We got a couple questions in the mail from a young zombie researcher named Sulley. See his original letter below, and here is the transcription and our response:

“Dear Zombie Research Team-

I love zombies. I have some questions. Who was the first human to get bite? Who was the first zombies? I am five years old and want to know everything I can learn about zombies.

Thank you,


Hi, Sulley-

Great questions! We’re glad to see that the younger generation has people like you dedicated to zombie research.

Zombies as we know them today first appeared in 1968 in a movie called Night of the Living Dead. It was directed and co-written by legendary zombie filmmaker George A. Romero.

In Night of the Living Dead the first character to be bitten by a zombie and then turn into a zombie is a girl named Karen Cooper. She then goes on to eat her own parents. Gross! Scroll down to see a promotional picture of Karen Cooper from the movie.

We hope this answers your questions. Keep up the good work, and always remember the Zombie Research Society motto: What you don’t know can eat you.

You rock!

-Zombie Research Society


  1. Catherine Orlando

    This is true. She did kill her mother with a gardening tool

  2. Hello, I have a question. 

    Has ZRS researched on what are the chances of having an actual zombie apocalypse? Because, according to doctors and scientists there is no virus in the world that would cause a zombie.
    And if so, what would cause a zombie?

  3. That is incorrect. She stabbed her mother with a gardening tool.

  4. What is the objective of the zombie research team?And do you think a zombie outbreak is able to happen or could happen?

    • Our stated goal is to advance zombie knowledge and respect in the Arts and Sciences. And yes, we think a zombie outbreak can happen. It will never look exactly like it does in movies, books and video games, but the notion that a new sickness could either be discovered or mutate from current pathogens that causes people to go violently insane and attack and kill one another is completely possible.

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