As many of our fans may already know, George A. Romero has teamed up with fellow Zombie Research Society board member Steven Schlozman to help bring his hugely popular novel The Zombie Autopsies to the big screen. And rumor has it that Romero has recently finished the script and is currently searching for a studio to fund the project!

I’ve written and made films about zombies for over forty years. In all that time, I’ve never been able to convince my audience that zombies actually exist. On page one of THE ZOMBIE AUTOPSIES, Steven Schlozman takes away any doubt. This fast-moving, entertaining work will have you chuckling…and worrying.

Drawing on his experience at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Schlozman managed to write one of the most popular and scientifically-sound books of the genre. Originally released in 2012, The Zombie Autopsies has won over a huge number of fans including fellow authors, filmmakers and zombie experts from all over the world.

But in light of the modern pop culture zombie explosion, including an upcoming remake of Day Of The Dead and a new comic book by Romero himself, the marketplace has become absolutely saturated. And it remains to be seen if there’s still room at the top for the man who practically invented the modern zombie movie. We’ll keep you posted!

To learn more about Dr. Steven Schlozman and his work, including The Zombie Autopsies, please be sure to visit his official website online!

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  1. I have all the faith in the world in Romero, He’s made enough zombie movies that I can nearly GUARANTEE it’ll be good. I mean, the man is a legend and he practically MADE the genre in the first place. I cannot wait for his next film and i only pray that the newest remake of “day of the dead” is more like Zach Snyders “dawn” remake and less like that disaster of a remake of “day” that had nick cannon in it….. (I wont EVER make the mistake of watching that again.)

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