FLIR is the acronym commonly used for forward looking infrared cameras typically used on military aircraft. The thermal sensors usually detect infrared radiation emitted by a heat source. And they can be used to help pilots better operate in the dark, or to detect warm objects at night… such as the human body. Which leads us to this unusual video found online via the Military.com website, which appears to show a person fleeing from a horde of zombies who eventually catch up to their unfortunate victim before devouring him.

Originally uploaded nearly three years ago, there’s very little to indicate just where this video came from or exactly what its purpose was. The only clue provided is a watermark pointing to WWW.ZONESECURITY.RU which appears to be a Russian tech firm.

Unfortunately a quick translation didn’t provide much information, and it certainly didn’t explain the reason a Russian computer company would produce such a video. Although after doing a bit of internet research, I fully expect that the Zombie Research Society is now listed on an NSA watch-list somewhere!

We’d usually never publish such an old video with so little information, but thought that our readers may enjoy it… or perhaps even offer their own explanations. So take a look at the video embedded below and let us know what you think!


  1. This is from a Ukrainian video game company about mutants near chernobyl

  2. I’m going to say that the fast moving warm bodies are savaages from some tribe that don’t like newcomers

    • They are obviously not savages, they are wearing jackets and jeans and this video is most likely an ad that someone at the Russian tech firm thought would be a joke. DMONIC is right about that guy most likely being a soldier but I noticed he has some kind of a cape witch is weird.any theories that this is an actual zombie attack are absurd look up scary commercials and you’ll see

  3. One thing I’d like to point out- this seems to be from a military helo- I’ll get to that in a moment- and the person running was firing a rifle in bursts, meaning it was automatic. Civvies are not allowed to have automatic rifles in Russia- they can only have semi auto rifles, and handguns are restricted as well. Now to get to my point on the helo- the person running was most likely military, and the help was military, so it begs the question as to WHY they wouldn’t help a fellow soldier in distress? Now, this is all assuming its real, which I sincerely doubt, but its an interesting video nonetheless!

  4. Quenton Netherton

    For some people that joke about this. It might also be a red signal or something. Unless their are prove that this is fake or something, I’m go na be concern.

  5. Why would a Russian helicopter display be in English and not in Cyrillic ?

  6. what I think this could be is a possible homicide to u never know there are ways to become a zombie though I found three reasons and viruses to become one but id rather not share that with you immature assholes rite now

  7. This is quite a hard arguement. Zombies do not generate body heat. They are moving corpses. And from personal experience, all corpses are cold. Why would they be picked up by thermal imaging? Also, THIS. IS. SERBIA/RUSSIA. Near the North Pole. And S.T.A.L.K.E.R has had zonesecurity.ru as their website that uploaded videos, photos and blogs from the main character. But, the zombies do follow good PC. Even though they are running, it is mostly correct.

  8. The reason this is clearly a hoax is the camera-work. Any video evidence actually provided by anybody ever would be unedited. The camera here cuts to different shots throughout the video. The reason this proves that the video has in fact been edited is because such FLIR cameras typically zoom in or out, they do not snap to different magnifications instantly. It takes time for an optical lens to adjust. Also, the helicopter immediately jumps location between shots. Also note that the camera changes just before the man is eaten, a tell-tale sign that the actor has been replaced by a dummy for the “zombies” to rip apart.

  9. Also, zonesecurity.ru is no longer a promotional website for STALKER, because GSC Game World (the developers) are no longer active, so the domain was sold. Apparently, it was sold to a computer firm.

  10. Honestly might not be zombies but whos to say they werent just canables because just b4 the attacked they were in formation then spread out giving the victim no where to run so that dose deserve some looking into because canabolism is not unheard ofof

  11. Zombies were on crack. Must be a farse.

  12. This is a video game preview video…

    • Yes, the general consensus is that this was some sort of viral ad for a video game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

      We’re still curious about the watermark for the Russian website though. I assume it also ties into the game’s promotional campaign somehow?

      • I have all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games and nothing like that happens in the games, nor do those ads match anything I have seen, as the non of the views look like that, nor do the attacks happen that quickly. Unless they are planning something new, which isn’t likely since they didn’t do great, I’d say this is something else. Maybe someone cobbled it together from existing video of attacks in Iraq or somewhere else.

        • You’re stupid its not in the games it was a preview of the game I remember seeing this. There were people like you who thought it was real but I mean come on what zombies do what any of those “zombies” did. They dont pick up a part of the body and hold it in the air like a trophey, nor do they run from a body on the floor, they eat whatever they can.

          • And you know what zombies would really do? They wouldn’t pick up a body part and hold it in the air like a trophy? How do you know this? Because you think they are real?. That’s like saying, “Santa Claus doesn’t walk around humping your furniture when he brings gifts.” How does one really know this when it’s a fairy tale. You probably believe in god, don’t you?

          • Mike don’t be a meanie! just cuz those zombies didn’t act like your ideal zombie doesn’t mean these weren’t zombies! ‘real’ zombies may indeed run, tear limbs from bodies, triumphantly hold said limb in air and then run to a nearby location in order to munch down away from the others…we certainly didn’t see what they did with the body parts cuz the video ended.

          • That’s because this is a live action promotional video, not a gameplay video. At all.

          • u are a moron

        • It was a live action promotional video. It’s supposed to be a gang of snorks chasing him, I’m pretty sure. It’s not really supposed to match up with anything in-game, otherwise. It was just a promotional video.

      • Maybe because, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl? Don’t know, haven’t played the games yet. But it is a rather cool video. 🙂

      • zonesecurity.ru was their promotional website at the time.

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