Australian web series Mighty Car Mods bills itself as the #1 DIY car show in the universe. In this video the guys teach you how to modify a midsize SUV to survive the coming zombie plague. We’re not sold on their weapons lesson given by some guy with a blurred out face, but they do touch on the benefits and drawbacks of different vehicles.

What do you think of their work? What would you do differently? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and help save lives!


  1. Their car design ideas are great, except for the tires. Like someone else mentioned, normal tires would lose traction when covered with gore. And I’m not sure how I feel about a random dude with his face blurred giving me advice on weapons. Especially the shotgun conversation. Eww. If anything, you need to learn to not rely on guns, because eventually ammo runs out.

  2. I like all their ideas but, I’d give a little stand off room between the windows and the cages. Especially the windshields to keep the wipers functional.
    And I’d leave all the windows in place but, I’d black them out/reinforce them with duct tape and cut observation ports/flaps all around.
    I’d like to see a turret style cage or mount up top to protect the gunner. If whatever car I have at the time doesn’t already have a sun roof, I wouldn’t make a new one…

    And just my opinion; Katanas are fine for anyone to use against zombies and tree branches… You only need years of mastery to fight other humans with years of mastery.
    But you should practice with whatever your weapon is… I like WAR HAMMERS!

  3. The only thing I really had issue with is the weaponry. Give me a good aluminum bat over a blade any day of the week. Swords, especially a Katana (Samuri sword) take years of practice to be able to use effectively. You’d be better of with an axe, it’s a multi tasker, and heavy, so even if you get a glancing blow there is still force. But a good blunt object such as a baseball bat has okay reach, never needs to be sharpened and can do serious cranial damage is the way to go.
    Don’t be fooled by movies and the “shiney” swords and guns.

  4. lol @ first comment, what a wank tank.
    and yes, australian weapon laws are quite strict.. even bb guns can get you in trouble. and worst part is, just about anything can be considered a weapon.

    anyways, i agree about tyres, but onroad tyres are far easier to find than offroad.

  5. @Matt Klump Lol i love reading comments from ignorant tools like yourself, hilarious stuff. Keep up the good work Marty and Moog, feeding off the haters!

  6. hello

    these guys rock my jocks!

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  7. Matt you should watch some more of their youtube episodes. These guys are great at what they do

  8. Mighty Car Mods is an awesome show and their zombie proofed vehicle is superior!
    Keep it up guys.

  9. Overall pretty good, but you forgot the tires. I wouldn’t thrust on-road tires to push through a zombie horde. It would go slippery in no time.

    Beside that, good enough!

  10. Weaponry, especially firearms is always going to be an issue in Australia. In some states, there are even heavy regulations on blades, let alone firearms. Even worse, if you try and TRAIN yourself with any weapon, the authorities are going to have a field day with you.

  11. Not sold on a pair of guys touting themselves as car modders when their advertising picture shows them holding only wires. Maybe a welding torch, or a wrench, at least. They look more like a couple of douches who would install your car stereo incorrectly at Best Buy.

    • I actually watch and love this show and they know what there doing. They are also hilarious to watch. Watch some episodes and come back and tell me they would install a stereo wrong.

    • @Matt Klump If you watch the rest of their episodes there is a reason they are the number 1 car modders in the world. They know what they are doing, are funny, and doing it for the fun of doing it. I would enjoy seeing you make a DIY zombie proofing a car on your own dime for shits and giggles. Thanks.

    • Matt Klump, go watch there show and you’ll find out there 2 very knowledgeable guys, they tech people how to do diy car mods the right/safe way. dont judge a book by its cover

    • You clearly haven’t watched their videos or read their magazines. Don’t comment on something if you have no knowledge about it.

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