Orsos Islands are luxury floating dwellings that claim to provide all the advantages of both mainland real estate and luxury yachts, but could they also be the ideal zombie survival shelter?

Solar powered, with the ability to turn the ocean’s salty expanse into clean, fresh, drinkable water, Orsos Islands are completely self contained and can be positioned anywhere in the world. The heat recovered from the desalinization process even provides power to the air conditioning system.

At over $4.5 million per unit, these floating fortresses aren’t the most practical solution for most people, but if you’ve got the money and you’re concerned about the coming zombie plague, you might want to look into it.

For the rest of us, here’s a quick video:


  1. You also have to factor in that you would have to travel back to the mainland to scavenge for food that you could store up there. It’s great to use in the case of needing to get off the main lands to start, but you still need to go back for those supplies

  2. Definitely would NOT be pirate proof… Which will happen eventually with a apocalypse.

  3. If it would work, I would be bored as hell within two yrs

  4. I may not have the money for one but when the plague hits, People only have to find the nearest one and co-operate with the owners or take it by force. Meaning that anyone who owns one has to get it out of view of any mainland but not too far as to be destroyed by the sea.

  5. Yeah but don’t solar panels eventually go out?

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