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Map of the Dead is a new online tool that claims to overlays relevant zombie survival information onto Google Maps. Red areas highlight population density, while supply locations such as gas stations and gun stores are clearly marked.

But does it really work?

We did a test of the Los Angeles area and found the results spotty at best.

A subway stop was listed as a police station. An Army recruiting center in a strip mall was listed as a place to find military support. And for some reason the L.A. Auto Show which is held at the downtown convention center in November every year was listed as the only gas station for miles around. There is no gas station at the convention center.

The creators are considering adding more location types, but as of right now the tool is pretty useless.

Try it in a location you’re familiar with and you’ll quickly spot the erroneous results, not to mention the fact that you probably don’t need help finding gas stations in your own hometown. But the real danger is using this tool in a city unknown to you, and being led on a wild goose chase to certain death.

Still, it’s fun to play around with for a couple minutes when you’re taking a break from actual zombie survival preparedness.


  1. It would be perfect if reliable individuals, not necessarily associated with the creators, were allowed access to update information. In a way like wikipedia, and an associate of the developers, maybe one in every major city, could verify the information posted and delete any entries that are not valid.

  2. My city shows pretty accurate road maps but nothing was labeled

  3. The issue here is that no one (unless paid but even so…) is going to work to the bone to find, mark, and print every location in America. Currently it will be impossible unless you have a few teams in all 50 states. Now when I was in RTC they taught us how to read maps and know where hospitals are and everything you may need. The best thing about those maps is that they do not require batteries. But back to the map of the dead, this thing can be consider a danger since some people say it works and others say it missed important detail and gave a false location. Besides, after a few months of the 2nd stage of the outbreak, we may loss the google maps (they are on a server). If you really want to get a ahead on your location (not hometown but an unknown area) find a map of the area. I have traveled a lot and there are locations that do still sell maps of the area and give out tips on the dangerous animal life (snakes, spiders, ect).

    Short story, don’t trust this too much since it isn’t as detailed in some locations.

  4. It worked perfectly for the areas of Lansing Michigan that I know and checked.

  5. True, there is a lot of flaws in the map, but the main purpose is to show INFECTED zones so we can survive
    , NOT to show where this place and that place is.

  6. Peoria, IL

    Mine lists a good number of gun stores as still being open or available the stores in question long having closed. In addition, many of the ‘military’ sites are merely organization points for the units based there and their equipment is store offsite for many of them, except the Air National Guard. Add on the fact that fact that several hospitals or first aid shops are not listed. None of the gas stations in the city or general region are listed. This is a great site to get oneself killed by honestly.

  7. I was just checking my Edmonton location, and sadly for me I live near both the worlds largest mall and the hospital. The one thing that got me though, about the map, is that it didnt show the gun range thats located west in the mall. I myself wouldnt dare try to get to the gun range, due to the fact that the giant hospital is East of the mall. Im wondering if its because it hasnt been updated that far, or what.

    I have not thought about making a map of the local gas stations and corner store to get supplies. I really wish I had though of this earlier. Well, better now then when its to late.

  8. My main issue with Map of the Dead is that the large hospital in my city isn’t shown until a specific zoom level.

  9. i lookedmy city over…nothing is marked by the icons represented…the gas stations have a knife/fork combo and everything else, from gun store to hospital to gas station, just has a symbol that looks like a purse…my area may not have been finished properly yet but the decidedlt gun stores and police stations are marked te same as the card and party factory…i feel sorry for anyone who attempts to navigate my area by using this map…fwi i will be the guy either gone or keeping my head down…

  10. I actually found this to be extremely accurate for my city (in northern California).

  11. I just did a quick minute look over of my entire city (Goose Creek, barely a city) and all the markings are pretty accurate. Might not be as flawed in the smaller scale as it is in a large scale area.

  12. Mine missed out several gas stations and doctors’ surgeries, not to mention the largest hospital in the region.

  13. Mine had the Army base marked, but it’s only used for the Army band, and the actual Army base in the next town over wasn’t even on the map!!

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