Flakfortet is a sea fortress located on the artificially built island in the waters off of Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen. Originally completed in 1914 to defend Copenhagen harbor, Flakfortet is now used for recreational purposes such as concerts, dining and yachting.

With both Denmark and neighboring Sweden already ranking in the top fifteen safest counties in a zombie outbreak, Flakfortet just might be the ultimate zombie survival shelter on the planet!


  1. Unless one of the survivors coming to the island is already infected!

  2. Let’s hope it goes underground as well. On word for ya; mosquitoes.

    • In the Ocean? In Denmark?

      • Well, I’m no expert in insects, but from what I’ve learned in world history and basic mosquito knowledge, mosquitos tend to like water, infact, they lay eggs in the water. Then, from world history I’ve learned species tend to hitch rides on boats and things, then re populate at the final destination

        • They do lay eggs in water but in fact it has to be stagnant water that means no current and no waves plus middle of the ocean it’s to cold for mosquito larva and winds would be to high for them to come over from the mainland. So again I ask what Mosquitos?

          • Exactly. Mosquitoes don’t breed on the ocean. They breed in stagnant pools of water (might even need to be fresh water), so they like swamps, ditches, retention ponds (yet another reason we have fountains in them all here). You are actually more likely to have a problem with fleas, ticks, lice, or bed bugs – just to name a few other biting insects. And that’s all assuming that insects & other animals would feed on a zombie.

        • It’s pretty obvious your no expert pal.

        • Sorry, “you’re*” no expert.

    • This is if we decided its a blood borne virus. But regardless, Mosquitos do suck. Easy fix though, deet.

  3. Now put a 10ft chain link fence around the rock wall, Install a fallout shelter stocked with a years worth of food, water and ammo and ill take it.

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