This bozo got mad at his girlfriend because she didn’t believe that a scenario like The Walking Dead was possible, so he shot her in the back with his .22 rifle. Our new frontrunner for boyfriend of the year. Too bad he’s being charged with attempted murder, so he probably won’t be free to pick up his award.

For his sake I hope they have AMC Network on the TVs in prison.


  1. This was obviously a plot masterminded by the evil money mongers at Disney. Look at the product placement on his hat! It was definately a shot at AMC and their successes. I bet Disney tried to aquire AMC but were refused, so Disney retaliated..yep that sounds about as plausible as an actual Zombie Apocolypse.

  2. Ah, sensationalist “journalism”. Next up: Arguing over Dishes: Innocent laziness or the murderous seed of evil?
    Also, why exactly was the comic book shown in a statement to the press? As I see it, that’s either defamation or product placement (however unlikely) and neither’s exactly legal in the context.

  3. Life imitates art? Is this news room serious? In no way was this idiot imitating anything related to the show. News stories like this cause uninformed and otherwise ignorant people to raise their pitchforks and start blaming the show for what happened. Things like this happen all the time over sports, the only difference is the show is controversial and that’s being used to stir a hornets nest. This is why I hate the news, the ignorant leading the ignorant, never ends well. A little more on topic, this makes me sad. I hope this guy gets beaten severely on multiple occasions. A little research would have supported his claim but no, he has to be an idiot

  4. Even if the post was meant to be sarcastic. It is disgusting that an institution that attempts to seem legitimate would make callous remarks about a man who murdered his girlfriend over the most meaningless topic on the planet, Zombies. The term zombie did not exist in language until 1929 when it began to appear several times in fantasy themed fiction and entertainment, including the novel The Magic Island by William Seabrook. Zombies are a fiction of the imagination and it is not my contention that they don’t make for great movies and stories, but the implication that they will exist is implying that the research conducted on man’s ability to phase through walls with thought; it cannot happen in a rational world and the evidence that this institute establishes can all be argued against with reason or historical findings. Zombies are not real and the idea that an imminent zombie apocalypse is upon society is just not the case. The death of this woman is a tragedy and the man responsible should go to prison for the rest of his life and for this institute to make remarks as it has is further evidence that this is not about real science or facts but just another detriment to the internet that serves not legitimate purpose.

  5. The fuck.
    Boyfriend of the year?
    AMC in prison?
    At least throw in one insult to a douche who shot his girl friend over a stupid debate with his girlfriend who happened to be in the poor position to be wrong.

    • The post was all meant to be read as sarcasm. we couldn’t agree more with your evaluation of him. He’s a bozo, and deserves to spend a nice long time behind bars.

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