When lawlessness is the rule of the day in a catastrophic zombie plague, when people are being killed for the clothes on their backs, do you join the desperate masses and become a deviant yourself?  Do you become the danger that your former friends and neighbors fear?

For a possible answer, we look to the words of 19th Century Hungarian philosopher Gregor Magyar:

“War brings out the worst in man, by its very nature. One must fight to keep the good within, or else lose the ultimate battle, even in victory.”

Times of great struggle and hardship often produce acts of unspeakable violence and selfishness, but also acts of heroism, compassion and human decency. In a dead world, the simple choice between kindness and cruelty may be the only thing that separates us from the zombies; the only difference between the survival of the human race and total annihilation.

Sure, there will be tough choices. With dwindling resources and constant safety concerns, helping any stranger who crosses your path is an impossibility. But needlessly sentencing another person to death in the name of protecting yourself and your loved ones is a different story altogether.

In the end, Magyar’s insights may prove as prophetic in the coming  zombie pandemic as they were during the horrors of the last two world wars.  Because in a fight between humans and zombies, either you’re on one side or you’re on the other.


  1. Es por eso que me fascina la “cultura zombie”, pues implica una serie de cuestionamientos éticos, morales, religiosos, científicos, sociales, económicos y un largo etcétera antes y durante un apocalipsis zombie.

    Soy mas bien novato en el tema Zombie, pero estudié sociología y ecología social, y en ambas disciplinas encuentro causas inmediatas para que ese apocalipsis suceda, así como proyecciones, digamos, científicas de sus consecuencias.

    Gracias por este site tan rico e intresante, y ojalá pronto puedan traducirlo a más idiomas, pues sin duda la “comunidad zombie” estamos en todo el planeta.

    Saludos desde México!!!

  2. Staying human, or humane, is one of the most fascinating aspects of the zombie apocalypse. I just taught Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies in my English Composition course at UC Riverside, and we talked about that, what people would do, how far they would sink. Would they take in children or the elderly or those with no skills, no weapons? Many said no, but some felt strongly that not doing so would make them as bad as the zombies.

    I hope I’ll stay human. Not impractically so, not foolishly so, and well aware of the predatory nature of Mankind. We’ll see how that works out for me in the event….

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