We’ve already discussed the possibility that zombie blood may flow through the body on its own (see: Zombie Blood Flow: Self Propulsion).  Now ZRS Researcher, Alex Tavelo, offers further evidence to support this theory.

Tavelo suggests that zombified blood must be able to circulate without being forcibly pumped by a beating heart, or else zombies wouldn’t be able to spread their Zombie Blood Flowinfection successfully.  Her argument hinges on the notion that all communicable illnesses take time to fully overcome their host’s defenses (see: Zombie Incubation Period).  Blood borne illnesses travel through the human body by catching a free ride on our fast-moving highway of arteries and veins, but after death the highway grinds to a sudden halt.

“If zombie blood doesn’t flow on it’s own, then the infection would stop advancing at the moment a person dies.  In the case of a quick death, the tainted blood wouldn’t have time to reach the brain or central nervous system, so that newly dead person would therefore not become a zombie.”

Following this logic, if zombified blood is not able to flow at will, then a person who is bitten on the hand and then soon after fatally shot through the chest would likely not become a zombie even though the brain was never destroyed.  As long as death occurs before the zombie infection has fully taken route, then another member of the undead legion would not be created.

Tavelo’s theory could have a far-reaching impact on how we gauge the infectiousness of the zombie plague, and where we focus future survival efforts.  More research is required.


  1. As far as the blood flow goes, if everyone is infected by an airborne illness that reanimates the body upon death, (as in walking dead) your body is already completely infected so further blood flow is unnecessary. That being said, I have a theory. The bite that causes a fever and eventually death in walking dead is actually a separate disease entirely that exists on the zombies teeth (possibly nails too) and it kills you allowing the virus that’s already in your system to take over, effectively turning you into a zed. What do you guys think about my symbiote theory?

  2. I think the argument is that if zombie blood is stagnant then it must reach the brain BEFORE the human is killed. if it moves out of a will to survive then you have to shoot your friend in the head to save him (and you) from him being a zombie.

  3. Wait… you guys are talking about cutting off a zombie’s head and having it still be alive and gnashing it’s teeth. I’d like to see you get your head lopped off and still be able to look around and move your mouth.

    • well if a zombies blood is not flowing then the brain must not be dependant on the blood. also, after getting decapitated at the guillotine a person would sometimes make eye contact, in some cases for a few minutes afterwards. look it up, it’s true. if we can do it, they certainly can.

    • It’s a zombie. Going by conventional wisdom about zombies (damage the brain), if you only cut off its head, the brain isn’t damaged. Hence the facial muscles are still connected to the brain, what little are left.

      And if you’ve ever seen/heard about chickens, they are able to run around without a head for a couple of mins.

  4. The body would be dead, but yes, the zombie head would still be alive; though, only in the case of decapitation.

  5. Yeah that really makes sense, never saw it that way.
    But once you turn into a zombie and you get shot by the head (or if your head got cut off) wouldn’t the zombie still be alive, and the head would still try and bite you? 😛

    • yes but if the brain is destroyed your only danger is if you’re emo and actually use the teeth to cut yourself. and if you keep clear of the mouth the head can’t do much. conclusion: a zombie head is only threatening to a REAL stupidhead.

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