If the coming zombie pandemic leads to societal collapse, traditional medicine may quickly become a thing of the past. Natural remedies would then be your only option when dealing with illness and injury.

So what types of natural health remedies should you look for when scavenging in a zombie world?

  • The common spice turmeric can reduce joint pain.
  • Oregon grape is a shrub that helps prevent bacterial infections and general illness.
  • Honey was used as a wound dressing in World War I, and will still do the trick.
  • Fish oil can fight depression and anxiety.
  • Garlic wards off everything from fatigue to warts.

Natural health products are increasingly being recommended by doctors and used by their patients who report positive results. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, almost 75 percent of Canadians use herbal health remedies and homeopathic medicine on a regular basis. The New York Times reports a similar upward trend among Americans.

The key is to include a list of home remedies in your zombie preparedness kit, so when the time comes you’ll know how to deal with whatever medical issues arise.

What are some other products that can be used to stay healthy and heal injuries?


  1. You can make a local anesthetic with cloves.

  2. Also the bark of willow trees contains the ingredients used in aspirin. Use the green part in the inner bark in a tea to get rid of headaches

  3. Best cough medicine is Onion syrup. My mom has been making it for years and its easier then anything to make. Here’s the recipe for it.
    -One yellow cooking onion
    -sugar (2 cups is what my mom puts in there to kinda cover the onion taste.)

    Cut the ends of the onion and peel and quarter it. get a small sauce pan, put the onion and fill it to cover the onion. start boiling the onion. once it starts to boil put the sugar in it. just keep boiling and adding water until the onions are soft and translucent. then just boil down until you get a syrup. let it cool a little bit and take 3 tablespoons of it grab a trash can and sit back and let it work. you will be coughing up everything in your lungs. you will feel better and whatever is left over you can put in a old cough syrup bottle and have for about 3 months.

  4. Good Advice! If you skeptics out there wish to disregard this, enjoy your hunt for prescription medication. Natural remedies are often the most effective and cheapest solution to simple ailments that occur. For those looking for more info there are lots of books at your local book stores (big chains especially) that will offer many natural remedies. These can be found in the health and wellbeing section. Cheers and keep on surviving!

  5. I would strongly suggest that you personally look up any medical information offered on this page to make sure it is the real deal before trying anything. Also keep allergies in mind.

  6. Chinese medicine (old school Chinese that is) also has a lot of herbs and plants that could be found today to help with zombie first aid as well. Cabbage helps with constipation, the common cold, whooping cough, depression and irritability. Carrots helps out with kidney stones, indigestion, night blindness, ear infections and more. Spinach makes stronger bones, supports brain health and protects against vision loss. Watercress improves night vision and digestion as well as remedies urinary difficulty, sore throat and mumps as well as bad breath. Beans help with diarrhea, laryngitis, and kidney stones. Kiwi (If you can find it) accelerates healing of wounds and sores. Also, if you can find bananas keep them because they help a lot with a bunch of stuff.

  7. I looked up homeopathy because I had never heard of it before. Science has proven that it is no more useful than a placebo. When it comes to natural medicines, I can vouch for the ginger helping with stomach aches and pain, the aloe vera with rashes burns and such, and I can even vouch for the honey being used as a field dressing of wounds. Also sugar has been used since the civil war for a field dressing of wounds.

  8. if u have access to tobacco plants, they can be used to draw insect venom out of bites and stings. it may not be the most important remedy for some, but if ur allergic to ants or bees, it could save your life and give you a fighting chance. it could also be used to barter with other survivors…assuming they dont turn out to be hostile.

  9. Homiopathic medicine is not totally bogus. Many natural, common elements around us help in different ways. Like aloe vera. It is good for treating minor wounds, rashes and burns. Ginger is good for an upset stomach and pain. Green tea is good for stimulating your immune system. Lavender helps sooth stress, tyme helps appetite, spearmint/peppermint(raw herb) helps freshen breath and keep mouth infections down. Lemon juice is a natural cleaner when combined with salt to disinfect areas. Same with vinegar. The list goes on and on… Naturalremedies have been used for centeries. ‘Homeopathic’ is not a new fad, if has been a part of human civilization for thousands of years and could be useful if a lack of modern day remedies cannot be obtained.

    • You clearly don’t know what ‘homoeopathic’ actually means. It’s not ‘natural remedy’ it’s water. Seriously, look it up. It’s just water.

  10. As soon as homeopathic medicine was mentioned, this lost all credibility, it’s no more effective as drinking some water and beliveing they are tears from the FSM itself. Maybe the things you mentioned do in fact help you in the ways you describe but when you mention homeopathic it just cannot be trusted.

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