If you want to know where not to go in the coming undead plague, all you have to do it look at nighttime pictures of the earth from space.

Bright areas represent dense population centers that will likely be the perfect breeding ground for new zombies. What’s more, when prolonged disaster strikes being packed together with other people means increased competition for quickly dwindling resources.

As you can see on the US map below, the sparsely populated west is a much better place to survive than the tightly packed east.

And judging by this UK map, it’s clear you’d rather be in Ireland than England when the dead rise.

When it comes to zombies survival, where are you now and where would you like to be?


  1. Unfortunately the map of the UK doesn’t show much of Scotland (my land!). The North West of Scotland is the least populated area in the whole of Europe and there is game, fish and water in abundance. Sshh don’t tell anyone though………

  2. I live in the San Francisco bay area now but during a catastrophic event I have 2 places in mind where I would be headed. First i would grab my daughter, our gear and any family member that can travel with us and head to the Sunol hills. From a high enough vantage point you can spot trouble coming from miles away. In the event of a zombie outbreak, I for one believe a Zombie trying to shamble up a steep hill would have a hard time of it. Zombies seem to me like a flowing river in their motion, they go wherever it is they are flowing at the time, and i dont see them “flowing” up steep hill just for the heck of it. As soon as they feel the resistence of the hill they would most likely end up wandering into another direction that doesnt create such resistence.

    However, ultimately my goal would be to reach the snowy mountains near Lake Tahoe/Reno area. I have well armed family up that way and water and food would be plentiful in the harder to reach areas. Again the benefit of a natural obstacle like a steep mountain range would pose a considerable disadvantage for a zombie. Also their decaying smell would attract predators, insects and even vultures to their location giving them even more obstacles to contend with while roaming around your mountain looking for you.

    In the summer there is game everywhere, in the winter as long as you are prepared to contend with the cold weather, snow is a limitless scource of water and should be bacteria free and can be stored. Snow and cold weather are also probably one of the best resources you have to slowing down, if not outright stopping, a walking corpse. Without warm blood pumping through the body of a walking corpse and without the ability to control the temperature in their body, a zombie would simply freeze into a solid block of decayed meat and bones. If you are really lucky the brain stem could become frozen and so damaged that it can no longer pass instructions to the zombie’s extremities basically immobilizing it permanently.

  3. Unfortunately, the UK map does not show the Highlands of Scotland. The population is extremely spread out and as much as the area is beautiful, the land is sometimes hostile, particularly in Winter. I know where I will be heading if the need arises 🙂

  4. Yes… But there are reasons that many areas are not populated. Sure, the Sahara looks safe for a zombie outbreak, but when you have to worry about being eaten by camel spiders or death by dehydration, you really need measure your priorities. Would I rather risk joining the ravenous hoard in a well populated area, or would I rather die from lack of supplies and infertile land? Personally, my vote is to join zach than go completely mad from starvation.
    However, this map does show a great deal of insight toward where the hoards may come from in the later days of the outbreak.

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