Guns & Ammo magazine asked some of their readers what they thought the ultimate zombie gun might be. Check out what they had to say in this video, and then tell us what you think in the comment section below!


  1. Okay I understand that most of you guys don’t have a clue about this magic thing called re-barreling and re-chambering. But I still cant forgive the misnomer on the mini gun. yes there are mini guns in the 7.62 standard NATO rounds as well as 20mm (cannon), but there is also the 9mm variant that is used for anti-personal operations. but anything with readily available ammo is the best bet: 20 gauge, 9mm and .45 (because police and everybody else has one), .22 (its easy to find and light weight), 30-06 (there’s lots out there and it’ll stop almost any living or dead thing you come across). but that is just my opinion.

  2. I am strongly of the opinion that 22lr is the best bet. You can easily afford to stockpile 5000 rounds or more, you could even carry that many away due to it’s low weight. With a truly plentiful ammo supply, you could opt instead of shooting the ones just about to eat you while you make your escape, to rather shoot ‘every’ zombie in the area and keep it clean. If you have to scrounge for ammo, you are much more likely to find what you need than any other calibre. Finally, it really is better to be as quiet as possible, and a silenced 22 is going to be a heck of a lot quieter than any other option short of hand to hand, which in my opinion aught to be avoided like the plague it is.

    For firearms firing 22lr, carry for backup whatever 10+1 round target pistol you can acquire, preferably threaded to accept a silencer. For a rifle, a lever action makes a lot of sense, but I have a fetish for a bullpup conversion that can take high capacity magazines. Red Jacket nailed it for me.

    For a silencer, you want something easy to clean, as 22lr is going to force it. Tacticalinc has a nice and inexpensive one, the TAC65, for a very reasonable price.

    • i have thought long about this and i have come to the conclusion that the 22 caliber would indeed be the most effective in a zombie apocolyptic world. for starters this gun is light weight and has a high round capacity.this caliber comes in rifle,(for the longer shots) and pistol version ( for close confrontations).someone who would be stockpiling ammo could find themselves with a massive ammo cachet (10.000 rounds or better) this is probably the most importany point,its not necessary to blow a zombies head off with a large caliber round,the 22 will definetly penetrate a walkers skull and turn them
      out like a light switch.

  3. Ok, let’s be sensible. While I agree with the AK-47 being a dependable weapon, it would have to be semi-auto.
    Anything automatic would be completely ludicrous. Too much noise (because in the civilian world, suppressors are very expensive and hard to come by) and waste of ammo. Headshots=killshots. Seriously, folks, mini guns? Uzis? Shotguns- way to loud, low ammo capacity, and lots of mess: sure you may kill a couple of them at close range with one shot, but you’re liable to get infected yourself from the splatter. Honestly, guns in general should be used sparingly and only if absolutely necessary, since avoiding the zombies is more important than engaging them in combat. If you have to use firearms, semi-auto pistols or rifles are your best bet- me personally, I’ll also take the SKS.

  4. make sure your weapons are suppressed. Nothing attracts more zombies like muzzle flash and loud noises!

    • becauase you have researched zombies first hand have you? there hasnt ben a zombie apocalypse yet so how do you know this?? your’re just going off what a bunch of movies and books have said. hardly rliable dont you think?

  5. The Vulcan mini gun is actually a 7.62 like the AK, but I would find AK ammo hard enough to come by and the guy who said the Ruger 10/22 was probably most efficient. And to all you clean AR fans there is a company that makes a new AR-15 that does not need lube or frequent cleaning. I can’t remember the name of the company that makes it but it’s made with the new polymer infused metal that they’re just begining to make car engines out of; and it is recomended that you do not oil the gun when you do eventually clean it.

    • Mate, The mingun is 7.62, but the bullet is NOT the same size as the AK47… the 47 is 7.62 x 39mm, whereas the minigun is a nato weapon, which means it’s set up for 7.62 x 51mm rounds.

  6. the fact of the mater is the ar platform is a terrible platform, they are terrible to clean and have to be cleaned often or will jam on you. I personally would have a .223 semi or bolt action rifle that is NOT based off the ar platform or a .270 bolt action, any would work and both types of ammunition are easy to find, for a pistol i would take a glock in either 9mm or .45 both types of ammunition is easy to fin and the glock doesnt have to be cleaned regularly, for a shotgun i would go with a mossberg 500 loaded with buckshot for easy killing with little recoil, plus the gun is manageable to clean and has easy to find ammunition.
    though in a zombie apocalypse any gun will work as long as you have the ammo to stop the horde that will be coming after you shoot.

  7. to just go around i would probubly want an AK or an M-16 (no timer pin) with like a back up UZI or something else small and automatic and mounted in a truck or on an SUV a frigging “MINI” gun

  8. I will always go with my Mossberg 12 gauge pump action and SKS rifle. Love both and ammo is quite common and cheap

  9. Wow, sensible comments on a ZRS column?! I never thought I’d see the day! Glad everyone dropped their dicks and replied with their brains for once… (See the comments on the Katana article if you need to know what I’m talking about)

  10. I’d go with the AK47 myself and keep it semiautomatic with a scope for better accuracy. Has to be the original wooden butt and stock model though, not one of those plastic/polywhatever knock offs that my brother bought. They seem cheap and not as versatile as the original. The only advantage the AR15 might have over it is burst shot which I would like but all the cleaning would start to bug me. I’d hate to have a misfire while being chased by zombies just because of a little sand. Just ask my buddy who was in Iraq, its not fun when your in the middle of a shootout. Most of those people interviewed in the video seemed like the type of gun-toting morons who think they can take the whole undead horde singlehandedly. They’re probably the same guys who think they could fire accurately while dual wielding pistols or submachine guns. Revolvers really? It isn’t a big dick contest when the enemy has no fear and is only interested in one thing, warm flesh! Those idiots would most likely be the first to die in an outbreak because they would walk around guns blazing and would be running low on ammo in no time.

  11. ya wtf was the first guy thinking, that gun would bring a hord form miles away, f the hand cannon!

    the girl with the AK is the smartest cause that shit is bullet proof drop it in the mud, river what ever and it will still shoot. but the ammo would be hard to come by if you ran out…

    idk about the AR cause you gotta clean that shit all the time chances r u get eaten while your cleaning it.

    • Ya, I have an AK47 for long range damage a 9mm on my thigh and a ruger 10/22 as a backup for hunting or if my group of three cant get their weapons right away. the thing that sucks about the ak is that 400 rounds is not light and i would have to either split up the ammo into other packs or hope that i can keep most of it in my truck until i get a basecamp setup in the desert near our rondevous point

  12. The first one was an idiot. A Smith & Wesson 500??? Really!?!? Maybe if the zombies are from the videogame “Left 4 Dead” and you had to kill a Tank or a Boomer. A Smith & Wesson 500 is a .50 Caliber pistol that holds 5 rounds and is meant for elephant hunting, NOT COMMON ZOMBIES!!! Otherwise, most of those weapons are good choices.

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