The Bay County, Florida Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call, and responded to the address in question. When they arrived, they found a young man with a shirt wrapped around his eyes and a butcher knife in his had. The officers put the man in the back of their squad car, and turned the video tape on.


  1. the media fail. That is not a zombie. That is a DRUGGIE.

  2. Am I the only one who found this

  3. That was lame, not even slightly Zombie like, and not even slightly frightening. Oh noes the giggling, drooling, screaming idiot is staying as far away from me as he can and glaring. Oh gods whatever shall i do.

  4. He’s higher than the moon and he’s giggly, but he is not a zombie. He made no movement to bite or eat the officer. He was barely coherent to the point where he could only scream and laugh. Not a zombie, just high as fuck.

  5. really, this has nothing to do with the first synthetic drug being shown. If you are going to post something look into it. Dont just make a video and label it with false info.

  6. Ok that guy totally wigged me out yall. Creepy as hell!!!

  7. So this video was posted in 2011. Two-thousand and eleven. To claim ANOTHER bath salt is stupid and discredits the point it was trying to make. This video should raise awareness on the dangers of it but after reading the heading and description implying it is a 2012 event, I could care less what the video shows. Good job on the description. Really caught my attention. : /

  8. Those bags that the video shows are not little bags of bath salts, but what some call K2. That is the synthetic marijuana, and from what I can gather, has a completely different effect than bath salts. That man was clearly on something though.

  9. creepy stay away from kansas

  10. Not a zombie.

  11. ummmm yyeeaahhhh, that looks like a great high.

  12. If I were to see this walking down the street, I would probably be extremely terrified.

  13. Tyler S. Jeffrey

    wow.. i dont even know what to say other then wow.

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