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Jarrod Richards. Jarrod, please contact us so we can get your mailing address to ship the vest to you.

Congrats to Molly, and thanks to everyone else who entered.

We will be running a great new contest soon, so check back often!

For more than 25 years our friends at Safeguard Armor have been offering top-quality body armor at discounted prices. Their goal is to allow the general public to easily get any body armor they need at a price that they can afford. We’ve tested Safeguard’s Stealth vests and they were completely unnoticeable under a shirt.

Now here’s your chance to get your own FREE Stealth vest valued at over $100! It will protect you from bullets, blades, and even the occasional zombie bite, because in the coming zombie plague there will be many more serious threats that just the undead.

To enter simply LIKE the Safeguard facebook page HERE, and also SHARE the contest announcement posted on our facebook page HERE. We’ll pick a winner from those who do both of those things. If you want a better chance of winner let us know that you entered in the comments section below and we’ll throw your name in the hat twice!

Somebody’s going to win this prize. Why not you? But hurry, because this contest ends at 5pm pacifc standard time on Friday, April 26, 2013. We’ll announce the winner right here by midnight on that same day.

In the meantime check out all the amazing gear that Safeguard Armor has to offer HERE.Stealth-Armor-Safeguard-Armor


  1. Yeah who one?!!!

  2. entered! ^^

  3. this would go great with our zombie survival kit…even got the twinkies ;) already liked and shared :)

  4. I entered :)

  5. Greg Neuenschwander

    I like and shared on my page hit me up with some free body armor! I’ll promote it all over the place!

  6. I love zombies!!!! It’s always better to be prepared! ;) I entered the competition! Fingers crossed – I win :)

  7. I liked and now commented. :)

  8. wish me luck,,,

  9. I did it!

  10. Aridan Silverwind


  11. would come in handy for a friend in security

  12. hopefully i win it cause if i do imma get someone to shoot me :) ill make a video for u guys if i get it lol

  13. Liked and shared!

  14. Michael Buchko Jr.

    I liked and shared the post so I could get two entries.

  15. Liked and shared. ZRS FTW!

  16. i entered!

  17. Entered.

  18. Entered both

  19. Entered!!!

  20. Done and done.

  21. Braaaaaaiiiiinnnnnsssss

  22. entered

  23. I liked and shared the page

  24. i have done it all

  25. Liked, shared and commented. My email address alone should win this for me.

  26. I did it. I should win. I live in Vermont, a very dangerous place.

  27. yea this would be cool

  28. Officialy entered

  29. Matthew Randolph

    Love this idea!!

  30. Yes, I have “like” both sites, shared the contest page ad, commented here, and I really really really need a vest please. ;))

  31. Entered!!! Zrs for the win!

  32. I entered (Brandon Griffin)

  33. i entered

  34. Shared, here’s hoping

  35. Officialy entered

  36. I has entered! :)

  37. Pretty sick!

  38. Additional protection? Yes, please!

  39. yep !!!!!!!!!!

  40. Need it

  41. Done and done, yes please

  42. ADD ME !!, ADD ME!! ADD ME PLEASE BEFORE I GET EATEN!!! Although I’ll prob donate it to some officer who might need it more than me .

  43. um yes please I want one. you never know when they might be come in handy ! best protection for my son :D

  44. Did All three things above :)

  45. This is the ideal gift for your loved ones, but in all candor I. Want this for my self

  46. 2 to the chest and one to the head…..

  47. Lori Sturdevant (Pyro)


  48. would sell my kidneys for this

  49. would sell my kidneys for one…

  50. Bill Dessenberger

    Shared indeed. Impressively concealable if it’s still looking like that fully decked out, but I’m curious as to what the contest is actually for. The armour is modular it seems in that you can select multiple levels of ballistic, slash, and piercing protection. So what levels of protection do we actually get?

  51. Thanks for the contest.

  52. Liked. Shared. Commented. Wanted.

  53. Liked and shared.

  54. this would come handy indeed

  55. this would come handy indeed lol

  56. Entered and shared! Thanks!

  57. I really want this!!!

  58. Liked and shared, very awesome

  59. Done and done! I want one

  60. I shared, awesome giveaway!

  61. Liked and shared!

  62. Liked and shared!!
    Nice jacket! We’re gonna need one!!

  63. Wooo! Something to add to the survival kit. Now I just need 3 more. I fulfilled each of the requirements above, so enter my names 3 times baby!

  64. I’m in, this looks awesome.

  65. Entered!

  66. shared, liked, commented x2, love it!

  67. Yea ill be sharing this all day!

  68. Entered! Who doesn’t need a bullet proof vest! LOL

  69. Kyle A Van Kleef

    I liked/shared it all. I’d like to test this device.

  70. liked & shared

  71. Liked and shared! I need this vest. I work in Security and Investigations. Not to mention how useful it will be in the zombie apocalypse.

  72. Liked and shared!!!

  73. I like it and shared it hpoe I win

  74. this sounds cool but i’m not sure they’re legal where i live

  75. I liked it and shared it i hope I win

  76. Liked and Shared!!

  77. I want, yes pls

  78. Totally Shared. Gotta Have One.

  79. entered

  80. Sharing, shared, shareeeed. Now the nail-biting, hair-pulling, nervousness-filling, zombie-avoiding wait BEGINS. I shall stock up on ammo while I wait.

  81. Done – our FB listing is under “BayouBob Boucher”

  82. liked, shared, and responded per destructions!

  83. i need one this is so cool the fact that they are giving one out for free is vary cool. best of luck to all

  84. this would be an amazing prize, think about it. if you were shot by thugs during the zombie outbreak you have the element of surprise. just act dead, sneak back to them and kill with stealth :)

  85. This is soo cool. I would love to have one!

  86. I entered

  87. I WANT THIS.

  88. Oh I entered.

  89. I liked, shared this all over, This item is very vital to our survival! Thank you

  90. Wooo! Eat that, zombie suckas!

  91. Awesome, liked and shared everything

  92. When the zombies arrive, the greatest threat will be other uninfected people and their weapons… Need some armor!!!

  93. I never win anything but it’s worth a shot. looks badass and if I don’t win maybe ill have to buy it myself.

  94. done!! loved and shared

  95. I did it. Love one of these things

  96. I did both! Pick me! Pick me!

  97. Need This :-D

  98. Liked and shared

  99. Liked and shared on FB :)

  100. i definitely shared this on my fb page

  101. winning this would be awesome..i’ve recently started in the RLSH line of work and one of these would be awesome and make it that much safer should i get into a situation where i might need one..fingers crossed

  102. I shared everything. Twice.

  103. liked and shared!!

  104. Liked and shared!

  105. Steffen B. Anthoni

    Liked and Shared ;)

  106. Liked….wish it could’ve been loved!

  107. I want to win so bad!!!! I participated

  108. Shared and liked : )

  109. This is sick! I always wanted to get a bullet proof vest!

  110. Liked and shared!!!

  111. Anthony Billings

    This would be cool!

  112. Mark Renzo T Mendoza

    i wish i win im just an 11 year old kid ikent buy vest like that ikent buy wepons to kill some zombies but i have my base ball bat plss make me the winner.

  113. I participated! :D

  114. Hope I win it!!

  115. Christopher John Peckham

    yeeeah! i need one of these!

  116. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

  117. I want to win SOMETHING!!!!! please:D

  118. yeah, im gonna win

  119. Liked and Shared! :)

  120. What the hell……..why not!

  121. I want one

  122. I entered all three times because I always like to be prepared. This is one thing I do not have yet. I am hoping it is also bear proof. I spend a lot of time in bear country.

    I carry an axe for utility and self defense. You have to be badass with an axe to beat a bear. This vest will help in case I miss that critical first blow…

  123. Wesley Mcconnell

    Liked it, shared it and now talking in the comments. Always wanted a bullet proof vest for all my armored needs.

  124. Like and shared! i would wear this everyday of my life!

  125. i have been looking for some sort of chest armor or any kind, i have a serious chest injury and i need some extra protection from time to time to keep my sternum from snapping in half again. it is currently so messed up you can visibly see where it is separated. i cannot afford and medical treatment, so some sort of protection is my best option

  126. Shared!

  127. That is very cool. I want one! Competition entered.

  128. I liked and shared

  129. Liked and Shared announcement.

  130. Liked and shared :-)

  131. Steven 'the zombie' Uden

    Liked and shared this. Would be bloody useful, rather than sitting in a cupboard getting no use I work as a zombie at a ‘zombie Survival event’ every week so could use this under my costumes. Also ya know.. When the ZA does kick off, extra protection… Sweet!

  132. Liked, and shared. Let the games begin.

  133. done all 3 :)

  134. Count me in !!!!

  135. liked, shared, commented. i think my wife is a zombie, so i hope i win this so i can stay safe

  136. Done, done, & done!

  137. Liked and shared. :) Does it come in black?? lol

  138. Posted/placed and commented, thanks for the chance!

  139. Liked and shared!

  140. I entered the contest! I really like the look of this vest, may even buy one for work :).

  141. I have entered could use the extra protection.

  142. Paul Jason Rambo

    Liked and shared. Hope I have some luck!

  143. I believe in the Random-God !

  144. Alexander Matzinger


  145. Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!!

  146. liked and shared

  147. Jonathan Tomasic

    liked and shared

  148. I did everything to be entered………. Would love to win

  149. done

  150. i liked and shared………. Would love to have my own vest!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Liked and shared

  152. Done and Done!

  153. I entered, I would really love to add that vest to my armory.

  154. Liked and shared

  155. I’ve entered!!!!

  156. done and done

  157. entered

  158. This is a kick ass giveaway!! Zombies are only one of the dangers of an apocalypse!

  159. Liked and Shared. Thank you for an amazing product.

  160. I did it! yay.

  161. I have liked and shared

  162. Done – Awesome!

  163. here’s my comment :)

  164. Liked and Shared..Thanks Dudes!

  165. I entered. Pick me! Pick me!

  166. All shared and liked!!

  167. Liked and shared

  168. what a coincidence i was just about to go buy one!

  169. done everything and have tons sharing etc

  170. Martin Malenfant

    Oh hi, here’s a comment. Liked and shared!

  171. Did what I had to do! Now crossing my fingers!

  172. i want this vest so bad its beautiful

  173. shared, shared, and comment!!

  174. I’ve done all 3 :D

  175. I WANT IT PLEASE!!!!

  176. I like, I’m sharing, and I’m in!

  177. I entered!

  178. Liked and shared. Booyah!

  179. Seems reasonable. Would look great in one of my zombie films!

  180. There we go. The post is back up on FB. Liked the Safeguard Armor page, shared the post, and I’m now letting you guys know.

  181. Donig it. Want to wear it.

  182. I tried to like and share but it wouldn’t let me. Any insight as to what is wrong?

  183. Liked, shared, and here’s my comment :)

  184. liked both pages and share :)

  185. Woo hoo shared it

  186. liked and shared

  187. Entered and entered and…now, entered.

  188. Super Badass and Kewl!

  189. Love & shared!

  190. I shared, liked and commented on this and the safeguard fb page :)

  191. Done, done, and done?
    Bring on the zombies!!!

  192. I hope I win!

  193. Mariana Castillo

    Aww yeaaahh!!! Did all three things! :)

  194. Liked both pages, shared it too, thanks!

  195. liked and shared, that looks like one mighty fine bullet-proof vest there.

  196. benjamin ofthe graves

    Throw my name in the hat 3 time please! done everyhing youve asked! thanks.

  197. liked and shared

  198. Free….why not.

  199. Michelle McDonald

    liked and shared.

  200. i’ve entered & hope to win!

  201. Shared. Thank you very much for the information you pass along and all the contests! Also, I iwsh I couldve joined you on Wipeout!

  202. Shared

  203. I’m in all the way

  204. I’ve entered… not sure what I’ll use it for but I will definitely find something to do with it!!!

  205. Entered!

  206. done done and done

  207. How cool is this??? Who wouldn’t want one of these.

  208. I love you guys and I HAVE entered every where now.

  209. I entered and liked both pages.

  210. Done done and Done.

    So say we all. :)

  211. I entered!!!



  213. i liked both facebook pages, and shared, and entered :) please pick me to win :)

  214. I liked both facebook pages and shared the ZRS facebook announcment.

  215. that looks like a piece of equipment id like to have to add to the “shit hits the fan ” kit ive been collecting over the years

  216. I’ll take the vest with all these morons with AR 15 rifles. I will need it

  217. i love your web site and i hope i get picked thank you for everything

  218. William Cody Winter

    I’ve entered, hope I win! :)

  219. entered, fingers crossed

  220. Entered and Shared

  221. Jack "Curly" Henderson

    Well, this is a most generous offer. I am sceptical of a victory, but hell, anything for supplies!

  222. Would look better black!

  223. Liked shared love!!

  224. liked, shared, and commented!

  225. Liked both, commented, and shared, wish me luck :D


  227. I entered.

  228. Liked both pages! Off to share now!

  229. I like!!!

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