Warm Bodies is a zombie romantic comedy due to hit the big screen in February, 2013.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think. Does it work? Does it suck? Is it giving zombies the “Twilight” treatment? Your call.


  1. I think that this is a great idea. The novel is pretty intense to be honest. The film looks like it will have more humor. Where Twilight completely castrated Vampires and werewolves, Warm Bodes seems to have a good dark time with it while bring to light some rather deep thought. It isn’t really about the love so much as how the zombie may think and an interesting take on the whole eating brains bit. I really liked the novel and I am looking forward to the film.

  2. The movie is a dark comedy for its through the eyes of a zombie with a great sense of humor. Think of it more like Zombieland but on the other foot. The only reason why people are calling it twilight with zombies is because of the marketing they’re using, I don’t approve of their tactics but they just got off their sparkle high. There is no comparison other then the studio. No sparkles, no teenage angst and no brain dead girlfriend. Hell shes tries to kill him at least once or twice. The book was pure magic and I hope they get it right. From what ive hear they have.

  3. Brilliant! I didn’t know that this was going to screen! The book is excellent so I totally recommend you read it!

  4. No, it’s not giving zombies the “twilight” treatment. The movie doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, which is definitely its redeeming factor. I’m looking forward to this one.

  5. This actually looks good. Although it does have some Twilight moves in it,it doesn’t use them to the point of ruining the image of the undead. I’ll watch it for sure.

  6. I think there is some potential here for sure. The concept is not new but they seem to be taking it into a very humorous direction. I instantly thought of the film My Boyfriend’s Back.

  7. Awhile back when I first heard about this, when it was in like post/pre-production or whatever.
    it did look like it was going to be a zombie version of twilight.
    and the way they explained it (and released pictures of it) made me convinced it was going to be a cheesy zombie type twilight spoof thingy.
    But when i saw the trailer i was not expecting it to be like this and my opinion changed.
    it actually looks awesome, funny, some badassery is in there and a little bit of romance. Nothing like twilight.
    This might be going up there with Zombieland and Shaun of the dead the way it looks so far!

    although I don’t like zombies be able to think, be domestic and all that junk. this is a good concept and I’m excited to see it once its in theaters!

    I’m curious about those skeletons. haha
    and I’m happy that more and more big budget zombies movies are appearing.
    and thankful for The Walking Dead for making Hollywood/film industry (you know what I mean) take notice in zombies again. I know there has been lots of zombie games, comics, movies etc. since zombies were invented. But they’re getting REALLY big again.
    so this is just awesome.

  8. I’ve got to say, that didn’t look so bad, it at least looks more thought out then the WWZ movie.

  9. I think the fact that you are even using the word “twilight” is scaring people off from giving this any kind of chance, and judging by the trailer it’s nothing like twilight at all. This looks more comedy than anything else. I’m actually looking forward to watching it.

  10. I really wanted to watch this trailer and hate what I was watching. Because I despise Twilight and everything it was and is. However… I found myself getting mildly excited for this. It looks like it could be good. Guess we’ll see in Feb.

  11. Fucking Shit !! I used to Love Vampires and they kill the concept, and I changed to Zombies. !!! Now lets try to reasearch a new kind of monster !!!

  12. Wasn’t sure, but after watching the trailer, looks hilarious and awesome! I’d buy it.

  13. Personally, I cannot wait for it! I read the book three times already. I adore the book and the trailer has me excited about the movie. Some people will bash it and call it “Twilight for zombies”, but I say to hell with those people. This movie looks funny, charming and the storyline, I already know, is great. I look forward to it. I’m a sucker for romance with zombies in it and this one, I believe, will take the cake. <3

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