When the dead rising cell phones could be instantly turned into little more than expensive paper weights. That’s why an effective short-range alternative communication is the two-way radio.

Imagine you’re at work when the news spreads that the gates of hell have opened up, and zombies are eating people in the streets. You call your husband/wife/sibling/roommate/best friend, but it goes straight to voice mail. The cell lines are already jammed, so no luck there. You rush home and lock up tight. You’re out of immediate danger, but where is your significant other?

Even though you’ve agreed to meet back at the house if anything like this ever happens, there’s no telling where (s)he might be, and what kind of trouble (s)he might be in. Just like that, chances are you’ll never see each other again.

This is where the two-way radio comes in. With an advertised talk radius of 25+ miles over open ground, and 5+ miles in the city, the modern two-way radio can be the solution to a very real problem. Without the ability of remote communication, you could be in the same building as your loved one an never know it, making a search and rescue effort nearly impossible.

Note that the actual range of reception varies greatly from one brand to the next, and none are as effective as they claim to be. But for about $65 US you can exponentially increase your odds of reuniting with that special someone, while maintaining a tactical advantage over both the walking dead, and the tens of millions of other civilians who didn’t plan ahead as well.

A limited battery life makes this a short term solution only, but when you find yourself in the first hour or two of what will soon become known as the end of civilization, every second counts.


  1. Or you can look up any ham radio clubs in your area and talk to them about becoming a licensed amateur radio operator.

    • Very true! But if we’re talking about trying to connect with a loved-on on the move in the early days of a zombie pandemic – unless they also have access to a ham radio it does you no good!

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