Join writer/director Edgar Wright at Entertainment Weekly’s CapeTown Film Festival for a screening of his hit zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead on Wednesday, May 1st at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles Then stick around for a live Q & A with Wright after the film.

Will there be a Shaun of the Dead sequel? Ask him yourself!

Tickets are selling out fast so get yours HERE, or win two of TEN FREE TICKETS we’re giving away only to ZRS readers. To enter you must be able to attend the 7:30 performance tomorrow night in Los Angeles.

If that’s you, then just write in the comments section below what question you’d like to ask Edgar Wright. We’ll pick FIVE winners at 8pm pacific tonight and announce them in this blog post. And if you share our contest post on facebook you’ll be entered twice!

Zombies are encouraged to enter and attend in costume. Good luck.


  1. Catherine Orlando

    I won!!! Thank u for the opportunity! !!!!

  2. So, who won the contest? The event is tonight.

  3. Who would you cast in a gender-flipped Shaun of the Dead?
    (Women for men’s roles and men for women’s roles.)
    Who are the female equivalents of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost?


  4. Love love this!

  5. I would love to ask Edgar this:

    “With the success of shows like Buffy that have transitioned to comics after their runs on television have ended and your oft-expressed love of the medium (along with Simon Pegg), have you ever considered continuing the stories of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, or Spaced as a comic book? Or at least some kind of spin-off story?”

  6. Are you going to direct the third movie in the Tintin trilogy?

  7. If you could bring back any actor/actress from the dead to be in your next film, who would it be?

  8. My question for Mr. Wright:
    What is your survival plan & weapon of choice in the case of a zombie outbreak?

  9. Did you think while making this how epic or cult it would become????

  10. Realistically, is Shaun a good candidate for surviving a zombie apocalypse without military intervention?

  11. With the impressive numbers of zombie films/movies being made within the last decade, do you see any one movie/show ruining the successful streak for the genre? Thank you very much!

  12. When you first started working on Shaun of the Dead, did you intend on making a comedy that happened to have a zombie storyline, or a zombie movie that happened to be comedic? Some would argue that you have effectively made a new movie genre, or at least, a new sub-genre with Shaun of the Dead. How do you feel about that?

  13. Dear ZRS editors, what’s a ” Shaun of the Dead squeal?”. 😛

  14. I loathe flying, but if it’s to see Shaun of the Dead in theaters again Ill do whatever it takes! Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Bill Nighy I would probably feint at the sight of. Love this movie! …and hope to see many more from Edgar Wright, along with his lovely minion actors. 😛

  15. Catherine Orlando

    What inspired you to go out of the ordinary Zombie Horror to the greatest Zombie. Comedy of all time? & will there be a Shaun Of The Dead 2.

  16. Which film did you enjoy making most, Shaun Of The Dead of Hot Fuzz?

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