If there is one thing to live by in a zombie pandemic it’s: Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Sure, the undead may be mindless drones that can’t even complete the simple task of turning a doorknob, but what if they’re not?  What if zombies are smarter, faster and more able bodied than anyone ever imagined?  How well will your defenses hold up if designed around the expectation of a lesser threat?  I’d hate to have to find out.

Zombie Survival: Chaos WarfareInstead, think about what steps you would take if an angry mob of humans were coming to attack your shelter and kill you and your loved ones.  In a land gone crazy, the likelihood that you will face both living and undead enemies is very real, so any survival strategy that doesn’t account for the greatest possible threat is utterly useless.

Don’t make the mistake of narrowly focusing on combat with zombies.  Step outside yourself to imagine the complete pandemonium that will consume any infected area.  Chaos Warfare will be the order of the day, and questions like the following should be asked early and often:

“Can I break down this barricade?”
“Can I climb over this obstacle?”
“Can I breach this structure?”
“Can my defenses be stronger?”

In the end, the challenges ahead can’t be fully understood until they present themselves.  No one knows what’s just around the corner in a time of laws and reason, let alone when zombies are eating the neighbors across the street.  All we can do is hope for the best, and plan for the worst.  And whatever you do, never underestimate how bad the worst can be in an undead world.

(This article was written by ZRS Researcher, Jake Wilson.)

Zombie Survival: Chaos Warfare


  1. Dont forget to include some natural barriers like thick hedges of thorns to entangle both the undead and the unlucky before they can reach your walls; also pit traps and/or punjee or calthrops at the base of your walls may help.
    A ‘firing step’ (movable or permanent, depending on your situation) is important to allow leverage advantage for the use of long-ish spears to pickoff persistant wall-bashers or any climbers.

    PS: Will be looking into solar electric fence tops though – thanks for the tip, nice one!

  2. Dustin Lambright

    Whenever I make plans of any kind, I always consider all the possibilities of what could happen. I always find a downside to everything when it comes to making a plan. So, I tend to prepare for the worst.

  3. stone walls 15 feet high, towers at each corner razor wire with electricity going through them and spikes made from tree branches and other things around to make it hard for ladders to be placed and zombies to jump up (if they can get that high). almost perfect. i say almost because when zombies are smart enough to build bombs its all over.

    • They’re vampires, not zbiemos, hence the sensitivity to the sun. If you watch (or read) the originals on which the Will Smith remake is based, it’s made much more obvious (garlic etc)

  4. garden fence posts. wooden, about 6ft tall, one end ready sharpened for driving into the ground. take a mallet or other large hammer and drive a triple ring of tight packed posts on either all or just your main approaches depending on availability. a hand cutter of some form, preferably petrol powered, can then be used to put a point on the tips of your improvised stakes. of course, you would drive them in at a relatively steep angle, roughly chest hight, one ring at a time, sharpening at each complete ring. This provides effective protection from zombies because they may or may not be able to effectively climb, and as they do not feel pain the will drive themseves onto the stakes until their spine is damaged and their legs cease to function. this defence is also difficult for raiders to assault with any speed due to the skill required in navigating the stakes if they are correctly placed in an overlapping fashion.

    in an ideal world we would have metal poles such as those which hold up road signs and use an angle-grinder to turn them into double points for increased efficiancy and minimal maintainance however the likelyhood of you being able to obtain the correct numbers of poles for 1 or more rings is highly unlikely and the sharpening process would be longer and louder than for the wooden poles. however if a decent sized group of you is able to obtain the right amount of stakes, or even just long lengths of half decent quality wood and some cutting tools then you will have a quick, all purpose defense to stop zombies and deterr or stop raiders.

  5. what about since most ladders are metal having electric plates so that when they hit.Zap!!!!!! ok bye bye

  6. Also, mine warfare is impeccable. I’m writing something now on making defenses xombie proff but not survivor proof.

    • Mine’s have a disadvantage, they’re consumed when done. If zombies without fear of death approach they could simply overwhelm your minefield with numbers. A minefield works only against an opponent who is afraid to die or doesn’t have numbers on their side.

      They work well against bandits and stray zombies, though.

  7. Solar powered electric fences….that’s all i’m saying.

  8. Well zombies with sledge hammers are not what I would want to see. b/c unless you have steal walls a good solid sledge hammer (or incase of wood and ax) can work its was through you walls fairly easy. Unless you have manned defenses that are a couple feet thick then you will probably be needing to upgrade more. But that is in worst case scenario. and hell dealing with ladders is going to suck.

  9. while if we expect the worst we cannot hope for the best so get ready buy some barbed wire spools some thick metal sheets and some generators its gonna be a bumpy ride

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