We’re pitting the cast of The Walking Dead against one another in the ultimate battle to the death. It’s up to you who lives to fight another day, and who is turned into mindless zombie scum.

In the first match #1 seed Rick Grimes was killed by his own son Carl. Now we have Michonne vs. Maggie.round-2-walking-dead

Vote for a winner in the comments section below, and tell us why you made your pick.

We’ll tabulate the scores received before midnight today, and announce the winner right here soon along with the next fight.

If you want your favorite to move on, make your choice be known!Walking-Dead-Battle-Royale-brackets


  1. Maggie!!! Though we all know in real life, Michonne is as tough as they come! Not even a male can take her out!!! That lil’ Jew, Maggie, is one sweet gal’… MAN, how Glenn is sooooooo lucky!!! 😛 She’s the perfect Jew gal; even though she IS* Jew… Really really hot the first time she was teasing him on her porch!!!

  2. In a knife fight (or sword ha ha) I’ll take Michonne. Even tho Maggie has come a long way in the guts department, I just think she isn’t as battle tested as Michonne. And besides, Michonne’s character is way more interesting. I say Maggie, Glen, or both eventually get killed this season. In the hotness dept, and who I’d rather cuttle up with at night, definitely Maggie. She’s hot :-*

  3. Michonne would kill Maggie

  4. I vote for maggie 10 times.

  5. I vote maggie

  6. Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don’t.

    Maggie wins

  7. This is a tough one. I’d like to see both of them advance, but I know that can’t happen. I would say Michonne because she is deadly with those blades of hers. But Maggie’s gotten good with a gun, so as Michonne charges her Maggie pulls out Rick’s Python – Rick don’t need it anymore – and plants a slug between Michonne’s eyes. She deserves better than to turn into a zombie.

  8. Maggie is hot but I’ll go for Michonne.

  9. Michonne hands down.

  10. Michonne is the girl!

  11. Gonna have to go with Maggie

  12. Maggie on the hotness factor

  13. Michonne. I love Maggie, but Michonne. I love Michonne too though.

  14. Maggie. Michonne would miss with an AR15 or any other firearm up to about 18 inches away. Maggie would never be dumb enough to get in to a hand-to-hand with Michonne, and Maggie would put one between Michonne’s eyes from about 100yds away.

  15. Michonne, easily

  16. Michonne, but she would feel bad about it later, for a minute or 2.

  17. Michonne ….bad@ss!!

  18. Obviously Michonne.

  19. Maggie. Michonne is great at killing zombies but in a fight against live humans Maggie has proven herself and Michonne hasn’t.

  20. Michonne

  21. As critical as Maggie is to the “group” Michonne would be the clear victor in a heads up fight.

  22. Michonne. The only one who could beat her is Carl.

  23. Maggie. Michonne can get so much reach with a sword; Maggie’s a dead eye shot

  24. Michonne would win hands down!

  25. Maggie, cause she would fight to the death for the ones she loves

  26. I like Maggie a great deal more than Michonne but ultimately, Maggie still cares for and about others. Michonne’s time alone and deaths of those close to her has taken its toll psychologically. Michonne would win.

  27. 1 Michonne kicks ass

  28. michone.. hands down

  29. Michonne would win. She’s very lethal and will do what it takes to survive.

  30. 4; she’s killed people and zombies before. What’s Maggie to her anyways?

  31. Michonne is the obvious winner.

  32. Michonne. There’s no competition there.

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