of a grandmother who knew all about what plant is good for what use as well as having the good fortune of living in her home until my early adult years. Hopefully if the zombie apocalypse ever occurs I will still be in my home area where I can recognize the plants that I need to survive.

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