Alright readers, the world’s biggest pop culture convention is about to take place this weekend in San Diego; and we’ve got the ultimate guide to all of the best zombie-themed events, panels and programs! Each and every day of Comic-Con 2013 we will post a schedule of the greatest happenings for zombie fans.

So if you’re attending the event yourself, or know someone who is, make sure to visit the Zombie Research Society every day and help spread the word! And be sure to check out our official Twitter and Facebook accounts for all of the latest zombie news and science!

Today we’ll take a look at just a few of the zombie collectibles available at Comic-Con. And whether you’re among the thousands of attendees, or just a collector, be sure to keep your eyes open for these amazing exclusives that are only available this weekend!

Comic Con Toys

The Walking Dead & Plants Vs. Zombies Funko Figures
Among the many exclusive toys from Funko are three amazingly cute little zombie-themed figures including blood-splattered Rick Grimes, Prison Guard Walker and a Conehead Zombie from Plants Vs. Zombies!

The Walking Dead Michonne Bust
Not only is Gentle Giant offering an exclusive bust of the resident femme fetale featured in AMC’s popular series The Walking Dead, but if you order an additional four Blue Prison Walker Army Men… you can receive a BONUS Replica Eye Patch of the Governor!

The Walking Dead Hershel’s Farm Minimates Set
Might as well keep The Walking Dead theme going with this four figure set of Minimates featuring Rick, Hershel and two exclusive zombie figures!

Plants vs. Zombies Comic
Fans of the popular video game may want to swing by both the Dark Horse booth and the Electronic Arts booth for a chance to score one of these extremely limited edition comic!

Infected Labbit, Stormtrooper and Android
These iconic figures feature a special translucent, undead appearance and are only available from DKE Toys at Comic-Con 2013!

Crapzombies GID Set
Another release from DKE Toys with a signed, stamped and numbered print!

Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S. Badge and Zombie Dog
Hollywood Collectibles presents two amazing exclusives for fans of the classic zombie video game series Resident Evil!

The Governor’s Zombie Daughter and World War Z’s Gerry Lane
Toys “R” Us gets into the Comic-Con exclusives game with these unusual figures from two of the most popular zombie television and film series today!

Alex Ross The Walking Dead Poster
Finally, a very exclusive poster from artist Alex Ross will be given away during Comic-Con 2013 featuring a terrifying scene from the upcoming season of The Walking Dead!

The very nature of these exclusives means that they are extremely limited! So be sure to visit the links above for more information on each item including additional details, pictures, ordering information and location. Good luck zombie fans and collectors!

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