An old theory has found new life as scientists and researchers revive the fear of deadly ancient viruses. The idea is that a dramatic change in the Earth’s climate could unleash a number of diseases for which modern man is thoroughly unprepared. For example in the 1970s, the despair of an impending ice age saw concern over the manufacture and availability of vaccinations. Today, the thought of melting icecaps releasing ancient bacteria continues to gain new ground.

However, it’s the story of scientists actively searching for one of the deadliest and most devastating diseases in modern history that may shine a light on whether the discovery of an ancient virus will eventually bring on the zombie plague… or help protect us from it!

Scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have explained how samples of the 1918 strain of Spanish flu were painstakingly recovered from Inuit bodies preserved in the Arctic permafrost. The same care was taken to extract samples from the bodies of infected soldiers from World War 1 and the exhumed corpse of a British diplomat.

While the Spanish Flu devastated the world by claiming the lives of more than 50 million people; the recovery and study of this dangerous virus from a bygone era eventually led to the publication of its complete genome sequence in 2005 which helped researchers better understand the H1N1 flu pandemic of 2009.

So, despite the fear that unearthing an ancient and long-forgotten virus may hasten the inevitable zombie apocalypse… mankind may actually benefit from the research and study of such a disease!


  1. The question of whether a Zombie Virus has or could ever exist is yes. I say yes because hundreds of thousand’s of bio-scientists worldwide are actively reviewing both natural and man-made virus’s for a multitude of reasons (some evil). Evil nations would pay millions for a virus that could be weaponized to wreck havok in America. It’s one of the reasons why cloning is also actively researched outside of the US. Living forever is as a appealing to rich, evil folks as destroying “infidels”. I believe that a zombie virus could ultimiately be a manmade virus in order to behave exactly like the movies WWZ, 28 Days Later. Some sort of “Rage Virus”. Whether reanimation truly occures remains the major mystery. The movie “The crazies” seems a more realistic vision of such an outbreak only with a more agistated, rabies like twist with an immediate infection scenrio required to be able to truly go global so fast.

  2. I think it’ll be prions. I did a research project for school, and with some modifying they could cause some very zombie like people. I’m not sure if they would be true zombies, or just rage virus type people, but both are scary (even though real zombies are better.)

  3. Whenever we look at a possible new virus or uncovering an old one, we always have to make sure we can control the danger level and learn from it. Wither this could possibly lead to a zombie outbreak isn’t the main concern here because we can handle that. The things we cannot handle is a virus that does what the Black Plague but world wide. This can only be handled by certain people and even if we have the know how we don’t have the cash or tools to develop a cure.

    Old viruses isn’t our only problem, there are space viruses too. Most of them come from comic dust that fall onto the Earth while others are inside a core of a rock when it crash lands (depending on the radius size, what kind of rock and metal it is, where it is from, it could still hold life such as viruses and Bactria after the heat of the fall). We just need to be aware of whatever it is and do anything and everything we can to stay alive.

    • The idea is that an ancient or undiscovered virus could unleash a zombie plague on the world just as devastating as the Black Plague or Spanish Flu. Whether that infection comes as a result of a mutant strain or space dust… the result would be the same: a worldwide pandemic of epic proportions.

      Our best hope is to discover these viruses… before they discover us!

    • So your saying we can handle a fluid based pathogen? Ever you never seen the walking dead? very life like scenario of what life would be like if a (zombie outbreak) happen..Better yet the movie 28 weeks later.. The example is take 1 infected person + thousands of people = panic (to say the least). Even with trying to shoot everyone coming down a contained area spread will happen there can never be enough fire power in the right area at the right time. Even fire bombing, toxic gas, and flame thrower didnt work.. This was just one city that was military locked down and it got out of control real quick! imagine the whole world and military spread to few to make a difference thats a problem that noone will ever be able to solve! It all comes down to if you can outlast the zombie via them starving to death after 85% of the earths population has died. I guess it would also matter how fast they are walking dead and 28 weeks later are two very different evils.. IT ALL COMES DOWN TOO YOUR CRAZY IF YOU THINK WE CSN DO SOMTHING AS SIMPLE AS “HANDLE IT”.

  4. I’m still more worried about genetically altering an existing virus, or creating one whole cloth using recombinant DNA that will end us all.

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