Probably the most overlooked threat when planning for the coming zombie pandemic is the human threat.

It’s one thing to be prepared to take out the legion of undead at your door, but what about a member of your group who’s losing his marbles? What about someone who presents himself as a friend, but then wants to take your food and water, leaving you stranded on the side of the road? Johnny Law isn’t going to be around to make sure that justice is served, of that much you can be sure.

One option for human threat mitigation is a stun gun. Most are small, powerful and inexpensive. Here’s what our friends over at Personal Arms have to say about it:

“A short blast from this personal protection device will give anyone silly enough to attack you an exclusive muscle massage that will render them incapable of managing much more than drooling for about five to ten minutes.”

Delivering up to 1 million volts, and the size of a small garage door opener, stun guns often come with a lifetime guaranteed lithium battery.  Put one on your hip in a disaster and leave it there, unnoticed.  When problems arises, you have a nonlethal option that won’t waste precious ammunition needed to deal with threats of the flesh-eating variety.

Remember, it’s not just the zombies you have to worry about.


  1. This Lil green box works wonders on the living and none living it helps detour on coming attackers I’m gratfull for my Lil green freind

  2. Am I missing something here? I mean, we ARE talking about the zombie apocalypse, right? Without a doubt, non-lethal or less lethal alternatives may be worth while alternatives for dealing with an anti-social element of society but once we find ourselves without the rule of law any such consideration is a dangerous mismanagement of your risk exposure. If someone has demonstrated they would benefit from being stunned with a stun gun then you might as well shoot them and be done with it. Clearly, they have no qualms about leaving you exposed and you don’t need to be worrying about them catching up with you down the road, looking for payback.

    Put a round through the head, divvi up the gear and lets get on with business.

  3. does anyone have a theory as to whether a stun gun would effectively stop a zombies movements? my guess would be yes, as i would think it would still contract their muscles, rendering it immobile. (and no i wouldnt be using this as a go to, but would it work in a pinch?)

  4. well in the case of a human threat couldnt you just bash there head in and not worryt about splatter

  5. In addition to this, I think everybody should learn a martial art. A real martial art that focuses on self defense and not tournament fighting. Anybody who is familiar with martial arts knows what I mean.

    When no weapons are handy, or should this little stunner get taken from you, being able to fight hand to hand is very valuable.

    Also, against a zombie, said training might allow you to keep a cool head as most trained martial arts are used to seeing somebody attack them. Kicks to zombies’ legs could effect their mobility so that you can run away or find some object to bash their head in. This is assuming you don’t have any weapons on you or can’t readily get one.

  6. Never thought about the human threat. Nice post.

  7. Most unique zombie blog ever!

  8. Bought mine today. Great post!

  9. Great post!

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