Fans of The Walking Dead may remember when Robert Kirkman teamed up with Hyundai last year to create the ultimate “zombie survival machine” in honor of the comic book’s 100th issue. Since that time Hyundai’s relationship with the hugely popular TV show has continued to grow in a number of ways. Most notably, survivors are often seen zipping around the wasteland in a surprisingly pristine Hyundai Tucson. And according to Forbes, that deal has been renewed for the upcoming season.

So like many of the show’s stubborn band of resisters, the green Tucson has survived into next season. Hyundai also is returning to promote its vehicle and brand at the Comic-Con International annual conference in San Diego this summer and plans a tie-in with Robert Kirkman, author of the Walking Dead comics and executive producer of the show.

With plans to expand, fans of the series can look forward to a virtual fleet of post-apocalyptic Hyundais possibly including the Veloster, Elantra and Santa Fe. Just don’t expect to ever see them smeared in zombie blood or broken down on the side of the road. Apparently the contract demands that the vehicles be presented in good working order and forbids them from being used to crush the undead!

To learn more about how advertisers are embracing gory television shows like The Walking Dead, check out this interesting article from Variety. Or for more details on the Hyundai deal, be sure to visit the original story online at Forbes!

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  1. Ragnar Magnusson

    This is horrible. These are such marginal cars from a marginal company.

    Would anyone SERIOUSLY consider opting for a Hyundai in an end of the world scenario? MAYBE if you had nothing else and you only option was that or being eaten alive, slowly. AND if I did end up with one it would be only to drive it straight to a Jeep or Land Rover dealership.

    If I only got to pick one vehicle I would rather face the Zompoc on a 1976 Huffy ten speed than in a Hyundai

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