Here’s the first full trailer for Paramount Studios zombie epic World War Z. Starring Brad Pitt and based on the bestselling Max Brooks novel of the same name, the movie is set for release in June, 2013.

What do you think of it so far?

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  1. I agree that movies rarely follow the books that they are “based” on, but can still be a great movie in it’s own right. The problem that I have is that I think often times they have no intention of following the book. Rather they get a good idea for a movie from the book and then in order for a quranteed “killing” at the box office they “base” that movie off of an already highly popular fan producing product. Like many have already said, it looks like a great film and I will be seeing it. I just wish that the studios would realize that we would all probably see it even if it wasn’t “based” on the iconic and masterfully written book from Max Brooks.

  2. Movies based on books rarely do the books justice or follow them faithfully. Look at The Descent. They took one small part of a very compelling book and made an entire gorefest of a movie out of it. So I try not to compare movies based on books to the books, because then you’re almost always going to be disappointed. Looking at it as just another zombie movie, I think it looks badass!

  3. You see, the problem with fast moving zombies is that zombies, themselves, are a metaphor for mindless consumerism. This means that as our society becomes more and more high-speed, take-my-money-now consumer orientated, so too must our zombies become more and more high-octane and viciously active. The Zsunami in the clip is a perfect metaphor for todays social environment. They should rename the movie, though, and make it their own product, but whatever helps to create vapid consumerism.

  4. sigh….figured it’d be like this,but what the hell it’s zombies,sorry Max

  5. Mike from St. Hike

    Why can’t the zombies please be slow as they should be? Is it really that hard nowadays to create a threatening movieplot with slow zombies? They are way more scary than the cheetah ones.
    The only thing that is worse than running zombies is thinking zombies (Land of the Dead… Hello?)… let’s hope the zombies in this one only run and don’t start to think.

  6. I am concerned as to how far away from the book they might have strayed in all honesty. It looks cool, but kind of looks like they are going to overdo the zombies climbing all over each other thing.

  7. Not sure, but I think the zombies in there are fast because they were recently reanimated, thus less decaying and more human like abilities. Although it seems very close to the superhuman abilities caused by something like the rage virus (quarantine).
    I’m still hyped about the movie though, I hope it’s good.

  8. Not “World War Z.” And the CGI zombies looked terrible. I’m very disappointed. But I’m sure I’ll still watch it, because, you know…zombies.

  9. I though I was going to be dissapointed, thinking that they would not do justice to Max Brooks. Sure they may not have the exact story-line, or film it in the way that the book was written, but looking at this ad,, it looks not like the book as much, but it still looks like a great zombie movie.

  10. They should have changed the title.

    Judging by the final screenplay, it’s the only thing that survives of the book. This may be an acceptable film in its’ own right but I – and likely all fans of Max Brooks’ classic – feel disappointment that the original material wasn’t faithfully visualised.

  11. Really? zombie-stampede/tsunami?
    that’s new.

    my thought’s are:
    I’m just disappointed that the title is ‘World War Z’ when it’ll be nothing like the book. (at least besides the title and the names of the characters.)
    but other than that, it’s whatever.
    It’s another freaking zombie movie! so I’m pretty stoked!

    • I too am disappointed. And for the same reasons. I mean what the hell is with the CGI zombie tsunami and how they piled up to the roof on the last scene in the video? They should call it something different and change the character names and wait until somebody else can create a more accurate depiction of the novel. Still gonna watch it when it comes out but not worth seeing this at a midnight showing.
      ~2 dollar theater caliber~

  12. God I hope this is a prequel to the book.

  13. I think it looks pretty boss. And let’s face it, when does a movie EVER follow the book?

  14. This looks awful! Zombies Don’t Run! What a damn waste. Given from what is in the trailer, this has nothing to do with the book.

  15. Destroyed the good book !!!!!

  16. Looks like crap!

  17. It seems like they are taking the icon stories from the book and turning it into a single story flow for the movie. So instead of a post war documentary you get to see the war against the undead unfold live. I’m excited!

  18. Doesn’t look bad, but don’ think any zombie thing will be better than The Walking Dead.

  19. the movie doesn’t go with the best book ever. it looks great but not like the book.

  20. OK, I think it’s pretty obvious that Max Brooks wrote the book with slow zombies in mind… Why are they fast :c

  21. Looks like a steaming bag of crap to me……

    Well done on ruining a good book, Hollywood………WELL DONE!

    • Get a grip. You haven’t seen the movie, so you are hardly qualified to judge it so severely. Yes, I know, it has very little in common with the book of the same name. The LOTR films were also, by your definition of good and bad, also ruined (I happen to think that they are masterful films for those who have never read—and probably never will—read the books, but therein horrible representations of those same books).

      “Starship Troopers” by Verhoeven was a miserable book-to-film adaptation of Heinlein’s novel, but millions of people still enjoy it as much as those who enjoy the LOTR films. Did any of those films “ruin” any of the books they were ripped from? Not even close. The books remain unsullied.

      • The problem with this movie, in my humble opinion, is that Brad Pitt has such works as Seven Years in Tibet to his credit, this book is a cultural icon, and it’s obvious to anyone who has read the book that calling this trailer, “based on the book” is like calling Mitt Romney, “sort of the President”. This movie title is based on the book title, and that’s about fucking it.

  22. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiice hahahahaha

  23. I don’t understand why this movie is titled World War Z. Did Pitt even read the book? I don’t doubt that it might be an entertaining movie, but this is nothing like the great story that Max Brooks put on paper.

  24. Looks good, but so different from the book.

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