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Excelsior, faithful readers! In case you didn’t already know, comic book legend Stan Lee has been creating quite the podcast dynasty for himself these day. In addition to films and comic books, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes has become a popular YouTube channel with shows dedicated to all things superhero.

His newest show, Cosplay Piano, launched recently with a Walking Dead inspired music video from pianist Sonya Belousova. This creepy, atmospheric piece was directed by Tom Grey and features music directly from television series’ opening credits!

To see to upcoming episodes of Cosplay Piano, and many other wonderful comic book and pop culture inspired videos, be sure to check out the official YouTube Channel for Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. And to hear more from Sonya Belousova herself, simply visit her website online for news, music and videos.

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  1. Incredibly Cool!!! Did they Have to kill the violinist? Really?!

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