Production on The Walking Dead Season 4 is underway, and AMC just released this behind-the-scenes featurette of the all important zombie auditions conducted by Executive Producer Greg Nicotero.

Check it out:


  1. Hi My name is Hannah and I am from Chicago I am 19 years old, I graduate high school and I love to act, I always think that a zombie Apocalypse will happen and I will love to be on the walking dead. I always wanted to act with Norman Reedus .I am really shy but I am funny and sweet, I did gymnastics for 14 years and Dance. I did some acting classes in high school and I been in plays in my middle school like Grease and Oklahoma. I love zombies and scary movies. I will love to be on my favorite show and be a zombie survive I will really appreciate if you would accept me! Please Email me Hanfis1@nths219.org

    Age:19 years old
    Eye Color: Blueish Green
    Hair: Dirty Blond
    Special skills: Gymnastics, Basketball, Dancing.
    Caucasian: White

  2. Any ideal when and where next auditions will be held for season 5 walking dead?

  3. Please reply to me as soon as possible. I’m 11years old and one of my skills is singing. I’ve also been wondering when the auditions for actors that live throughout the seasons. Please respond as soon as possible.
    Thank you!
    Sincerely,Miroslava Lopez.

    • Unfortunately the auditions were in May of this year. There will likely be further ones in the future. We’ll try and keep you posted.

  4. Hard working actress. Looking to work.

  5. I love the walking dead even the walkers, I would do anything to be on the walking dead season 4, please , please reply back, if u reply back I’ll be happy

  6. Carline Bonilla

    Audition for the walking dead series!

  7. Kayla Chavarria

    Okay so I’ve been dying to be a walker for The Walking Dead Season 4 .
    Is there any way I can audition or are there any castings soon?

  8. How can I audition to be in the tv seriers the walking dead?

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