Our second post on Zombie brain function established that in order for the human brain to drive the body, significant portions of the brain stem must be functioning (see: Zombie Brain Function: The Stem).  We now turn our attention to the Frontal Lobe to determine what functions that section of the brain – if any – are needed to sustain the Zombie.

Again, The Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide offers a great breakdown of brain function, as well as descriptions of physical and neurological problems that arise when specific areas are damaged.  Because Zombies are often described as acting drunk, or lobotomized, theories have been put forth that the Frontal Lobes may be out of service in the undead.

As in the previous stem post, Frontal Lobe “jobs” are broken down into three categories, to cover what is likely not present in Zombie behavior, what may be present, and what certainly is present.Zombie Frontal Lobe

1) Likely Not Present

Social Behavior, Sexual Behavior, Language

2) May Be Present

Problem Solving, Memory, Judgment, Initiation

3) Likely Present

Motor Function, Spontaneity

So it does seem that Zombies can function with significant portions of their Frontal Lobes damaged, but they still must have some working processes in that part of their brain to function, further reinforcing the assertion that the whole of the Zombie brain must be working as cohesive unit to work at all (see: Brain Function and the Zombie Lifespan).

Look for posts on the other sections on the Zombie brain soon.


  1. Any trauma or damage enough to kill a living brain will be enough to kill a zombie brain. Once the coordination of the zombie brain is gone, it will no longer function, and the zombie will die

  2. Although…I have seen zombie porn. lol

  3. This makes great sense. 🙂 I, too, believe that the brain is in function and that 0nly certain parts remain undamaged and the parts that are still in use must even be either amplified or less operational than their previous life.

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